This Modern Glitch - The Wombats

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  1. Apr 21, 2011
    For the flagrant pop thrill-seeker--judging by this incredible, irrepressible, ecstatic, brilliant record--neither will they ever disappoint. Don't believe the anti-hype: pop album of the year, by at least a dozen choruses.
  2. 80
    his Modern Glitch encapsulates true maturity, both musically and emotionally.
  3. Apr 27, 2011
    He pushes the notion further on the brilliantly melodic, ennui-ridden baroque pop ballad "Anti-D," in which Blur's "karaoke songs" from "The Universal" have been replaced by the Wombats' own songs, which are better than "citalopram" and "to be prescribed as freely as any decongestants." The song, like the rest This Modern Glitch, makes the case for the Wombats as both rock stars and fools in their own pop star sitcom.
  4. Apr 26, 2011
    The majority of This Modern Glitch is an enjoyable--but not terribly memorable--collection of songs.
  5. May 3, 2011
    It's certainly not Joy Division, but there's a bittersweet, melancholy and intelligent edge here that's worth investigating.
  6. 70
    The effort's as sweet as any candy and just as jarring as inhaling 11 inches of the stuff in one sitting.
  7. Aside from a thin outer veil, This Modern Glitch is a disappointment from a band who most listeners were probably only hoping to get a few catchy singles from.
  8. May 31, 2011
    The band's power chorus-penning know-how is evident each of these slick and sometimes over-polished ten tracks. [Jun 2011, p.125]
  9. May 2, 2011
    One where the sum of its parts are greater than the whole. Only including ten tracks, This Modern Glitch is as inconsistent as ever, and could actually be hindered by having less bullets to spray around the target.
  10. Apr 21, 2011
    This Modern Glitch documents Murphy's anxieties with deliberate, self-absorbed honesty and the prosaic rawness of recent experience.
  11. Apr 21, 2011
    This Modern Glitch is a decent album. The problem is that The Wombats have a reputation as a better-than-decent band. This new offering isn't enormously different to what's come before.
  12. May 24, 2011
    Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner can pull off this kind of mopey swagger while still tapping toes, but for all of their infectious dance-floor grooves, The Wombats could stand to lighten up a bit.
  13. May 13, 2011
    It's less wacky than their first--if still faintly smart-alecky--and boasts a clutch of impressively efficient, synth-powered indie pop numbers. [Jun 2011, p.103]
  14. May 9, 2011
    It fails in the execution of its most basic concept, it manages to be simultaneously po-faced and frivolous, and its tracks never quite make it into the above-average rank.
  15. 40
    The Wombats have aimed low, and in its own special way, This Modern Glitch is a triumph for mediocrity.
  16. May 17, 2011
    Apparently The Wombats only managed to write the one song for the album and so have decided to just repeat it ten times, offering little-to-no variation in tone or tempo--although to be fair to them, they do stick a different synth preset on for each song so you can tell them apart.
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  1. Aug 24, 2013
    What a transformation! A move to a more electro indie sound I believe has been well done by The Wombats. A modern catchy change for the genre I believe is a good thing!

    Top Songs
    Jump Into the Fog
    Our Perfect Disease
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  2. Jun 30, 2012
    This Is a brilliant album with great songs, although the electronic parts may put some people off I loved those songs as they were different compared to their previous album and were something new, those who wanted an album simmerlar to the previous one will be dissapointed though as the band has gone for a more unique sound. It is also obvious that the band has matured a lot since their previous album and this is shown in their songs, as they are very different form their previous album.
    Standout songs being : Tokyo(Vampires And Wolves), Jump Into The Fog, Anti-D, Techno Fan and 1996.
    Overall a great album. 8/10
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  3. May 17, 2011
    Despite some negative reviews, this is a brilliant album. Although perhaps lacking some of the schoolgirl sing-along's of "Love, Loss..." it still packs some cracking choruses and is perhaps a tad more musical and grown up than the previous album. People expecting a duplicate of the first album may be disappointed, but this new album makes for a much better listen. Definitely worth a go. Full Review »