• Record Label: Warp
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2004

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. The middle of the album is as hard-edged and relentless as anything of Squarepusher's, if not more.
  2. Repeated listens propel it towards sounding like his best yet.
  3. 80
    This is like saddling up with a fearless, interdimensional astronaut; fasten your seat belts.
  4. Planet
    Fans may consider it his best yet. Others, especially the unexposed, may decide the record is a cruel form of torture. [#6, p.87]
  5. Uncut
    As wilfully indulgent as it is breathtakingly advanced. [Apr 2004, p.101]
  6. Ultravisitor appears to be the first album when jazz can completely mesh with Squarepusher’s canonized style.
  7. In some ways, Ultravisitor is the only Squarepusher album you need to know about. It contains instances of every idea, texture or beat he's presented until now, and unlike recent releases Do You Know Squarepusher or Go Plastic, little of it sounds stale.
  8. It's hard to underestimate how big and strange some of this massive album is.
  9. Though it might be a difficult listen in spots (especially for the rave-ier set), the disc definitely shows Jenkinson stretching his musical limbs, and it's a fascinating sight.
  10. Q Magazine
    Another complex, atmospheric set. [Apr 2004, p.120]
  11. Mojo
    Edgy, ear-splitting, bonkers, bizarre and, in parts, astounding. [Mar 2004, p.104]
  12. The Wire
    Ultravisitor feels like another work in progress, another messy, powerful, occasionally remarkable, sometimes infuriating attempt to create a true, detailed, authentically multifaceted musical autobiography. [#241, p.52]
  13. The stylistic seesaw between hyperactivity and placidity is almost too much to bear -- and will surely frighten the pets -- but that may be the point.
  14. The A.V. Club
    His most overtly musical album since 1998's jazz-fusion exercise Music Is Rotted One Note, Ultravisitor serves as the best-yet summation of his various dangling threads: manic beat mashes, electric fusion strolls, impudent pile-ups of electronic collage and prog-rock reach. [17 Mar 2004]
  15. While Ultravisitor is still a great listen, it's going to be hard for any picky fan not to feel a little peeved by some of the glaringly abundant derivations from earlier work.
  16. Spin
    80 minutes of dank, chopped-up percussion and blitzed hard-drive scree. [Apr 2004, p.94]
  17. Excise these less-than-enthralling moments and the forty-nine remaining minutes of Ultravisitor are satisfying.
  18. Alternative Press
    There's enough patented 'Pusher weirdness here to tingle your noggin. [Apr 2004, p.100]
  19. A difficult, flawed record that’s predictably too long, making the highs all the more rewarding.
  20. Infuriates as often as it delights.
  21. Blender
    Since 1995, Jenkinson's been treating his laptop the way death-metal bands treat their guitars, and it's no longer radical, just annoying. [Apr 2004, p.136]
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 20 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. JoshuaS
    Nov 15, 2006
    Most important album of my life besides Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag...
  2. RM
    Oct 17, 2006
    Probably his best album - but you have to be 'trained' or at least prepared for a challenge (at certain points) to understand this Probably his best album - but you have to be 'trained' or at least prepared for a challenge (at certain points) to understand this stuff. I actually think this album is too advanced even for a few professional music critics who tend only to be given a week to review an album. Some of the tracks here such as 'Steinbolt' did not appeal to me until about a month after I bought the album. The more accessible parts of the album are also superb and the album features 'Iambic 9 Poetry', which, as well as being my favourite Sqarepusher song, is one of the best tracks I have ever heard by anyone, and without trying to sound boastful I have heard a lot. A very emotional, mature and complex album and this is the only 10 I've ever given on metacritic. Full Review »
  3. StephenE
    Aug 26, 2006
    His most complete work to date. It will take you places you wish to never leave and places you never want to be. An album worthy of multiple listens.