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  • Summary: A member of the band Jealous Girlfriends, the singer returns with a debut full-length solo album produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek.
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  1. This dreamy, warm and otherworldly concoction is the perfect antidote to the grey and chilly beginnings of the impending new year.
  2. 80
    Where her previous band, Williamburg's The Jealous Girlfiends, struggled to reconcile an awkward mix of styles, the vision on Miranda's solo debut is seemless. [Mar 2009, p.90]
  3. Under Sitek’s guidance, Miranda has created an enchanting, promising debut that is ultimately all her own.
  4. It's impossible to say how much ­Miranda is responsible for the shimmering, luxuriant music on this album, and how much was conjured up by her magician of a producer, TVOR mastermind Dave Sitek. What is certain is that it's the ­music that is of dramatic, hypnotic ­interest here.
  5. Holly Miranda makes nice music, sometimes really pretty, but it doesn’t say anything real or move emotions to anywhere even nearing an extreme. As a result The Magician's Private Library fails to tick that most important box: evocative.
  6. The results are alternately ghostly, sexy, and nocturnal, but they’re always moving.
  7. As it stands, The Magician’s Private Library is an anemic batch of songs that drifts by in a blur - albeit a rich, multi-hued blur.

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