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  1. Drawing from a skillful fusion of R&B/hip-hop/pop, Usher addresses the trappings of fame on the uptempo "Monstar," shifts into sexy overdrive on "Lil Freak" (featuring Nicki Minaj) and "Pro Lover," pumps up the beat on the infectious club anthem "OMG" (featuring and turns introspective on the ballad "Foolin' Around."
  2. So don’t come to this thinking you’ll get the inside scoop on a celebrity divorce, but as a soundtrack to rampancy in general, it’s hard to beat.
  3. His sixth album proves that his ability to make grown-up hits is stronger than ever.
  4. Here's a battle, the title suggests, between the faithful husband of the last few years and the wily lothario of yore. With tracks like "Lil Freak," "Foolin' Around" and "So Many Girls," the album isn't coy about which Raymond comes out on top.
  5. Raymond v Raymond doesn't offer much real revelation. Its main aim is more standard issue: Sleek, grown-and-sexy R&B tuned to seduction, not divorce court.
  6. The boilerplate swagger is balanced by the falsetto sweetness of “There Goes My Baby.” And a couple of songs actually live up to the promise of the album title and its suggestion of a more emotionally complex Usher.
  7. Raymond V Raymond finds the singer in an emotional headspin, and when he channels it here he produces some of his darkest and most hypnotic soul-pop to date. But sadly there’s quite a bit of forgettable bravado babble too--hardly original.
  8. As a longtime fan of Usher, this album has great moments and also lagging tunes.
  9. Since then [2008], Usher's marriage imploded--a development that's good for the single ladies of metro Atlanta but yields mixed results on his sixth studio disc.
  10. The sleek dancefloor track “So Many Girls,” one of a few songs in which Usher sounds dead in the eyes, going through the motions, desensitized by the bounty of women at his feet, is followed by the sarcastically titled “Guilty,” where he whines “I guess I’m guilty for wanting to be up in the club” — which warrants a response like “Yes, attached 31-year-old man, that’s correct.” A few songs before that is a quasi-redemptive ballad “Foolin’ Around”; he humbles himself, seems to take responsibility for his actions, then casually drops “Guess that’s just the man in me, blame it on celebrity.”
  11. Unfortunately, it is hard to embrace these strengths on such a predictably unfocused album.
  12. Raymond v. Raymond, his latest release, is something else entirely: an album ostensibly about divorce but too timid to explore the subject in all its complexities.
  13. There are moments where Usher's old charm and vocal velvetiness briefly resurface and remind the listener of what a bright talent he once seemed....But these highlights are rare, and Raymond vs Raymond mostly sounds as shallow and unappealing as its singer.
  14. He does express regret about the marriage breakdown on Papers, but it rings hollow, as does most of this so-so record.
  15. He does express regret about the marriage breakdown on Papers, but it rings hollow, as does most of this so-so record.
  16. The album is consistently uninspired, with each song showcasing an incredibly gifted performer grown wearyingly complacent.
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  1. Feb 25, 2011
    Nice, half of his songs are really good, and some deserve to actually become International hits, but at the same time, some songs you can find them quite boring and some quite slow, but the balance added to this album affects the rating boundaries of music critics. Though a good achievement and great varieties balanced the scale.â Full Review »