Shaman - Santana
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  • Summary: Attempting to duplicate the unexpected mega-success of 1999's 'Supernatural,' the rock veteran returns with the formula intact, loading this disc with numerous guests from various musical genres to appeal to as many potential fans as possible. The list of contributors reads like the introductions to some televised awards show: Michelle Branch, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Seal, Macy Gray, Musiq, Placido Domingo, Ozomatli, Dido and P.O.D. (What, no Ozzy Osbourne?) Expand
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  1. Why didn't they just call it Supernatural II and have done with it? [Dec 2002, p.110]
  2. With Shaman, Santana delivers an album that will, no doubt, please fans of its globally successful predecessor, while at the same time reel in new ones.
  3. 70
    Like Supernatural, the record tends to smack more of market research than the soulful expression of a rock legend at times. But in some instances, the duets pay huge dividends.
  4. On Shaman, too many visitors sound as if they're climbing on a gravy train, handing over standard-issue love songs for Santana overdubs. It makes you wonder whether Santana ever met some of his collaborators.
  5. Each song is tailored to the strengths of the lead singer, not the strengths of Santana, whose left with piddly, forgettable instrumental interludes and playing endless lines beneath the vocal melodies.
  6. While 'Shaman' is less than the sum of its parts and strays into AOR territory too much to ever truly be cutting edge, despite its R&B and Latin infusions, it will, at least in America, sell by the truckload.
  7. Trots out an unceasingly uninteresting parade of pop personalities singing against a patina of Latin music so drained of ethnicity and soul that it makes Herb Alpert seem like Sun Ra by comparison.

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