Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

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  1. Positive: 29 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. The whole thing works beautifully, more with each listen.
  2. 100
    Only behind such a distracting smokescreen could Damon Albarn get away with conducting a project as sprawling, daring, innovative, surprising, muddled and magnificent as Plastic Beach: not just one of the best records of 2010, but a release to stand alongside the greatest Albarn’s ever been involved with and a new benchmark for collaborative music as a whole.
  3. There was nothing like "Demon Days" before and there's been nothing like it since. Until now.[...] Plastic Beach picks up several steps on from where its predecessor left off. [Apr 2010, p.104]
  4. Its real strength lies in the fact that it implores you to return for repeated visits to a world riddled with other people's cast-offs. Ironically, it recycles nothing; everything here is box fresh.
  5. Though it's only to be considered "pop" in the most obscure sense, and it goes to show Albarn has a pretty warped concept of the term, Plastic Beach provides the almighty shakeup that pop music has needed for some time.
  6. More than happy to engage the pop mainstream (once heard, the irresistible, day-glo chorus of "Superfast Jellyfish" is never forgotten), yet experimental enough to satisfy the hipsters, these cartoon characters just made the first 3-D album of the new decade.
  7. It will be the simple fact that it’s as good as anything Albarn has ever done and for the Gorillaz, a fantastically tailored album from top to bottom.
  8. Plastic Beach is a full blown hip-hop/trip-hop album and a prime example of how to stray away from one genre to dominate another. If Albarn has done anything with this project, he has shown his knowledge of flawless production and the ability to create aesthetically pleasing tunes.
  9. The one-time Blur frontman has transcended some of the post-modern artifice of this project, and created the group's most affecting and uniquely inviting album. Joke's over, Gorillaz are real.
  10. He never panders to them; instead, Plastic Beach's guest vocals are anchored by Albarn's own melodic flair. His falsettoed ennui shines through, and the songs are loaded with Albarn's pet sounds.
  11. Find, here, Gorillaz’ third record, some sort of masterpiece within the band’s canon, and undoubtedly the best chillwave record ever recorded.
  12. Plastic Beach runs out of steam toward the end, but Gorillaz combine their myriad of voices better than they ever have, creating a mood that’s simultaneously nostalgic and ominous.
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  1. Nov 9, 2010
    Quite dissappointing. While the production, artwork, videos and list of guest appearances may be amazing, the quality of individual songs is very poor and even after a few months of listening I can not remember what the majority of songs sound like. Highlights however include "Stylo", "Superfast Jellyfish", Glitter Freeze" and "Empire Ants". Full Review »
  2. Oct 14, 2010
    OK I had to create a Metacritic account just because I saw so many favorable reviews of this horrible drek. I keep trying to like it because I love this band. But I keep clicking next next next. You people should come to my house and share whatever illegal substance you took to enjoy this because it's just awful. If you added up all the essence from this entire album it still wouldn't be close to being as good as Dare. Full Review »
  3. Apr 21, 2014
    A purely amazing album! I can see where some people would be against this album as it is quite different than other gorillaz albums. I would put it on par to Demon Days. Full Review »