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  1. I was a huge fan of Low before A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief, but the perspective it casts both by amassing so much of their beautiful music and by casting new light on the people who make it make this box set utterly essential.
  2. In the years to come, Low will trudge onward across the vast tundra of gross underappreciation, but in retrospect, their canon will likely be seen as one of the most important and influential of our time, so you might want to start paying attention.
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  1. jayb
    Jan 25, 2005
    I real treat for the true fans. Disc 1 is my fav with early demos and the track Tomorrow One(of course) and the bonus DVD is a true bonus. Some songs could've been left off(Journey's Open Arms) but then again, if the kitchen sink is already thrown in, why not include all the tidbits for the ultimate b-sides release. Now to check out their new release... Full Review »