• Record Label: Domino
  • Release Date: May 4, 2010

Universal acclaim - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. The band is in one of its ever-cyclical upswings, bolstered by what Smith has referred to as "the best lineup I've ever had"-and while a characteristically ungrateful slight against all the great Fall permutations he's sacked, it's also a fair appraisal of this season's squad.
  2. The fact that Smith rarely untangles The Fall from the cryptic absurdist approach that has become his stock-in-trade, to head toward this type of profoundly personal material, only makes it that more affecting when he actually does deviate from his path most traveled.
  3. Evoking the mystery and quirky inventiveness of Smith's earliest work, this latest offering possesses a sense of coherence and all-engrossing appeal that makes good on the renewed promise.
  4. Mojo
    Their latest album offers all the anti-matter salve for the irritations of modern culture that admirers expect. [May 2010, p. 92]
  5. This latest record also goes some way to proving that, while he may be an old dog with a pickled onion for a head, Mark E. Smith and The Fall are still capable of learning the odd new trick.
  6. It's an audacious album of lyrical wit, a defiant record of pugnacious bass, samples from a certain robot-helmet-wearing French electro duo, tangential guitar, synth noise and dark mutterings, much of which concern Smith's experience of the medical profession following a spate of broken bones.
  7. This incarnation of the Fall is the most stable in 15 years, with good reason: it's a ferocious unit, propulsive, choppy and playful.
  8. The Fall are the most predictable and unpredictable band in Britain.
  9. They've been relentlessly untypical and consistently awesome, and Your Future might be their best effort of the last decade.
  10. This record clears a spot. And in some temporary way, wins against the ever mounting pile of post-punk consumer artifacts.
  11. Mark E. Smith successfully negotiates that difficult 28th album.
  12. While there's rarely been a correlation between the accessibility of a given Fall album and the profile of the label releasing it, the lean, brute-force rockers on Your Future Our Clutter suggest that the Fall might actually be taking this upgrade to Domino seriously.
  13. 80
    Still vital at age 53, he's delivered another cantankerously great Fall album in Your Future, Our Clutter, a bristling suite of relatively spacious, always unpredictable songs clammy with mutant distortions that are never less than electrified.
  14. Q Magazine
    Your Future Our Clutter is the Fall's finest in years. [Jun 2010, p.133]
  15. The bilious frontman has aged like a cheap wine: embittered, but with enough kick left to make for a good time.
  16. The songs sometimes meander in search of focus, but once they do, the band bangs away with a fierce, bulldog tenacity.
  17. Too insider to cross over or consider one of their classics, but an otherwise solid Fall effort offering everything fans require.
  18. While it doesn't quite hit with the immediacy of 2008's Imperial Wax Solvent, Your Future Our Clutter has already proved to be quite the grower, with complex lyrics (Smith grappling with his recent medical issues and overall mortality) and penetrating aesthetics.
  19. Your Future Our Clutter is a tight, coherent, rock-out album--and it's great to see some discipline back in The Fall after years of scrappy offerings.
  20. 60
    Oddball, but articulate, brimming over with a delight in language, "Bury" is a wonderful example of Mark Smith's transformative science fiction, and pretty much what one would hope to find on The Fall's first album for Domino records.
  21. 60
    If the ranting occasionally suggests generic provocation for its own sake, Smith's fury, amplified by the pounding grooves, is oddly uplifting--in moderate doses.

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