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  1. For fans, a job well done, and surely appreciated. For the rest, digestion of any of Luna's five studio albums may be advisable first.
  2. Wine drinkers' music, you might say -- likeable, pleasant, but lacking in consuming, driving passion.
  3. Sadly, the album is a few years too late in coming. As an example, the guys, while opening for Lou Reed sometime back in 1996, pulled off an amazing rendition of the Velvets' "Ride into the Sun" with Reed and Wareham handling the vocals together. Where were all the tape recorders back then?
  4. 40
    The performances aren't much different from the studio versions beyond an extra dose of guitar grit, so this is mostly a case of tossing a bouquet to Luna collectors.

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  1. StuartS.
    Oct 3, 2001
    If one avoids listening to this as background music to a seduction, turns out the lights and cranks the volume it's as good as getting laid.