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  • Summary: The debut album for the ex-Test Icicles member was produced by Mike Mogis.
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  1. This is an album of genuine depth, one expressing the nervous conservative shockwaves which charge through party kids once they start to come down.
  2. Lightspeed Champion sounds like an ambitious fan, eager to stuff his entire record collection into his solo debut, but with the uncluttered grace of a patient melodist, albeit one who can't resist naming a song 'Let the Bitches Die.'
  3. Falling... is a remarkable leap forward; as Lightspeed Champion, Hynes is, at last, a serious contender.
  4. On Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, Hynes offers a comfortable (and more interesting) marriage of lush Brit-pop and Omaha-flavored country-rock.
  5. A million miles from thrash and punk, the twelve tracks here are an unusual mix of indie rock and country, with top class musicianship adding lots of depth and colour.
  6. The thing is, Mogis’ ‘Americana’ treatment of Lavender Bridge’s core material all too often saturates each song, soaking though to the core of Hynes’ material and threatening to set in to rot.
  7. Hynes' shift into elaborate, string-laden indie-folk is itself a profound gesture, but repetitive melodies and inscrutable melodrama undermine the mission.

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