Love - The Beatles

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  1. 100
    Stimulating, entertaining and moving. You'll listen to it more than you have Anthology, I promise. [Dec 2006, p.100]
  2. 100
    This is Love’s ultimate achievement. A band long broken up, and so majestic they’ve been relegated to history books, has been refashioned in a way that makes a fresh and startling presentation of songs as familiar as the Ten Commandments.
  3. It's a dazzling, expansive experience that ranks among the year's best.
  4. Love vindicates the Beatles' status as master musicians and conceptualists.
  5. You could figure it as a sop to today's interactive mash-up culture. Or you could say it's just extending the medley-ish, segue-happy ethos of Abbey Road to the band's entire catalog. Really, it's both, and it's bliss.
  6. The most genuinely interesting addition to The Beatles' canon in years, it actually makes you want to dig out the originals and fall in love with the music all over again.
  7. Flabbergasting... a genuine revolution in the head. [Dec 2006, p.133]
  8. Love is turning everyone into an audiophile, then, which means it's making younger people a little older. And it's also a mashup remix, which means it's making older people a little younger. They were just a pop band, yes, but if anyone can bring all these music fans together under one tent, it's the Beatles. Which is what Love is ultimately all about.
  9. The resulting remixes and medleys, as heard on equipment that probably costs more than your house at Abbey Road, could make you weep with joy. It may not sound as good on a common-or-garden stereo, but you'll still mist up a bit.
  10. 80
    If the scale is almost beyond comprehension, Love also represents a sonic Da Vinci Code for Beatles trainspotters. [Dec 2006, p.104]
  11. The question of whether anybody would listen to Love more than once if the original Beatles albums were available in equivalent sound quality is a nice one. But it doesn't seem to matter much when you can almost feel the spit flying from John Lennon's mouth during Revolution, or when A Day in the Life's orchestral swell comes surging from the speakers. After all, it's hard to ask questions when your breath has been taken away.
  12. Love could only have been made by someone who knew this music inside out, who has nurtured, cherished and polished it since the day it was composed, who saw its potential in an era when pushing rock'n'roll past it boundaries was a new art form.
  13. This mash-up, Beatles style, is cool stuff indeed, but is even more dazzling live onstage. [25 Nov 2006]
  14. The album holds some pleasant surprises.
  15. Figuring out where each part is originally from will be fun for the fanatics, but isn’t necessary to enjoy the mix.
  16. The loveliness comes at a predictable cost in breakaway energy. [30 Nov 2006, p.112]
  17. Love may not be a full-on revolutionary take on the Beatles catalogue, but it does bring back some of the most awesome material ever to come out of a recording studio.
  18. It’s an album of connoisseurship, revealing the inspired details tucked into so many Beatles songs.
  19. Far from being a bold reinvention, a Beatles album for the 21st century, the Martins didn't go far enough in their mash-ups.
  20. The intricacies of the original Beatles recordings are easily overwhelmed by the cake-layer construction of Love‘s fantastical jigsaw.
  21. You know those radio jingles in which they stick a bunch of current tunes into a big-beat mess? This has the same effect – a whizzbang confectionary, serving more to advertise the band’s back catalogue than to be any kind of durable document.
  22. 'Love' is trying to be all things to all people and suffers for its lack of ruthlessness and direction.
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  1. Sep 3, 2012
    Me, being a huge Beatles fanatic, received this from a family member having heard good things about it. I turn the volume up, and... Oh my god. It's so beautiful! This album designed for "The Love Show" (The Beatles Cirque De Soleil) is a wonderful, beautifully crafted remix album of the world's greatest band ever. Combing different tracks and never before heard recordings into a wonderful album, that will surely delight any Beatles fans. Examples include the wonderful alternate version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", setting a more relaxing feel and sadder tone, it just wants to make you tear up (In both ways). Indeed, it is a great album, and it receives an outstanding 10 from me. Full Review »
  2. Oct 28, 2010
    Love is a beautifully crafted, flowing remix album which captures all the mystique of the world's greatest ever band. The remix of 'Glass Onion' which is a microcosom when compared with the album length, sounds better than the original and the album delivers a new sound every time you listen to it making you feel all nostalgic as you relate it back to the original song. It turns out The Beatles can be reworked after all... Full Review »
  3. Nov 21, 2012
    These songs are all fantastic classics and yet this album couldn't be more of a chore to get through. Why, might you ask? I still can't even put my finger on it. Full Review »