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  • Summary: The second solo album for the Drive-By Truckers lead singer features his father (bassist with the Muscle Shoals) and his DBT bandmates.
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  1. Hood is too inclined toward dark-side thoughts and the world too inclined toward dark-side realities for the newer songs to come off complacent.
  2. It’s merely an excellent companion to Hood’s recent work with his regular band, with several songs--including the Springsteen-like 'Pollyanna' and the smoldering guitar workout 'Walking Around Sense'--ranking with his very best.
  3. With redneck-underground country, slightly detuned minor-key Southern rock, grungy Crazy Horse-indebted lopers and Stonesy rockers, there’s a little of everything Hood’s done so far, plus a few dashes of discovery.
  4. Nothing here totally upends what we already know of Hood's talents via the Truckers, but it does serve as a supplementary capsule capturing how he ticks.
  5. Featuring contributions from most of his DBT's bandmates as well as his father, legendary Muscle Shoals bassist David Hood, highlights include 'Pollyanna,' 'She's A Little Randy,' and 'Walking Around Sense.'
  6. 70
    Although most of the songs on Patterson Hood's second solo album predate the existence of Drive-By Truckers, they'd easily fit on any of his band's records--same low-life characters, busted dreams, and black humor, rendered in solidly gothic Southern rock.
  7. Devoid of the brawn that makes the Truckers so powerful and without a complementary voice off which to bounce, Hood's songs fall into a folksy rut.

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