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  1. If you dig songs with twang, Here's to Taking It Easy is as tuneful and affecting a set of them as you're likely to come across.
  2. All of Houck's southern eccentricities remain gloriously intact, from his eloquently hangdog vocals to his minimalist songwriting on "Hej, Me I'm Light."
  3. Newfound confidence pours from the song and out onto the others.
  4. Here's to Taking It Easy is a great record, but I feel like Houck's best is still in him-- the one where the deep roots of tradition will finally be inextricably fused with his own weird, shambling soul.
  5. 82
    Here's to Taking It Easy rests in the lines between love and heartache, celebration and mourning-and all of it is draped in a muted, silo-high production that cuts the hard edges off the record's darker moments.
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  1. Mar 16, 2012
    A lovely album. I guess it could be classed as Americana or Alternative Country. Although I'm not a fan of either of those genres, I do really like this record. The lyrics are great, the tunes are excellent and it has a very consistent feel to it throughout. The records creates an atmosphere that really takes you away and I could see myself listening to this while sitting on a back porch of a house somewhere in the American Deep South overlooking a swamp. That's probably not what Matthew Houck was going for with this record but that what it for me and I like it. It's hard to pick a stand out track as it's all pretty good stuff. The Mermaid Parade is probably my favourite track on this, closely followed by Los Angeles. Full Review »