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  1. Jun 27, 2013
    The Gifted is a collection of tracks from an unarguably talented emcee, but the point at which a collection of music becomes an album, a singular work with a focus and unity strong enough to truly make an impact, Wale still hasn’t reached that point.... In the meantime, we’re left with a quality album.
  2. Jun 25, 2013
    Matching his lyrical abilities with polished production and radio-ready hooks, The Gifted sees Wale inching towards hip-hop’s upper echelon, while still exhibiting the hunger of a young MC on the rise.
  3. Jun 25, 2013
    Names like Just Blaze, Lee Majors, Cardiak, and No Credit supply the beats for this more mature/still flashy release, all of it adding up to Wale's win number three.
  4. Jun 25, 2013
    While not without its flaws (the “Bad” remix was unnecessary, and probably done simply for the big name feature), those questioning the direction Wale was going post MMG affiliation will more than likely be pleased with The Gifted.
  5. Jun 25, 2013
    With no big time faux pas to be found,The Gifted is an extraordinary ‘gift’ to any hip-hop collection.
  6. Jun 26, 2013
    I'm not saying Wale is Jay-Z yet--and it's not certain he ever will be--because a Shawn Carter only comes along once in a generation. What I do see on The Gifted though is that potential.
  7. 60
    The problem is, Wale isn’t at the top, he’s simply borrowing that swagger from the A-list guests that decorate The Gifted.
  8. Jun 27, 2013
    The beats are good. The hooks are memorable, if often corny.... [But] Gone is the sense of humor, fearlessness, and willingness to subvert clichés that he flexed on his generally impressive mixtapes.
  9. Jun 26, 2013
    While Wale remains fairly proficient throughout, that clever, memorable wordplay of old is what's most notably absent from this session, and that's a shame.
  10. Jun 25, 2013
    With The Gifted, his second album for Maybach Music Group, Wale continues to struggle to define himself, which proves even more difficult on a label dominated by broad caricatures.
  11. Jun 27, 2013
    The music on The Gifted sounds fantastic, with intricately arranged keys and strings, stacks of soul and gospel-inspired backup vocals, and deep, rubbery bass lines. The problem is that Wale and his team made a really decent soul rap album without a rapper soulful enough to carry it.
  12. Jul 2, 2013
    Those expecting Wale to finally take his game to the next level will have to wait as his third record is inconsistent and mostly forgettable.
  13. Jul 2, 2013
    Whatever survived of the brain behind Mixtape About Nothing has been permanently atrophied by luxury and laziness. At least the crisp, live-band production, a carryover from Ambition, remains a treat.
  14. The Gifted is a horribly disjointed album. If Wale would have gone one way or the other (soulful nostalgic beats or straight up pop-rap), the album would probably be at least a little bit better.
  15. Jun 27, 2013
    He’s a competent emcee, especially when speaking about the struggles of young African Americans, but he’s in need of a good producer to rein him in.
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  1. Jun 25, 2013
    This album is and will be underrated for many reasons. If you like hip-hop though you won't be disappointed. This is a quality album and lyrically Wale is on point. I can do without some of the tracks like Clappers, but I don't think it ruins the quality of the entire album. I've been a fan of Wale for a while, definitely shows some growth on this album. Well put together on the production side too. He's come along way from Attention Deficit that's for sure. Full Review »
  2. Jun 25, 2013
    Wale The Gifted Review
    Out of all the a albums that came out as of late this one is surprisingly my favorite. After J.Cole's extremely
    average sophomore album, which was a huge let down as I am a fan. Kanye's and Mac's albums left him in the dust, as far as a project that made me want to listen more than once. Wale dropped The Gifted a couple days after everyone else, probably not to get his work overshadowed by 3 other releases (which was smart). Besides the boring cover art and the s**t stain of a song Clappers, The Gifted is really great. What Wale classifies as "New Black Soul" is extremely well done on the tracks like "LoveHate Thing" and "Gullible".On "Gullible"he talks about how society has affected people's views on politics and the way people think. The subject matter is relevant and stays fresh throughout. When I first saw the features on the album I began to worry (Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chains), Thankfully only Minaj bothered me. It makes me sad to see such a terrible song on such a great album. By all means It does not ruin The Gifted, and I strongly advise to give it a Listen. What astonishes me is the hate that J.Coles fans have towards this album. I think it might have to do with the XXL review of Born Sinner, which may I remind you is an opinion. In some aspects Born Sinner and The Gifted are similar, mostly in the production. But Wale just did it better this time. Also the remix for "Bad" was unnecessary but was better than the original. I highly recommend this to anyone even J.Cole fans, as this is a huge step up in Wale's carrier. I look forward to future projects as he progresses as an artist. If you have no other reason to listen, do it for the Jerry Seinfeld cameo.

    Favorite Songs LoveHate Thing, Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece), Gullible.
    Least Favorite Clappers

    Full Review »
  3. Jun 25, 2013
    This has to be his best work so far. He laced the album together perfectly, and he told a great story (even with the club songs.) It also has a great content compared to most rap songs these days. He said the album will sound very soulful and it did. Congratulations on a great body of work, Wale. Full Review »