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  • Summary: This is the debut full-length release for the New Zealand rockers, who have drawn comparisons to everyone from The Stooges and AC/DC to, of course, the White Stripes, and have been the subject of fawning articles in the UK music press (but then again, who hasn't) in recent months.
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  1. They rock hard and fast and damn the stylistic similarities, because they have as much energy and explosive tendencies that even the Stooges themselves showed back in their heyday.
  2. If the Datsuns' retro sound is currently getting them Strokes/Stripes levels of hype, their blow-the-doors-off passion should allow them to leave their peers in the dust.
  3. Like the '70s, then, but much more fun. [Nov 2002, p.98]
  4. With so much apparent calculation involved, it makes sense that the group's self-titled debut is neither as good nor as bad as it might have been.
  5. Nothing terribly original here, but they do manage to kick out the jams with fervor and the kind of enthusiasm that only wavers when carpel-tunnel or rheumatism sets in.
  6. The Datsuns re-create the sound of a beer- and weed-fueled Saturday night in 1973, borrowing and blending the revving guitar riffs and choked, macho vocals of Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, .38 Special, and on occasion, the hornier side of Led Zeppelin.
  7. If The Datsuns serve any purpose, it's to remind us that 70s glam/garage-rock was largely accountable for the abomination that was 80s hair-metal.

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