The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

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  1. Only after being overwhelmed by the sheer visibility of her warp-speed relaunch did I realize how enjoyable and inescapable her hooks and snatches had turned out to be.
  2. 88
    Not only does this new song cycle retain the Euro-tastic sheen of its predecessor, it outdoes it in sheer dance-floor whump.
  3. 'Poker Face,' pretty much the one song 2009 will be remembered for, are included on the original album, this becomes essential for anyone who even remotely likes pop. For the rest of us, it's the moment Gaga cements herself as a real star.
  4. The lead single is a powerhouse of dance waves and infectiously produced beats, but the album doesn't always stand out as definitive, even though it's consistently fresh and innovative.
  5. She creates layers of dark, self-indulgent, eye-popping music that holds up against her previous hits and is, in some cases, even more satisfying.
  6. Dirty dance-diva bundles new EP with reissued album.
  7. Instead of shoehorning references to celebrity into some tracks, she's borrowing elements and templates and simply focusing on quality control. The weird result is that, despite her flitting between personalities and personas, her music feels more like her own here than it did on her debut LP.
  8. In her music videos and live shows over the past year, Gaga has worked hard to demonstrate her creative ambition and stylistic range, and that project continues on The Fame Monster.
  9. The Fame Monster says nothing new lyrically, and has its troughs, but it's a bolder and more coherent record than GaGa's debut.
  10. She covers her conceptual bets by rolling out sturdy club-thumpers, and this eight-song EP (included in the reissue and sold separately) is largely on point.
  11. Fame Monster does provide some small, if fleeting, glimpses behind the pretense.
  12. Available as a second disc with The Fame or as a self-contained album, The Fame Monster continues where Gaga's debut left off and features eight new tracks of varying quality.
  13. 60
    It's comforting to learn that Lady Gaga's supposed dark side--The Fame Monster offers a flipside to The Fame's sexy fun--is just as fun-loving and club-rousing as the songs that made her famous, because, really, her playful fa├žade is a huge part of her appeal.
  14. When all is said and done, The Fame Monster isn't going to win Lady Gaga any new converts, but it does prove something to her millions of fans: that she's not complacent with doing the same thing over again.
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  1. Sep 16, 2010
    OMG!!!!! My favorite album ever!!!!! "Dance in the Dark" is the best song on the album. The album shows a different side of gaga. "Speechless" is a song that usually makes me cry because of the ontent and how heartfelt it is...GAGA WILL NEVER BE TOPPED Full Review »
  2. Jan 13, 2013
    Amazing melodies, amazing lyrics, amazing vocals... Simply, one of the greatest pop albums of the 21st century.
  3. Dec 8, 2010
    I just reviewed The Fame, which is better in my opinion, this "album" isn't a step forward at all. The abrupt change in music style is too quick and too random at the time she released it. The album has way too little tracks, and most of the songs are depressing and I don't get how her voice went from clear and high, to low and raspy. It just doesn't make sense. and Teeth is the dumbest song I ever heard. Okay, not the dumbest, but the third dumbest.

    Bad Romance - 7/10

    Alejandro - 7/10

    Monster - 5/10

    Speechless - 3/10 (ballads are her weak point)

    Dance In The Dark - 6/10 9makes her look like a satanist)

    Telephone - 9/10

    So Happy I Could Die - 8/10

    Teeth - 1/10 (It's really THAT bad!!!!)
    Full Review »