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  • Summary: The soon-to-be-incarcerated (for perjury) rapper offers a fourth solo disc. Kanye West and Scott Storch are among the producers.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. 100
    Truth validates the Queen Bee's position as the definitive rap vixen. [Dec 2005, p.210]
  2. All in all, The Naked Truth is a great musical and lyrical effort, as well as a timely response to the media and the peanut gallery.
  3. The Naked Truth may be better than 80% of the other rap albums to be released in 2005, but that don't make it another Ready to Die.
  4. Her very-real-life drama has inspired some of her most focused work... and also some of her worst. [21 Oct 2005, p.75]
  5. Just as she was becoming irrelevant, Lil’ Kim returns with her hardest, bravest and most exciting album to date.
  6. 40
    Things go downhill as petty vindictiveness and insignificant beefs become the preferred themes. [Jan 2006, p.114]
  7. One of 2005’s most thudding disappointments.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 16
  3. Negative: 1 out of 16
  1. Jan 8, 2012
    Lil' Kim is doing her thing. This album is a total classic. You can't get enough of her undeniable lyrics, and production. She really got off about rapping about sex a lot. She's more into money, power, rhymes, and skills on this one. The opening track, "Spell Check" has a good beat thats catchy, and her rhymes are really like a true rapper. "Lighters Up" is one of my favorite tracks. "Quiet" is her borrowing Eminem's flow. Not stealing. She attacks Foxy Brown real good on that one, especially the lines in that song: " She prove you a liar/ Tryn' deny her/ Jackie-O proved you far from a fighter/ Comin' at me **** you playin' with fire/ i could come back at you, but comin' after your ghostwriters"! Thats the queen rapping right there. "Whoa" is an intense, hot nice track. Slippin' has some good lyrical content. The Naked Truth by far is truly a classic by Lil' Kim. Two classics actually, Hard Core. Expand
  2. Nov 12, 2013
    Some of her most raw music, She adresses so many situations she went through during this period, She Flawlessly executes the persona of a bad from bedstuy brooklyn. This album without a doubt is some of her best work. Effortlessly give the queen bee 10/10! Such a flawless album. Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2013
    QUEEN OF RAPPPPPPPPP! Her rap flow was VICIOUS! and Lyricism was PERFECT. Kim Expressed so much and you felt what she was feeling. Literally she did no wrong in the album. Beyond under-appreciated. Just one of the many things that makes her the reigning queen of hip-hop and rap. No-one can take that away from her! Expand
  4. Aug 16, 2013
    The best Lil' Kim album. With rap songs like "Shut Up" and "Listen Up", how isn't it? Lil' Kim will always be one of the top female rappers. Great work, Kim. Expand

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