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  1. Static Tensions is the fourth album from Savannah, Georgia metal mavens Kylesa and it may well be the best damn album the band’s released and one of the finest of 2009, metal or otherwise.
  2. Kylesa's lyrics lean towards the abstract and personal. They avoid grand gestures or obvious themes that allow for easy grasp. This time, though, grasp is almost moot. The band has etched light, dark, sky, and earth so deftly onto wax that it vibrates the very soul.
  3. Although a more varied use of the two drummers would be appreciated, the overall echoed effect with the cleaner production offers a complete, homogenized sound, which, when consumed en masse, makes for a killer album. [Jun 2009, p.105]
  4. This is a dynamic, densely-packaged slab of rock ’n’ roll, which not only stands alongside the titans of the genre, but gives Kylesa a name of their own.
  5. Along with fellow Georgia natives Mastodon, Kylesa have crafted one of the metal albums to beat this year.
  6. At the end of the day, the best single word for describing Static Tensions is "unpredictable," and although this characteristic may demand a few more listens before the album's many amazing qualities can sink in properly, the ultimate payoff is very much worth the effort.
  7. 70
    Throughout, drummers Carl McGinley and Eric Hernandez play tight, tribal beats. The heat subsides at times, but it never breaks.
  8. Static Tensions, which, while not as compositionally right-angled as 2006 Prosthetic disc "Time Will Fuse Its Worth," liquefies massively ('Perception') and even psychedelically ('Unknown Awareness') into a multiton Teutonic corkscrew.
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  1. Sep 13, 2012
    Absolutely amazing album, it's actually the only album by them I've enjoyed but did they ever step their game up. If you like Progressive metal or Sludge you're guaranteed to love it. Full Review »
  2. AlexM
    Jul 14, 2009
    Highly influenced by Sabbath (you can probably hear Iron Man here and there). Lots of powerful rhythms, starting with their first track Scapegoat. The vocal sometimes sounds like Ministry (dont ask me why) and the drummer makes an excellent job. Overall a very good album to put in his collection near The Sword's albums. (sorry for my bad English). Full Review »