Diamond Eyes - Deftones

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  1. Diamond Eyes is wild and serene, and I can honestly say its Deftones' best album to date.
  2. Diamond Eyes is full of layers and dimensions, making it an auditory treat that listeners will want to continue to indulge themselves in. This is an album you can blast from my car stereo and then later dissect through headphones.
  3. A brilliant, invigorating reintroduction.
  4. In essence this is their most fluid recording, unbroken by exploratory concerns.
  5. It’s the stellar-sounding closer ‘This Place Is Death’ that perfectly demonstrates the striking yet violent contrasts that make album number six a masterpiece.
  6. These 11 tracks flow fantastically, sounding like products of a focused period of writing and recording, completed over a relatively short space of time.
  7. Above all, it’s a mature album: Deftones skirted the obvious response to their tragedy, realizing that the left turn is a more rewarding journey.
  8. As armistice appears to exist on this sixth album; the more ethereal elements of the band's sound have been reined in, but so has much of the agresion, resulting in a smoother ride that allows Moreno's melodic ear to shine and seduce. [Jun 2010, p.123]
  9. Diamond Eyes is more concise than 2006's "Saturday Night Wrist" because it streamlines (or disposes) much of that album's sonic excesses while still delivering taut songs. [June 2010, p.101]
  10. 78
    Diamond Eyes does not disappoint when it comes to strong, powerful and unexpected material.
  11. Diamond Eyes incorporates all the same basic tropes as every Deftones record before and almost certainly after it, but here, for the first time in ages, they’re crafted and performed with more than mere hints of the assuredness and pummeling hooks of their one (yes) great record—a full-course meal to the last decade’s worth of scattered crumbs.
  12. The first third feels like primal-scream therapy, with frontman Chino Moreno howling himself even rawer than usual. More original are the quieter numbers that show off Deftones' subtleties.
  13. Granted, freedom to roam does come standard with Deftones, as do the many chunky and graceful tendencies of Diamond Eyes. What matters is that the band can still find different—and fun—ways to combine and contrast it all.
  14. The set is full of the Deftones' usual energy and showcases singer Chino Moreno's knack for alternating between screams and sweet vocal delivery over heavy, complex guitar work.
  15. 70
    Blissed-out and surreal, featuring queasy slides between loud and soft, it's a work of patient design and bloody fantasy. Brutal beauty abounds, but for the first time, Deftones are imitating rather than exploring.
  16. Diamond Eyes is an impressive offering from a mainstay band whose time should have already come and gone.
  17. When Diamond Eyes isn't trying quite so hard to be a great record, though, it ends up being a pretty good one.
  18. 60
    Musically this is the most satisfying Deftones album in a decade, welding their patented post-hardcore crunch with their noted love of twisted, Cure-styled melody. [June 2010, p. 92]
  19. Usually, though, Chino Moreno's lyrics go for cathartic images (shaking coffins, fading faces) set to chopping riffage, whirlpool distortion and dark, soaring melodies that sound more like the Cure than Korn.
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  1. Jun 12, 2011
    People tend to attach memories and emotions to music. That's why, when you here that old song, you think of 'that summer', when life was fantastic, your girl was a personal favour from God to you, and your only complaint had something to do with the temperature of your beer.

    What sets this record apart from other contenders to my first review is not the fact that it was made in the absence of their comatose bassist and good friend, or that they scrapped all their previous work, and started fresh with stand in bassist Sergio Vega, all in less than 2 years. No. What set this album apart are the emotions that come with it. Deftones open a new door with every song you listen to on this album. Not a single melody sounds generic or bland. The album is a mixture of edgy, almost-metal, to chilled, shoegazing, cruising-the-streets ballads. While tracks like Diamond Eyes and Rocket Skates unleash the hard, pounding aggression of the band, you get the likes of 976-Evil, Sextape and Prince, to crack open the beer and put your feet up to. Listen to this rock album, and you wonâ
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  2. Apr 15, 2011
    this is quickly becoming my favorite deftones album, as it seem they for once they actually tried to tap into their massive talent pool. in all actuality this is their 2nd best album which is sad considering the obvious talent. after 20 years of ok to good music while always seeming on the verge of greatness but never quite reaching it, this record seems to atleast be an attempt at actually becoming the band their fans always thought one day they would be.... about time Full Review »
  3. Dec 23, 2013
    Best Songs: Sextape-Beauty School-Diamond Eyes-You've Seen The Butcher-CMND/CTRL
    Heaviest Songs :Rocket Skates-Diamond Eyes
    Best Chorus:
    Diamond Eyes-Sextape
    Best Verses: Beauty School-You've Seen The Butcher
    Worst Song:?????
    Overall-Great album. one of their best and the most balanced.
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