Games Like 'Warframe' to Play Next

If you want to diversify from space ninjas, discover these 10 games to play after 'Warframe.'
by Jon Bitner — 


Digital Extremes

Warframe is a free-to-play action game that's set in a sprawling, sci-fi universe. The developer, Digital Extremes, has continued to pump content into the cooperative multiplayer title for nearly a decade, giving fans a reason to stick around for the long haul.

These regular updates are more than simple rehashes of previous levels. Over the years, Warframe has introduced new playable characters, deadly new weapons, nuanced narratives, and challenging new bosses. Warframe also managed to find a home on platforms other than PC, letting fans on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch enjoy the fast-paced action. Reviews at launch may have been mixed, but Warframe today is a radically different game.

One of the reasons people keep coming back to Warframe is the simple, adrenaline-pumping, gameplay loop. You'll form a party with a few friends, select a mission from one of hundreds available, head out on your quest, then return with new resources to upgrade your arsenal. The variety of places to explore means there's always something new to uncover, and the nearly infinite ways to upgrade your character make it easy to spend hours tinkering with your build.

If you've been running around as a space ninja since launch, you've probably come close to exploring everything Warframe has to offer. Few games can match its combination of frantic action and deep RPG systems, but there are plenty that come close to delivering a similar experience.

Here are 10 games like Warframe to play next, listed by Metascore.


Monster Hunter Rise 


Monster Hunter Rise (Switch)

Metascore: 88
Best for: Fans of cooperative monster hunting
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC

Monster Hunter Rise shares a gameplay loop that's surprisingly similar to Warframe. You'll head out on cooperative missions, slay some deadly beasts, gather a cornucopia of resources, then return to your base to craft a bunch of new gear. The biggest difference is that instead of a sci-fi setting with guns and spaceships, you're roaming around with swords and other fantasy-inspired weapons. This installment in the long-running franchise made some big changes (such as the Wirebug that lets you climb to new heights and the Palamute that lets you traverse maps with ease), making this the most approachable entry yet.

"This game is as close to perfect as we've had yet. ... We're in for an incredibly exciting new era of Monster Hunter." — Gfinity


Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4)

Metascore: 87
Best for: Fans of player-driven, sci-fi narratives
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, XB1

The Mass Effect trilogy contains some of the best games of all time, and this reworked Legendary Edition gives them a new coat a paint for a new generation of players. You'll set out on an epic quest that spans several planets and introduces you to a variety of memorable characters. Many of these are friendly and will aid in your quest to save the galaxy, but even more are out to stop your mission in its tracks. Enhanced graphics and quality-of-life updates make this more than a quick rehash of the originals, although the impeccable storytelling, tense gunplay, and witty dialogue are all still intact.

"With an extensive list of tweaks and improvements under the hood, this is how the Mass Effect trilogy should be played." — Pure Playstation


Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile (PC)

Metascore: 86
Best for: Fans of gritty ARPGs
Where to buy: 

Also available on: PS4, XB1

If you loved Warframe's constant sense of progression and the endless customization options, consider giving Path of Exile an install. The ARPG lets you choose from one of a handful of classes before setting out on a grim adventure that has you fighting your way out of exile (before getting wrapped up in a larger story). Along the way, you'll unlock mountains of weapons, gear, and skill gems — valuable items that grant you new combat abilities. There's also a skill tree that consists of thousands of unlockable nodes, making it easy to modify your character to your play style. Best of all, Path of Exile is a free-to-play game like Warframe, so there's nothing stopping you from checking out the highly rated title today.

"Considering that Path of Exile costs you nothing beyond some Internet bandwidth, it provides an embarrassment of pleasures." — GameSpot


Saints Row IV

Deep Silver

Saints Row IV (PC)

Metascore: 86
Best for: Fans of open-world chaos
Where to buy:

Also available on: PS3, XB360

The Saints Row franchise may have started out as a grounded title about rival gangs, but it quickly matured into something a bit more slapstick. Saints Row IV sees you stepping into the shoes of the U.S. President to save the planet from an alien invasion. You're also given a hilarious set of superpowers (such as the ability to jump over buildings or sprint at high speeds), giving the action a fast-paced flair that Warframe fans will immediately be familiar with. When you're not blasting aliens, you'll have a gigantic open world to explore and plenty of side quests to keep you entertained.

"If you want a sandbox and you don't take yourself too seriously, Saints Row IV is a game you don't want to miss." — IGN Italia


Destiny 2


Destiny 2 (PS4)

Metascore: 85
Best for: Incredible PvP and PvE game modes
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS5, XB1, XBX

Destiny 2 is a looter shooter that's only grown better with age. Since launching in 2017, the FPS has seen tremendous reworks, removing old content and bringing new challenges to its thousands of players. The best way to experience all the FPS-goodness is with a small group of friends, as the best missions are locked behind the need for a dedicated party. Whether it's PvP against another group of Destiny fans or a PvE raid that pit you against hundreds of NPC opponents, having a few buddies by your side makes the game infinitely more enjoyable. But whether you're playing solo or co-op, you'll get to experience a highly nuanced shooter that is more than happy to throw gear and weapons your way for everything you accomplish.

"A massive and rewarding game that offers the potential for hundreds of hours of fun and discovery with friends." — Game Informer


Tom Clancy's The Division 2


Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PS4)

Metascore: 82
Best for: Fans of cover-based shooters
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, Stadia, XB1

The Division 2 takes place in Washington D.C., which has been decimated by the spread of a genetically engineered virus. Your goal is to help rebuild the city, unravelling a winding narrative as you go. Gameplay requires you to make liberal use of its cover-based shooting mechanics, which allow you hunker down behind objects and avoid enemy fire. The Division 2 is also an MMO, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to team up with fellow soldiers to take down a challenging boss or complete a high-level mission. If you enjoy the base game, there's a ton of DLC expansions you can check out to keep the action rolling.

"Tom Clancy's The Division 2 raises the bar for the looter shooter genre. Put simply, it is the complete package." — Gamers Heroes


Lost Ark


Lost Ark (PC)

Metascore: 81
Best for: Fans of free-to-play MMOs
Where to buy: 

Also available on: N/A

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO that plays out like an ARPG. The top-down perspective gives you a sweeping view of the world around you, which comes in handy when you're up against dozens of enemies at once. Combat is frantic and visceral, with the ability to decimate entire waves of enemies with a single skill. As you work your way through the main storyline, you'll unlock multiple ways to level up your character, and Lost Ark even gives you your own sailboat to aid in exploration. Endgame content is the main draw, however, as this sees you and a few teammates tackling impossibly difficult PvE and PvP challenges.

"An absolute blast thanks to its perfect blend of visceral ARPG combat and steady MMO progression." — Digital Trends


Payday 2

505 Games

Payday 2 (PC)

Metascore: 79
Best for: Those who want to plan the perfect heist
Where to buy: 

Also available on: PS3, PS4, Switch, XB360, XB1

It's not nearly as popular as it was years ago, but Payday 2 remains a cooperative masterpiece. You and your small crew will be tasked with pulling off a heist — with missions ranging from a standard bank robbing to pilfering valuable artifacts from a museum. If everything is perfectly planned (and you have luck on your side), things will go smoothly, and you'll walk away with tons of cash. It's more likely that things will go sideways, however, and you'll need to shoot your way out of the building and get to your escape vehicle.

"Pulling off a frictionless heist is the exception to the rule in Payday 2, but the tension is still palpable as you try to orchestrate a robbery without getting caught." — Game Informer


Tina Tiny's Wonderlands


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PC)

Metascore: 79
Best for: Fans of looting and shooting
Where to buy: Epic Games Store
Also available on: PS4, PS5, XB1, XBX

Take the gameplay of Borderlands 3, mix it with a fantasy-inspired coat of paint, and you've got Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Everything great about the original series is here in spades — such as heaps of loot and a bizarre sense of humor — but you're also getting magical spells and medieval enemies. Cooperative play is the main draw of the game, letting you team up and strategize with three other players. It also gives you a chance to choose from one of several unique classes, each with their own upgradeable skill tree that makes it easy to find a build that fits your playstyle.

"Gearbox delivers another solid looter-shooter RPG but with a more welcomed emphasis on the role-playing aspect." — App Trigger



Square Enix

Outriders (PS5)

Metascore: 73
Best for: Fans of fast-paced, third-person shooters
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS4, Stadia, XB1, XBX

Although it's technically a cover-based shooter, Outriders pushes you to play aggressively. Most classes in the game offer some sort of healing bonus that requires you to slay enemies as fast as possible, which encourages you to leave cover and rush towards the enemy. It can be surprisingly difficult at times, but things can be made easier by teaming up with a friend. As you blast through waves of enemies and take down difficult bosses, you'll work through a story that revolves around humanity's search for a new home, as the Earth has become uninhabitable due to the prolonged effects of climate change.

"An exciting evolution of the third-person shooter genre, with…satisfying gunplay that makes nearly every battle feel fast-paced and gripping until the last enemy drops." — Hardcore Gamer