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  1. Mar 29, 2011
    Revolting, messy, lazy, and undeniably Sum 41, Screaming Bloody Murder is a dead band moaning in its grave. Any highlights here more or less just belong to other, better bands, or even Sum 41 themselves from the past.
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  1. Apr 2, 2011
    This album is a breath of fresh air for Sum 41. After their disappointing 2007 album "Underclass Hero", they've come back after a long break to prove themselves. Their song writing is much stronger this time around. Songs like Screaming Bloody Murder and Skumf*k have a very familiar Sum 41 sound, with a darker, heavier twist. They also have new songs like Blood In My Eyes, which has very strong guitar work, on the album. There are also two songs that are simply Rock n' Roll. 'Time For You To Go' and 'Baby You Don't Want To Know'. It is a very different direction for Sum41. Then there is 'Crash', which is one of the best ballads the band has ever come up with. I'm not one to listen to lyrics to often, but this song that was written about a car crash that front man Derek Whibley witnessed, really hit me.

    Overall, this is a very solid album. If you are a longtime Sum 41 fan, there are songs for you. If you are new to the band, there are many different styles found on Screaming Bloody Murder that are sure to suit some of our tastes. The album is much heavier than their last, and a very large improvement. I am extremely happy for the band. They took 4 years to make this album, but the extra time has seemed to pay off.
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  2. May 11, 2011
    i've figured out that this album is all the hate, frustration and love for Sum 41's frontman Deryck Whibley's ex wife Avril Lavigne.
    Reason To believe- Starts with total sum 41 drum beat like something is rising, riff in this song is played like its played by the drums, lyrics got the power to influence. Ends with the fade that keeps you on the hook. The song ends really cool way as it slows and slows but it doesnt fade.
    Lyrics that made me think about the song is worth ''but i have a feeling, the pain in my tears that i cant hide''.
    //- 9/10
    2.Screaming Bloody Murder- First thing first, this song really shook my nuts off my pants. Its an awesome song. Full of rage and power, but the riff is a bit similar to Lamb Of God's- Decending. Song starts slow, when the drums starts and the riffs then the rhythm, that part almost take the piss outta me. Song's got an awesome bridge part, one of the best. You just cant get enough with this song.
    Lyrics that made me think about the song is worth ''watch me bleed!! Bloody murder we will scream!!''
    //- 10/10
    3. Skumfuk- Starts with an electro acoustic guitar. The verse goes on with that guitar only. After some time..its **** What the **** is that?? that's what i said when i heard that ****in thing, Total punk Song. Awesome awesome song i ever heard. There's pain, there's hate in the song...ends again with the fade. I'd give it 11/10 but i gotta control.Lyrics that made me think about the song is worth ''all i need is time for me to breathe''
    //- 10/10
    4. Time For You To Go- This song is like a new genre. Like a break up song. Lyrics are classic. In vocals there's a change in the microphone sound. The solo gets you dancing and when the bass guitar enters just after that. That's something ****in genius i'd say.
    //- 8/10
    5. Jessica Kill- Starts with the fast electro plucking. The guitar after the verse with the coordination of drums is just awesome. Drums are really good. And then the bridge was the part that took my breath away. Another awesome punk song by Sum 41.
    //- 10/10
    6. What Am I To Say- Starts with a continuation with Jessica Kill. Starts with acoustic then starts with distortion. A really really good song to listen to. Will remind you about your life. The solo starts with chords then the pentatonic continuation is used. Best distortion slow song like the song 'pieces' from their former to former album 'chuck'.
    //- 9/10
    7. Holy Image Of Lies- Holy image of PERFECTION i must starts like a goodbye song, goes slow all hate and crap she's done. Then the Breakdown sounds shattering, fallin apart, awesome use of the instruments when the drums play and the bridge part where there's fast piano playing with the drums and guitars. Awe ****ing some song..hell yeah!!
    //- 10/10
    8. Sick Of Everyone- to be honest, its an awesome song, drums are like fading and rising constantly and the guitar is screaming with the voice of Deryck. Starts like the subject, point to point. Ends like an awesome punk band ends.
    //- 9/10
    9. Happiness Machine- the song literally sounds like the machine..hahaha i mean like, awesome use of instruments they play. One guitar on the back playing constantly and other pumping up the rhythm. Lyrics are cool. The solo part is awesome, its herd to figure out whether its a bridge or solo. Drums in that ****in solo would take your breath away literally.
    //- 10/10
    10. Crash- Song wrote on the condition of Deryck over Avril Lavigne. An acoustic song, melody is like its own last breath. Chorus part has some crunch distortion. Lyrics are the major part in the song.
    Lyrics that made me think about the song is worth 'remember just to live everyday like its your last'..
    //- 10/10
    11. Blood In My Eyes- wait a second? Is that Sum 41?? Holy mother of all mother****ers..its all hate hate hate for avril lavigne. Blood in my eyes is something epic something bizarre but huge. If you want a hate song or album, grab this one. Brekdown just gave me goosebumps starts with all dead note chords. I was like what the **** That's what you call sum 41. Yeah it starts with no sum 41 and suddenly becomes all sum 41.
    Lyrics that made me think about the song is worth ''so i leave that all behind, leaving with blood in my eyes'', ''and i'm over you, congratulations!'', ''there's nothing to say now, the feelings are already dead'', ''i cant see straight anymore with this blood in my eyes!!''
    12. Baby you dont wanna know- Starts witha funky riff that will make you dance all the wayy. Chorus is just perfect as all the verses. Solo sounds exactly like punk. Pretty awesome song.
    //- 8/10
    13. Back where i Belong- this song is crazy, fast and scream..riffs drums bass, all just a perfect 10. Lyrics are ****in cool. The best part, the song ends like they usually ourto the song in live.
    14. Exit Song- That's the last song of their album.
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  3. Apr 3, 2011
    It's a great album. And there are great messages in the lyrics. It lacks epic guitar solos from brown sound but its just amazing how great the songs are. RECOMENDED Full Review »