Everything Goes Wrong


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  1. Cassie Ramone sounds like a more confident guitarist, stretching out her leads, while the bass lines of Kickball Katy bubble out front to carry the melodies. And once again those melancholy harmonies are to die for, as Ramone chips off pieces of her heart in lamenting the boy who got away.
  2. Ali Koehler's surging drumming and Cassie Ramone's distorted, surfy guitar are compelling enough to make Everything Goes Wrong an entertaining 36 minutes.
  3. Vivian Girls have responded in a way I never saw coming. Everything Goes Wrong is, proudly and brilliantly, a long player.
  4. Uncut
    Everything Goes Wrong is almost sickeningly good: songs are tight, short and fun, none outstay their welcome, all leave something behind in your brain as they rush to completion on a wave of multi-layered vocals, euphoric guitars and wall-of-chrome production. [Oct 2009, p.119]
  5. Mojo
    Young, smart, pissed-off, ultra-basic, but also competent and powerful, these youngsters fire off brisk, bubblegum tunes in proud thrall to Da Brudders, and, by extension, girl-groups of the '60s. [Dec 2009, p.96]
  6. It's weirdly kind of a grower. There's nothing that immediately jumps out and announces itself as the 'Where Do You Run' of Everything Goes Wrong.
  7. The songs are brief, noisy bursts, bratty but walloping. Rock diehards might scorn the weak solos, but Vivian Girls compensate with rock-solid rhythm and roughshod passion.
  8. While there's merit to the charges that songs suffer from sameness and that musicianship is a secondary facet of the band, the Girls' detractors don't consider tradition; walking in the footprints of Bikini Kill, Ramones, and other like predecessors who faced similar criticisms, their flaws serve to be their most interesting, differentiating features.
  9. Their "1-2-3-go!" rush--built around Cassie Ramone's scratchy guitar and Ali Koehler's insistent drums--is a thrill.
  10. It’s also not a record where you’re instantly gripped round the neck, it’s more a gradual clamping before nails start to dig deep into the skin.
  11. This is fun music that is all at once euphonic, brash, unsophisticated in its simplicity--but powerful for that same reason.
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  1. eastside
    Sep 8, 2009
    A critical lightning rod of a band if there ever was one, the Vivian Girls are seemingly in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't A critical lightning rod of a band if there ever was one, the Vivian Girls are seemingly in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation with their new album. I certainly can see both points of view with this band: those who are charmed by their ragged garage band tunes and sunny girl-group harmonies and those who find VG to be below par due to their seeming lack of musical chops. The truth probably lies somewhere between these two camps, but for those who enjoyed the debut this album has plenty going for it. The material does seem to tilt to the darker side, but much of the music is bright and peppy. It is ragged (in a good way) and I think any comments suggesting VG are amateur are patently unfair. I know plenty of amateur musicians who couldn't pull off what VG do. These girls know what they are doing and I for one look forward to following their career arc because I think the best is yet to come for VG. As for the haters, move on because this album will only bolster how you already feel about them which is your loss, IMO. Bonus points from me for being on In The Red, one of America's most awesome indie labels. Rock on, VG! Full Review »