The Magician's Private Library

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  • Summary: A member of the band Jealous Girlfriends, the singer returns with a debut full-length solo album produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek.
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  1. This dreamy, warm and otherworldly concoction is the perfect antidote to the grey and chilly beginnings of the impending new year.
  2. Q Magazine
    A rich, multi-layered and utterly enchanting record. [Mar 2010, p.106]
  3. Under Sitek’s guidance, Miranda has created an enchanting, promising debut that is ultimately all her own.
  4. It's impossible to say how much ­Miranda is responsible for the shimmering, luxuriant music on this album, and how much was conjured up by her magician of a producer, TVOR mastermind Dave Sitek. What is certain is that it's the ­music that is of dramatic, hypnotic ­interest here.
  5. The results are alternately ghostly, sexy, and nocturnal, but they’re always moving.
  6. It’s ambitious for a debut, and for the most part Miranda is able to keep up.
  7. As it stands, The Magician’s Private Library is an anemic batch of songs that drifts by in a blur - albeit a rich, multi-hued blur.

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