Sing the Delta - Iris DeMent

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  1. DeMent craves stuff she can "see and touch," but her songwriting makes do just fine with feeling.
  2. Nov 12, 2012
    This is an album of rare truth and grace.
  3. Nov 5, 2012
    Sing the Delta... conveys a one-of-a-kind perspective that, somehow, manages to be as unassuming and humble as it is powerful and authoritative.
  4. Oct 26, 2012
    A startling, inspirational comeback. [Dec 2012, p.68]
  5. Oct 3, 2012
    On this quiet beauty of an album, she once again makes a virtue of her modesty.
  6. Dec 17, 2012
    This is real person-to-person music. [Jan 2013, p.95]
  7. Nov 1, 2012
    This is her first album of new material in 16 years, but it sounds as powerful and timeless as anything she has done.
  8. Oct 18, 2012
    These are personal, contemporary story songs that centre on DeMent's signature plain delivery, the gospel-soul horn arrangements and the occasional wailed vocal
  9. Oct 5, 2012
    It's been 16 years since her last album of original material, and Sing the Delta is her weightiest album yet in that regard.
  10. Oct 4, 2012
    Sweeping and stirring in its emotional depth, Sing the Delta happily finds DeMent testifying to her beliefs with feeling.
  11. Oct 3, 2012
    Her patience has rewarded us with a work of rare, unvarnished grace and power.
  12. Oct 19, 2012
    These artisanal songs of love and doubt wear their homeliness proudly; the effect is like finding a bountiful farm stand in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Oct 3, 2012
    There's little that moves one to sing along here, unfortunately. The tempos are all slow, dramatic, and melancholy.
  14. 70
    Sing The Delta is as well-executed as it is welcome.
  15. Dec 11, 2012
    While Sing The Delta isn't DeMent's best work, it's full of understated, sharply observed songs. [Jan 2013, p.102]
  16. DeMent cuts through the sheen with a simplicity that reaches back through decades.
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  1. Oct 29, 2012
    Ms. DeMent's piano playing and gospel-tinged folk singing are nothing but beautiful inspiration for life's reflective and reverent moments. There is a true feeling of heaven and home within. Full Review »