Revolution - Miranda Lambert
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  • Summary: This is the third album for the country singer who was a finalist on Nashville Star.
Score distribution:
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  1. Revolution is a portrait of an artist in full possession of her powers, and the best mainstream-country album so far this year.
  2. Of course she's quieting down as she grows up, plus covering her bases, so after half a dozen winners she levels off into a nine- song sequence.
  3. A dense, challenging record, Revolution once again finds Lambert setting the benchmark for the country genre even as she begins to consider the possibilities beyond its borders.
  4. Its only real flaw, though, is that it’s a little too long. Most of the songs achieve her general high standard, and the ones that don’t are far from awful.
  5. With her third record, Miranda Lambert remains country's most refreshing act, and not just because she makes firearms seem like a matter-of-fact female accessory.
  6. She still needs every ounce of her pluck on an album with a gloss-to-grit ratio more or less congruent with mainstream country norms. But with her keenly stalwart voice, she’s the picture of self-possession, secure enough to admit to the occasional misgiving.
  7. On songs like these, she resists the temptation to play the spurned frontierswoman out for revenge. She’s a little wounded, a little scared, a little less of a caricature and a little more human.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 17, 2012
    This woman can do no wrong. This album will go down as a classic, and it will surely be remembered as the album that changed her career. Country music would not be the same without Miranda. Expand
  2. Jul 7, 2011
    Revolution is the deserved winner of the CMA and ACM album of the year award. In-keeping with her trademark country rock sound Lambert remains true to herself here. The songwriting has improved and we're allowed to see the softer, more vulnerable side of the country vixen on tracks like The House That Built Me and Virginia Bluebell. The songs are so believable, "Heart Like Mine" stemming from a Tweet Lambert sent about a guy challenging her about drinking a Bacardi & Coke at the airport. She clearly has the Acclaim and she's racking up the awards but one thing she lacks is sales...that do not reflect the strength of her albums. Overall this is Miranda's best album to date, she's gone from strength to strength, hopefully her Husband's new found fame as a judge on The Voice may bring some more deserving sales figures for her next album. Expand
  3. Jan 24, 2011
    Miranda Lambert's third album continues her success from her debut and second album. It features touching ballads and rock & roll country with a fiery bite and she blends the music effortlessly, with a voice that seems more gentle and settled than earlier. It could have chopped down a few songs, but apart from that it's one of the very strongest country music albums of 2009. Expand