UGK 4 Life

  • Record Label: Jive
  • Release Date: Mar 31, 2009

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  1. The rest of UGK 4 Life rolls celebration, not just for one of Houston's greatest personalities and foremost musical pioneers but also for the Bayou City's finest hip-hop unit. Long live the Pimp, hell yes, but this is one fantastic curtain call.
  2. UGK 4 Life is the rare swan song that manages to be essential for the music alone.
  3. From the 'Intro' to the 'Outro' there's very little to not like about UGK 4 Life other than the fact it can never be done again, and any music videos released off this album won't feature Pimp doin' his thang.
  4. Excessive, sexual, and catchy, UGK has crafted the most definitive template for the southern rap record. Sadly, it'll be their last.
  5. 80
    UGK 4 Life is a fitting end for the Texas boys. It’s classic UGK--temperamental, turbulent, and trill...for life.
  6. 80
    Their final album is no solemn headstone. The languid beats are hazy with heat-distortion organs and porny electric guitars; the spirit is carefree.
  7. The fact that this has been UGK’s music for nearly two decades doesn’t blunt the impact of the album, and so UGK 4 Life is comfort food for Southern rap heads: not as invigorating as the first time, but still the best all the same.
  8. Though probably not the best UGK album, it might be the strongest illustration of what they do best.
  9. UGK 4 Life leaves listeners wondering where they might go next, and even if sated with one last release still lamenting that those further steps—gargantuan or tiny, toward greatness or overreach, whichever—will necessarily be solo, uncontrasted by that inimitable, nimble, lascivious whine we’ve lost.
  10. Bun B, doesn't wallow in the macabre. Instead, we get UGK basics: songs about drugs, sex and flossing, flavored with thudding, no–nonsense beats.
  11. 70
    UGK 4 Life is a fitting capper to this Texas duo's storied career--nothing groundbreaking, just funky, rough-hewn, celebratory tracks.
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  1. Oct 30, 2013
    Not only is UGK's one of the greatest rap groups of all time, but Underground Kingz: UGK 4 Life is probably be one of my favorite hip-hopNot only is UGK's one of the greatest rap groups of all time, but Underground Kingz: UGK 4 Life is probably be one of my favorite hip-hop albums over the last decade. One of the reason I love the album is that it's a shame that we still lost a great friend of the game, Pimp C, but UGK delivered a phenomenal blend of R&B even with a darker tone and a lyrical experience that many of fans envisioned through their career. It's hard to believe that 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of UGK's final album and I still got teary eyed over "International Players Anthem." If you dig through your collection with a whole bunch of mixtapes or though your albums covers, then which UGK song would you still considered was your favorite? Mine's was Jay-Z "Big Pimpin" and Three 6 Mafia's "Sippin on some Sizzurp." But hip-hop will truly never die. I hope in the future, I hope they gonna make a UGK greatest hits anytime soon. But UGK forever! R.I.P. Pimp C. Full Review »