Kiss & Tell

  • Record Label: RCA
  • Release Date: Jul 27, 2004

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 19
  2. Negative: 1 out of 19
  1. Entertainment Weekly
    They're in search of good times, occasionally faithful boyfriends, and junk-food hooks. [30 Jul 2004, p.69]
  2. In its punchy production and eagerness to mix hard rock with boppy little guitar leads and cheeky catchy choruses, Kiss & Tell is a direct throwback to that fertile crossroads between thickheaded 70s AOR and the pop/new-wave nexus of the early 1980s.
  3. At 35 misfire-free, ballad-free minutes, the new Kiss & Tell benefits from a consistency that finds room for versatility.
  4. Although Kiss and Tell doesn’t quite match the dizzy heights of its major influences, it is without a doubt Sahara Hotnights’ finest album to date.
  5. The 11 tracks breeze by in a blaze of exuberant, pop-tinged glory.
  6. While this isn't quite the great guitar pop record that they're capable of making, it's still a fun listen, and their best one yet.
  7. Kiss & Tell comes off a bit contrived and lackluster in the beginning, but after a few spins you'll grasp (and thirst) for its sonic goodness.
  8. Blender
    Flaunts their va-va-voom and their depth. [Aug 2004, p.139]
  9. The only downfall to Sahara Hotnights evolutionary sound is its middle-of-the-road attributes.
  10. Spin
    Tight, upbeat pop-punk songs reminiscent of early Elastica and late Donnas. [Jul 2004, p.110]
  11. Filter
    It's not that the foursome have truly lost their claws--they're just keeping them retracted, the better to surprise you with as they lash out on tracks with the old vitriol. [#11, p.97]
  12. Under The Radar
    Of all three albums to date, none seem to live up to their electrifying live performance. [#7]
  13. Rolling Stone
    Takes things even further into 7-Eleven parking-lot bliss. [19 Aug 2004, p.120]
  14. With repetitive, though bizarrely catchy refrains of failed puppy love and crushes gone awry, Kiss and Tell markets itself to an audience that still borrows money from mom in order to purchase the release.
  15. Where the Donnas offer confident exhortations and definitive declarations, Kiss And Tell is dribbling with foggy contemplation and emotional explanation.
  16. Mojo
    Kiss & Tell, although superbly polished and instrumentally powerful, suffers from a claustrophobic sheen. [Aug 2004, p.99]
  17. What sounds great on paper feels like hollow tribute on closer inspection.
  18. Slick, well-constructed and mall-friendly.
  19. Alternative Press
    Disastrous. [Oct 2004, p.144]
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  1. harrym
    Feb 16, 2006
    brilliant punkpop
  2. lily
    May 12, 2005
    one of my top 3 favourite cds of all time
  3. MattT
    Jan 7, 2005
    Over polished (although I love many of the guitar tones), catchy, well written, and in some ways reminds me of Kiss' Unmasked and Motley Over polished (although I love many of the guitar tones), catchy, well written, and in some ways reminds me of Kiss' Unmasked and Motley Crue's Too Fast For Love. Is that heresy for an "indie band" ? Full Review »