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  1. Drummer is a bonafide indie rock, shoegaze venture, but with a real knack for melodies and, well... rhythm.
  2. Despite the band name, the album is a guitar-driven record, relying primarily on Stillman's dexterous fretwork to lead the quintet in and out of geometric jams that sound vaguely prog-metal in origin.
  3. Together, which was recorded during a period of lengthy down time for all parties earlier this year, is the sound of five guys bro-ing down, drinking beers and recording an album. It’s not the deepest thing ever recorded, but it is a fun little record that bears no pretense of seriousness.
  4. The echoey vocals recall Nineties shoegazers like Ride, and the instrumental breaks suggest quality time has been spent with Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted.
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  1. DMan
    Jan 21, 2010
    For a band of all drummers this album is suprisingly guitar driven. I love it it's like garage rock revival meets shoegaze and the instrumentals are solid what more do you want. Full Review »