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  • Summary: Continuing with the same lineup as 2008's "Imperial Wax Solvent," the British rock band led by Mark E. Smith releases its 28th studio album on new label Domino records.

Top Track

Funnel of Love
Well, I'm going down, down, down My mind is a wreck My head is spinning around and around In the funnel of love It's such a crazy, crazy, crazy... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The band is in one of its ever-cyclical upswings, bolstered by what Smith has referred to as "the best lineup I've ever had"-and while a characteristically ungrateful slight against all the great Fall permutations he's sacked, it's also a fair appraisal of this season's squad.
  2. Evoking the mystery and quirky inventiveness of Smith's earliest work, this latest offering possesses a sense of coherence and all-engrossing appeal that makes good on the renewed promise.
  3. 80
    Still vital at age 53, he's delivered another cantankerously great Fall album in Your Future, Our Clutter, a bristling suite of relatively spacious, always unpredictable songs clammy with mutant distortions that are never less than electrified.
  4. Mark E. Smith successfully negotiates that difficult 28th album.
  5. This latest record also goes some way to proving that, while he may be an old dog with a pickled onion for a head, Mark E. Smith and The Fall are still capable of learning the odd new trick.
  6. The bilious frontman has aged like a cheap wine: embittered, but with enough kick left to make for a good time.
  7. 60
    If the ranting occasionally suggests generic provocation for its own sake, Smith's fury, amplified by the pounding grooves, is oddly uplifting--in moderate doses.

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