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  1. The Nein has done what so many other bands have tried and failed to do. And that is that they've managed to make something so unique and off the wall seem ... well, accessible.
  2. A debut album so confident and flawlessly developed it seems more like the work of a band hitting its mid-career creative peak.
  3. Despite including a few hallmarks of a groundbreaking record (experimentalism, eclecticism, ambitious), Wrath of Circuits is still not an easy listen for those people who don't wet their pants at every new Dischord or Touch and Go release.
  4. As with anything, some listeners will already have sickened of seeing the words "dance" and "punk" next to one another -- but for the rest of us, this is an excellent new chapter in one of the young century's most interesting musical trends.
  5. Wrath of Circuits is an odd record upon first listen, in that it has a chilliness to it that some might find unsettling, but the interplay between trendy and arty, between organic and electronic, soon becomes fascinating, as the metamorphosis of The Nein from a mildly impressive indie outfit to a wickedly creative band is the most lasting impression we get.
  6. Hardly melodic and not adventurous or invigorating enough to pull off the scuzzy brassiness of its yelping forefathers, the Nein get all anguished and pissed as it alternates between grubby grunge slow jams and lo-fi oom-pah on Wrath of Circuits.
  7. The tempos all too often meander into directionless drones, while the vocals portray a thin, bratty, post-punk posturing that tends to grate when not underpinned by a catchy chorus.
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  1. thomasc
    Jul 29, 2005
    kind of reminds me of nine inch nails for some reason....liked their debut EP better....after listening to this I had a really strong urge to listen to Echoes bythe Rapture Full Review »