Warp Riders


Generally favorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
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  1. The Sword was long ago stamped with the epithet "hipster metal," and that isn't going to change with the release of Warp Riders.
  2. Kerrang!
    You'd listen to their brilliant third album and realise that they've beaten you to it (making a classic rock record). [21 Aug 2010, p.51]
  3. It's a rousing climax of an album that finally shows everyone that the Sword can be something a lot better than merely a good retro doom outfit.
  4. The riffs remain as ample and hard-hitting as ever, and with Matt Bayles (Isis, Mastodon) handling the production, The Sword have never sounded better.
  5. Q Magazine
    Texan sluggers The Sword shoulder-barge the deadly "hipster rock" sobriquet out of the way with a patchouli-splattered update of Black Sabbath's noise. [Sept. 2010, p. 113]
  6. As with the first two Sword albums, Warp Riders' scene-setter claps the story slate – this time from deep space rather than middle earth as previously.
  7. 76
    Divided between a Mongol warrior gallop and Zeppelin III stomp, Warp Riders is a bona fide modern-day mind-flayer. 
  8. Throughout all this--both the old ways and new directions--the ever-present weak link would have to be Cronise's emotionally deadpan vocals, but, as was the case with earlier Sword albums, they ultimately don't matter as much as the group's pulverizing twin guitar attack.
  9. Revolver
    Warp Riders staunchly maintains the stoner doom, chugging trash, and ruminating psychedelia that marked the four-piece's 2006 debut, Age Of Winters. Yet the boogie-rock feel of "Tres Brujas" and "Lawless Lands" diversifies their songs, recalling pre-Eliminator ZZ Top. [Jul/Aug 2010, p.88]
  10. The Sword have stepped up a gear with this release, and ought to crumble the defences of more than a few cynics.
  11. The Sword still know how to write killer riffs. That said, they've changed tack a little this time around mainly thanks to the polished production of Matt Bayles (previous clients include Isis and Mastodon).
  12. As a wholly serious project, Warp Riders is self-indulgent and only passable.

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