More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
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  • Summary: The Los Angeles indie-rockers make their major label debut with 'More Adventurous.' In the two years since their previous outing together, the band's Jenny Lewis contributed vocals to the debut from the Postal Service, while Blake Sennett and Jason Boesel released an album from their own side project, The Elected. Collapse
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  1. Part commercial breakthrough, part acoustic folk record, part experiment, More Adventurous gives little indication of where Rilo Kiley's sound is headed. [#7]
  2. Part new-wave keyboards, part folky acoustic guitars, the music on More Adventurous is unexpectedly beautiful.
  3. 80
    They've managed to retain everything that was oddly beguiling about them in the first place while boosting their mass appeal with a production that is all West Coast sleek and radio-friendly lustrous. [Feb 2005, p.80]
  4. Soon to be a jukebox staple at every down-at-the-heels dive and java joint in hipster America, More Adventurous has the potential, and the songs, to go a lot further.
  5. Not all the experiments work... However, Rilo Kiley are more inspiring than you'd think.
  6. Each song on "More Adventurous" sounds rich and well plotted. [16 Aug 2004]
  7. A staggeringly uneven salad of powerpop alt-country and even R&B that succeeds as often as it fails.

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