Record Collection - Mark Ronson and the Business Intl
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  • Summary: The DJ-turned-producer, who has worked with everyone from Lily Allen to Amy Winehouse, returns with his third studio album under his new moniker, with impressive dance-floor, disco-pop jams.
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  1. Record Collection is more than just an homage to style: The writing is diverse and thoughtful, and the contributors are used in such a way that they're allowed to show off without showing up the songs.
  2. The ultimate irony and triumph of Record Collection, is that on an album all about how Ronson's own obsessive music tastes have defined his life, we finally hear him step away from the turntable and produce one of the best albums of his career.
  3. The highlights here are too many to mention. With Record Collection, Ronson proves that he can succeed without gimmicks. And in doing so, he reaches newfound heights.
  4. It could be a messy grab bag, but Record Collection hangs together as an album. Ronson is the rare DJ-producer who is as fluent with melodies as he is with beats.
  5. Ronson's strength has always been in surrounding himself with like-minded artists, both burgeoning and established, and that's largely true on Record Collection, a typically ambitious if uneven effort.
  6. You could forgive the incoherence if every song punched its weight, but too often design-by-committee dilutes rather than enhances individual strengths, producing generic electro-pop filler. [Oct 2010, p.106]
  7. 40
    Elastic raps from Q-Tip and Spank Rock, plus some ballsy vocals at last from Rose Elinir Dougall, save the venture from total ignominy. [Oct 2010, p.105]

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  1. Jul 29, 2011
    Nothing much to hear here, move along... That's what I did. Occasional snippets of interest in a blancmange of generic... Oh, yawn, I cant be bothered, other than to ponder whether 'The Bike Song' is a failed 70's novelty song? Expand