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  1. Oct 5, 2010
    Muse strikes me as a combination of Radiohead, ELO, and Rush. Just saw them at Staples Center for the first time and was blown away. But going home and hearing this album solidified my admiration of this band. Great stuff.
  2. Sep 11, 2010
    The most consistent of Muse's albums. I loved how each song in this album is a complete departure from their previous releases, giving an exciting, head bashing or head soothing ride and shows what Muse can really do.
  3. Feb 13, 2011
    not as good as absolution but still amazing
    supermassive black hole is my least favourite, but knights of cydonia is just.. epic
    and guitar solo in invincible is also amazing
    even when muse has gone more commercial, they managed to do great album
  4. Feb 20, 2011
    Stunning. I don't want to write to much as i feel that may take away my point. This album has everything, it has ROCK (most importantly), electronica, acoustic and vocal ranges that simply inspire me to do better in everything i do. This is favourite Muse album. People may wonder why i'm saying that i think "He's not a Muse fan" - But i am a HUGE Muse fan, i followed them since pretty much day one, and like most Muse megafans i also LOVE Origin of Symmetry and Absolution, but for me, this album tops my lists. Fantastic album - end of. Expand
  5. Sep 30, 2012
    Black Holes & Revelations is a cool, smart and pretty awesome MUSE album that proves to be one of their best ones as well.
  6. Mar 26, 2012
    The Best Muse Album EVER! So many amazing songs, Knights of Cydonia, Starlight, Map of the Problematique,City of Delusion. Thev whole god damn album is brilliant. Muse is a perfect example of what every modern band should be, from Matt bellamy's epic guitar riffs and voice like freddie Mercury, The groovy bass lines from chris and Dom's incredible drumming, Blakc Holes and Revelations is one of those albums you should listen to before you die. Expand
  7. Jun 1, 2012
    This is alternative rock at it's most powerful. Muse have given us a loud and beautiful album filled with music that's simply inspiring. A breathtaking album.
  8. Aug 23, 2012
    This is my favorite album by Muse. The way they have made all the songs is just flawless. It sounds so awesome, not a single day goes by when I don't listen to any song off this record.
  9. Apr 20, 2014
    Muse's 4th studio album may not be their best, but nonetheless, it is a beautiful record. It's a must have for a new Muse fanatic and collectors. It's almost perfect. 9/10 *

    *Muse is one of the few exceptions of modern day musical artists that are actually good.
  10. Oct 2, 2012
    By and large, Black Holes & Revelations is another great Muse album. Opener Take A Bow starts with synthesizer arpeggios, steadily growing into a massive climax and - after a break down - perfectly leads into the Strokes-influenced Starlight - with it's simple bass line and piano melody probably the catchiest Muse song to date. Lead single Supermassive Black Hole with it's sexy, moaning vocals over funky guitar riffs and a groovy drum beat surely is one of the album's highlights. While Map of the Problematique heavily borrows from Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence, it still works as a track on it's own, with it's beautiful arrangements coming in an electronic wrapping.
    Solder's Poem is a slow, jazzy number with arpeggio guitar, a marching beat and barbershop vocals. Invincible serves as the albums centerpiece, starting of with haunting slide guitar over a marching drum beat, then growing into a heavy rocker with a great solo.
    Assassin is the album's weak point. While still being a decent rock track, it's metal-inspired riffs eventually seem to be going nowhere. Exo-Politics features a groovy rock riff in a simple but quite effective arrangement. City of Delusion begins with acoustic guitar and grows into a rock track with mariachi trumpets, heavy bass and distorted guitar.
    Hoodoo starts with almost arrhythmic Spanish guitar before a dramatic break with classical piano kicks in. It also features one of Matthew Bellamy's most vivid lyrics.
    Of all tracks on this album, Knights of Cydonia probably has the best chances becoming a muse classic. It's a sci-fi-western-soundtrack with massive riffs and singalongs - a true epic and a fitting closer to a convincing album by a band at the top of their game.
  11. Dec 20, 2012
    Electronic. Dazzling. Haunting. Beautiful. Bombastic. Impressive. Pop. Words spring to mind when describing the wonder that is Muse's fourth studio album, Black Holes & Revelations. A fearless direction, incorporating electronics, progressive rock, R'n'B, and more ridiculous elements to craft a masterpiece of modern music. An album so impressive, so magical, and so addictive. Muse are the masters of modern rock, clearly shaped by this album.

    Though not my favourite Muse album, this is one hell of a piece, with brilliant solos, gritty solos, mesmerizing vocals, and catchy melodies. Though that doesn't necessarily make a good album, Muse have succeeded. From the flow of Take A Bow (an incredible electronic piece) into Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole (two songs so massive they have become the most recognized Muse hits of all time), and into the heights of masterpieces of Map of the Problematique and Invincible, this is strong, and hard hitting, and the definition of Muse. Though Soldier's Poem ruins the flow after the brilliant and monstrous Map of the Problematique (an epic piece, by far considered one of Muse's greatest works), Invincible surely makes up for it, bombarding us with powerful solos and haunting lyrics. The pace picks up again with the heavy and intentionally heavy Assasin and Exo-Politics (both prominent in their conspiracy-lead Bellamy lyrics) into the relaxing City of Delusion (though using strong progressions and lyrics so powerful, you'll never want it to end).

    Hoodoo and Knights of Cydonia follow, two flawless pieces of music, lyrics so powerful and current, progressions so intriguing, guitar solos and piano experiments prominent throughout, they close a perfect album. Though the overall track listing isn't brilliantly placed, Black Holes & Revelations is a triumph, and one of Muse's greatest albums. Ever.

    Overall Score: 10/10
  12. Mar 10, 2013
    Astonishing, big, nay epic, absurd, provocative, experimental.. all of these words are trying to describe muses new album Black holes and revelations. Filled with spacey melodies, lyrics that are infuriating who ever is on the top of the world, this album is pushing the limits so far that just for a moment you are left dazed until that grandeur hits you again making your brain totally numb. The album opener Take a bow is and art electronic rock piece that fills you with the necessary energy enabling you to endure the power of the album. Political and violent, musically huge and utterly brilliant, this song is just one of those muse space rock classics. Album continues with starlight, the tit song, which lowers your expectations a bit with simple, non experimental fusion of instruments. This song gives you the impression of an ordinary love song, even though it doesn't necessarily need to be one. Things are getting back on track with supermassive black hole. A song so different from anything you've heard, makes you feel like being inside a spacey disco filled with people high on shrooms. Musically out of this world as well. Then comes the peace after the storm in shape of soldiers poem. With it being light and ordinary in structure, the end product is surprisingly good. The harmony is perfected. Invincible is a song created as a love one, but not between lovers but fellow people, all people. A song that is practically an invitation for people to form unity and peace and as well revolution against those who are pulling us down, you know the famous 'they'. The line 'Together we're invincible' quite clearly states that when united no one could do us any harm. A classic musey space rock song containing a riff worthy of the best. Assassin is a heavier song furthering the idea of a revolution, but the central theme is brainwashing, that is creating people with no identities assassins. City of delusion is a progressive song filled with even more rage against 'those' but here is necessary to highlight the musical genius of the band as they've fused the sound of acoustic guitar with trumpets, damn good trumpets, wobly sounds and synthesisers that at parts it resembles the sounds of the middle east. The song as a whole gives goosebumps, especially the euroasian influences. Another song that uses synthesisers brilliantly is map of the problematique. An electronic piece, resembling depeche mode, is just a proof of what musical achievements the Devon trio are capable of. Exo politics, musically, again brings alternative space rock to the new level while keeping the theme of an fake alien invasion going. There are two songs left which I'll describe in two sentences as if there were no boundaries each of these songs would need an essay to analyze. First of them is knights of cydonia. This song is one of the best songs muse have composed, an ode to freedom which is significant for the reason that it is one one the best prog songs made, a frankly unforgettable experience. Hoodoo, on the other hand, is one of the best songs of the last decade, no further description needed. As you prepare to insert the cd into whatever drive you want, just remember that you have the chance to open yourselves a door into space. Ladies and gentleman, brace yourselves. Expand
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    Matt Bellamy's range as a songwriter continues to grow more complex, more absurd, and more bombastic with Black Holes and Revelations, which stands out even in Muse's distinguished discography as a masterpiece. From the opening synths in "Take a Bow" to the unbridled chaos at the end of "Knights of Cydonia," Bellamy has written 11 songs that stand alone brilliantly, but come together to tell a tale of government corruption and/or alien invasion.

    See, even Muse isn't sure what they're writing about! This chaos characterizes Black Holes and Revelations. High points: Exo-Politics, Knights of Cydonia, Starlight
    Low points: Assassin
  14. Apr 14, 2014
    the best album of muse, & the first album of the great band that I heard, this album & showbiz are the best muse albums, I think that are the perfect albums, just for me, and only for me

Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 32
  2. Negative: 1 out of 32
  1. Entertaining and rabble-rousing, daft and deadly serious, it's a fantastic record, with almost limitless appeal.
  2. Black Holes and Revelations isn’t a perfect record but it’s a worthy addition to an already stellar catalog. [#14]
  3. It shouldn't work, but Bellamy's mania is so convincingly realised that even the most avowed Muse refusenik may have to finally concede defeat.