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  1. Apr 1, 2012
    Absolute cracker of a record! Some of the best songs of her career here. Not your average POP album. An eclectic mix of music genres with a Madonna flavour. Sadly the user average is brought down by "reviewers" rating it 0, but then gave Gagas very mediocre Born this Way a 10...suss much?
  2. Mar 26, 2012
    The queen of pop is always at her best when people try to write her off. On MDNA Madonna successfully returns to what she does best: high-energy disco mixed with soulful ballads.
  3. Mar 26, 2012
    When i first listened he song give all your loving i thought the album was going to be bad, but when i bought it, i was puzzled with their choice for the first single. The album is on my list of favorites. First of all, it has many styles thanks to the multiple collaborations and it's daring. Madonna is known for making songs inspired by her personal life, and this time she's letting her anger and sadness poor on this album. The aftermath of her separation from her husband can be heard on gang bang, i don't give a, and i fu up. Gang bang is my favorite song from the album and a welcome new collaboration with william orbit. I didnt like girl gone wild at first, but i started to like it the more and more i listen to it. I'm addicted goes with the theme of the album, MDNA is indeed addictive. Her songs with martin slveig are my least favorite, actually there's only 3 of his songs on the album, and 3 others on the delux version. I'm a sinner is a great throwback to her ray of light era. I would have never expected to hear bonjo on a dancefloor oriented album, it's a good change and gives the album a new dimesion. The album ends with masterpiece, a beautiful ballad simply about love (we never get enough of them) and falling free which is more than a ballad, it proves us that Madonna still have that meduse like voice. Overall, i'm really satisfied by the album, it has great moments and even if it has faults, it's still a great entertainment so i give it a 10 because it worths the money you spend on it. Expand
  4. Mar 26, 2012
    THIS ALBUM IS SURPRISINGLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!! after Hard candy i thought madonna was over, but after hearing this album she still manages to shine in the businnes. The thing is, you might have a bad first impression on the album but after hearing the lyrics well you'll see that Madonna gave warmth to this cold genre of music which is house music. The house music is a way to attract people so they can hear what she has to say. My favorite tracks are Gang bang, i'm a sinner,i'm addicted, love spent, masterpiece, falling free, i don't give a, GMAYL and girl gone wild and the others are not bad at all. It's good to see william orbit coming back and made the album sound so futuristic and musically disturbing (gang bang) but also heartwarming (falling free). In general the album pleased me and was like honey to my ears. Expand
  5. Mar 26, 2012
    It's alway's good to hear madonna's music. AT 53 years old, she still rocks! the album is worth your pennies. What i see in this album is a huge amount of emtions which is why we love madonna so much. There's anger, happiness, sadness, guilt. The album is a nice contrast between balck and white, the happy music is produced by martin solveig and the more thoughtful tracks are produced by william orbit, and even benni bennassi came to produce 2 killer songs that will make the nightclubs dance all night long. The album doesn't feel forced or hypocrit, it's natural and a better album than american life and hard candy. Actually it makes me remember the music album. GO GET IT!!!! Expand
  6. Mar 26, 2012
    The Queen of Pop is back! And MDNA is a brilliant album full of great songs that are pure Madonna, It's like she has cherry picked all of the best elements from her previous 11 albums and blended it up in to something new and fresh! This is without a doubt one of her best albums!
  7. Mar 26, 2012
    This album has everything a Madonna fan would want in an album- pop songs, dance songs and ballads. Ask any true M fan and they will tell you that her ballads have been missing on the last few albums and they are a welcomed addition to MDNA. While some of the songs don't really stack up to M's other music others shine above. My Favorites are Girl Gone Wild, Superstar, Gang Bang, Beautiful Killer, Love Spent and Falling Free. Masterpiece was a bonus from W.E. The deluxe addition included some ok songs. Expand
  8. Mar 26, 2012
    Personally, I think we are dealing here with a grade A album. It beats by far all other albums that were released last year, and yet, other stars get higher grades because of they are young. MDNA is original, electronic, emotional, dark and a bit angry album, Turn up the Radio will be the next dance club anthem and Masterpiece is a heart-breaking ballad, a real work of art.
  9. Mar 27, 2012
    This is one of the best albums of Madona since long time.
    The song Gang Bang left me with no words. It's amazing, like a movie-song.
    Not all the songs are great but witch album has it?
  10. Mar 26, 2012
    This is definitely the album of the year, a return to form for the one and only, Queen of Pop Madonna!

    The first single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (Featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) and the 'Party Rock Remix' of its, featuring LMFAO, definitely is NOT a good representative of the album. It was just a promotional single for the Superbowl, which happened to have crashed into the Top 10 on the
    Hot 100 and #1 on the Dance chart and become a record-breaking single. The second single, "Girl Gone Wild", would be a way better representative of the album. But GGW itself it just too joyful and generic which is not exactly the best taste you could taste from the album either. The album itself is a little more dark, an evolutioned "Confessions On A Dancefloor" I'd say. But it's not all dance tracks. There are heart-wrecking ballads and certain mid-tempos, and of course some songs that really have the throwback feeling to music of Madge's earlier days. I'd say it's hard to get ONE song to sum up the entire album, so listen to everything and decide on yourself. But one hint's here: The songs with features are NOT the best ones, this I can assure you. Expand
  11. Mar 26, 2012
    MDNA is a great return for Lady M. Hinting at greats of her past with I'm A Sinner (Beautiful Stranger/Ray of Light) and Love Spent samples Hung Up so brilliantly. Gang Bang forges new ground because we have never heard her this way...crazy fun! When she sings "Drive **** she soars! What it lacks in cohesive sound ( a la Confessions) it makes up in giving us everything that is Madonna. Mother, lover, sister, Diva, Icon and sweet. Expand
  12. Mar 26, 2012
    Really great album, I like ''Girl Gone Wild'', beautiful song called ''Masterpiece'' and ''I F**ked Up''. Standard version is short, but Deluxe Edition (17 tracks) is just fantastic! Who own's the throne?! Quinn of Pop is back!
  13. Mar 26, 2012
    Waow MADONNA IS BACK! who could thought that after the disapointing HARD CANDY she would come back with this sugar album! She's expressing herself without any kind of fear, she's singing to the music she grew up with and she proves us AGAIN that she's the QUEEN. The only song i dislike is gve me all ur luvin they tried to make a commercial song but they failed which is bad because people are going to that album is going to be as bad as the first single which the complete opposite. It's actually very thoughtful, sarcasstic, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. The collaboration with william orbit always works, and i didn't even know that his was the producer of gang bang how great is that! GANG BANG is the best song on this album, it's dark and **** in a way, it makes me think of quentin torontino's films. After a road of bonker moments, the album ends with falling free just like ray of light with mer girl. The deluxe version is good too, too bad they didn't include beautiful killer and bday song on the official version. MDNA IS BACK B**CH!!! Expand
  14. Mar 27, 2012
    is far from being one of the best albums of them, but stands out in the current pop scene. Madonna is still establishing himself as the queen of pop. Highlight the beautiful ballads.
  15. Mar 26, 2012
    It's definitely an album she hasn't done for a while, I guess, you couldn't really call majority of the singles 'single worthy or commercial' but it's still brilliant. Turn Up The Radio is possibly the only radio friendly song left that hasn't been left. She's done it all before and I guess trying to re-create or possibly generate such a new sound is quite difficult for somebody who's pretty much done everything. Nevertheless it's flawless. Expand
  16. Mar 26, 2012
    Madonna returns to top form with the help of William Orbit, I love this record, some of the reviews below say that she is been too generic, yes it's a dance album but it's nothing like anything else out there at the moment, it's a perfect record to accompany you summer 2012, god bless the queen!
  17. Mar 26, 2012
    MDNA might not be Madonna's best album, but it's among the better ones for sure. It doesn't reach the brilliance of Ray of Light or Confessions on a Dancefloor, but it trumps Music and Hard Candy. We knew where Madonna wanted to go with her music, after Celebration and Revolver, so I'm not at all surprised at the direction she took. After the incredibly weak single, I expected the album to be a total flop, but I was amazed - MDNA is brilliant and super addictive. From club tracks like Some Girls to mellow tracks like Masterpiece, MDNA sure does it job well. The only tracks I would avoid are Give Me All Your Luvin' and B-day Song (on the deluxe edition). Definitely recommended. Highlights are Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Some Girls and Beautiful Killer Expand
  18. Mar 27, 2012
    To be quite honest, as teen that listens to mostly modern music, this is only the second album by Madonna I've listened to, the other being "Confessions on a Dance Floor". I'm truly blown away. It somehow manages to be modern, yet unique. Gang Bang is my favourite from this album. Can't stop listening to it! Madonna truly is the one, and only, irreplaceable Queen of Pop.
    Slaying the lessers.
  19. Mar 27, 2012
    Amazing album, i love it! The tracks are very well done, also it's easy to tell which ones are produced by Martin Solveig and which ones are done by William Orbit. Weakest songs on the album are B-Day Song and Give Me All You Luvin'. The rest of the tracks are solid, including the LMFAO remix of Give Me All Luvin'. Personal faves include: I'm Addicted, GMAYL re-mix, I Don't Give A, Turn Up the Radio, Some Girls and Love Spent. This album flows very well and is much better than her previous effort, Hard Candy. I definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of buying the album. Expand
  20. Mar 27, 2012
    After her last album it's great to hear Madonna sounding like Madonna. MDNA is a great combination of all the Madonnas we fell in love - bit of religious controversy, bit of sexiness, lots of attitude and killer pop/dance tracks with hooks that are impossible to get out of your head after a couple of listens and thoughtful ballads. Highly recommended!
  21. MED
    Mar 28, 2012
    A flawless record that of course is only being sniffed at by the constipated Pitchfork clique. With so much attention being paid to what Madonna SHOULD be doing or how she should be doing it, you wonder if anyone goes into a Madonna album anymore with an open mind. Luckily I was able to and I'm glad she's still making such intersting, innovative music at this stage of her career.
  22. Mar 29, 2012
    Do not fear, this record is all that you want from a Madonna album. It is pure pop perfection with moments of sheer brilliance. This album is right up there with one of her best. It comes from a dark place blasted with electro delight. It will take your breath away. Stand out tracks: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, Turn up the Radio, Some Girls and Love Spent. Gang Bang and Love Spent being my favorites. Expand
  23. Mar 26, 2012
    This is what one expects from madonna, dance, pop, confessions, and simple but meaningful lyrics. much better than the previous hard candy. The album goes from angry and violent to overly happy. From hyper energy dance music to some of her first ballads in 10 years. And yet the album is dividing, if you never liked madonna, you wont like this one.
  24. Mar 26, 2012
    The best album she has done since Erotica for me, she's not afraid to get dark on this record. At the same time, there is plenty of light that goes around. It really is on of her best, and that's saying a lot!
  25. Mar 27, 2012
    don't judge this album on its mediocre singles! this is a proper madonna album that makes you wanna sing along and dance. Best tracks on the album are gang bang, superstar, i don't give a, masterpiece and the magnificent falling free (plus beautiful killer from the deluxe album). Madonna back to Ray of Light standard here :D
  26. Mar 29, 2012
    I was a bit skeptical when I first heard Girl Gone Wild but after hearing MDNA, in its entirety, I have to say that I
  27. Mar 29, 2012
    Once again, Madonna has shown to the world that she's still the Queen of Pop. Though the release of the ablum was preceded by the weak single, "Give Me All Your Luvin' ", this song actually doesn't set the tone of the whole album. It's much darker and deeper than what you think. The lyrics are very introspective. There are many good records, especially those produced by William Orbit like "I'm A Sinner" and "Love Spent". Expand
  28. Apr 8, 2012
    Perfect album!!! THIS ALBUM IS SURPRISINGLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!! after Hard candy i thought madonna was over, but after hearing this album she still manages to shine in the businnes. The thing is, you might have a bad first impression on the album but after hearing the lyrics well you'll see that Madonna gave warmth to this cold genre of music which is house music.
  29. Mar 26, 2012
    Best since Ray of Light! Madonna manages to be her classic self, while still being modern and current. Best songs are Gang Bang, Falling Free, I'm Addicted,....
  30. Diz
    Mar 27, 2012
    Many of the negative reviews are no doubt, a part of Gaga's fan base because her fan base feels the need to try and tear apart any successful pop artist that rivals their "mother monster." Most of them haven't even given MDNA a chance and it's sad. I wouldn't be surprised if other fan bases start doing the same to Gaga, so you'd think they'd think twice before making fools of themselves, they're already known in each fan base as it.

    Anyway, MDNA is a stellar album. It's definitely one of those albums that get better with time. Initial stand out tracks include Gang Bang, Girl Gone Wild, and Love Spent. Nicki Minaj's verse in I Don't Give A is fire, and GMAYL does not represent the album well. Madonna references her 30 year career frequently in the album because she can, and there's a wide variety of sounds. I wouldn't call the entire album dance, as some reviews are saying, but there are dance tracks. I do wish there were more, but the slower songs have grown on me. Falling Free is a beautiful ballad. My recommendation, if you are on the fence preview the songs in iTunes, step away from the computer for a bit then go back to iTunes and preview them again. If by the next day not a single song is stuck in your head, then you probably won't enjoy the album very much. If even one song gets stuck in your head, the rest will follow and the album is worth your purchase!
  31. Mar 26, 2012
    An album that will serve even to the next generations, how should pop & dance music sound. Anthemic songs, a lot of fun, pure pop and music to dance to. Having the same positive vibe as Confessions On A Dance Floor had, Madonna proved once again that she is the only Queen when it comes to music, nowadays. Artist half her age, twice the producers and money spent on an album cannot top even the half of the album. An album that shown Lady Gaga that she can go for 2nd best only. As Madonna said, everything that the lesser artist will make, will be just an reductive version of Madonna's music. 10/10 with no regrets. Expand
  32. Mar 27, 2012
    I was so pleasantly surprised with MDNA. In my opinion it doesn't have any bad songs, some are just okay. There's more than a handful of excellent ones though, such as Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Turn Up the Radio, Some Girls, I'm A Sinner (classic Madonna), Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer and Best Friend. Even the quite disliked B-Day Song flows well for me. This record will not leave my stereo for a really, really long time. Welcome back, Queen of Pop! Expand
  33. Mar 30, 2012
    Although it's not as gr8 as ROL and LAP, I'm glad to see Madge getting back to her roots where she's most comfortable at; electronica and dance. It's my favorite album since Confessions, and like Dr. Drew said it's addictive!
  34. Mar 29, 2012
    First of all, the production on every single song is amazing. Madonna delivers some great melodies as well. My favorites are "Love Spent", "I'm Addicted", "Beautiful Killer", "Turn Up The Radio", "I'm A Sinner", "Girl Gone Wild", "Some Girls", "I Don't Give A"... these are some banging tunes. I like them all, though, She also brings the tempo down for some beautiful and introspective moments like "Falling Free", "Masterpiece"... She's also recorded an acoustic version of "Love Spent" which is GREAT! Honestly, this is another win in Madonna's long and amazing career, it looks like she has another number one album on her hands, and these songs will sound GREAT on tour! Expand
  35. Mar 26, 2012
    Es un muy buen álbum, después de 4 años la espera valió la pena. MDNA tiene excelentes canciones, como la maravillosa Love Spent, Gang Bang, Fallig Free, Beautiful Killer y I'm a Sinner. Es un álbum muy variado y coherente que encuentra mucha inspiración en trabajos anteriores de Madonna. Lamentablemente también tiene canciones como Superstar y B-Day Song que me parecieron lo peor del álbum, también creo que Madonna eligió muy mal los singles (Give Me All Your Luvin' y Girl Gone Wild) porque no son ni las mejores canciones ni son representativas de todo el álbum. Expand
  36. Mar 26, 2012
    Refreshing! MDNA is a great rebound from Hard Candy, which was disappointing to say the least. This album, which was produced by Benassi, Solveig, and Orbit, is similar to her 2005 album Confessions. However, it's a bit more varied and fast paced. Key tracks are Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Turn Up The Radio, I Don't Give A, Love Spent, Masterpiece, and Falling Free.
  37. Mar 29, 2012
    You can tell this woman is in lot of pain from divorce, in my opinion the reason this album will be a huge success. Gang Bang, Some Girls, Love Spent, Masterpiece, even GGW, all amazing songs.
  38. Mar 30, 2012
    I wasn't too sure about this album. I'm more into Ladytron, Glass Candy, Chromatics, Crystal Castles. I loved the "American Life" album, but didn't really care for the two that followed. MDNA, though, is probably the best Madonna album I've ever listened to. I kind of sounds llke she went back and hand picked all the best ingredients from her old **** and decided to put on a new spin on them. For example, in concept, the song "Love Spent" is almost like a sequel or follow up to Material Girl, only this time it's sincerely heartbreaking instead of ironically cheeky. Also, the mix of banjo and Tetrisesque beats reminds me of better version of "Don't Tell Me." Another example is "I'm a Sinner" which harkens back to the late 90's/early 00s Madonna when she was exploring that sixties sound on "Beautiful Stranger" and "Amazing." It's probably the most carefree and fun without being juvenile or silly. The song reminds me of Geoge A Romero's witchcraft in 70s suburbia thriller "Season of the Witch" or makes me picture the cast of "The Ice Storm" getting down. "Falling Free" is Madonna again excelling something a lot of people seem to overlook: creating some of the saddest sounds possible. This one is up there with "Bad Girl" "Oh Father" "Gone" and "Easy Ride" as one of the darkest songs she's ever put out. Great album. Expand
  39. Apr 2, 2012
    it's the greatest album she's ever done: some girls, i'm addicted, turn up the radio, gang bang, fallin free, love spent, .... and it's gonna be BIG
  40. Apr 6, 2012
    I really enjoyed listening to all of the brilliant tracks on the album. The singles like give me all your luvin and girl gone wild hide the albums beauty. The next single should be love spent, gang bang, or turn up the radio. I think all pop fans should download the album, and the people giving bad reviews obviously have not listened to any songs on the album. I recommend listening, and or buying this album, Madonna doesn't disappoint. Expand
  41. Apr 9, 2012
    This is perfect! I'm the biggest Madonna fan, but I must confess I wasn't expecting a album this amazing after the mess Hard Candy was... Definitely the album of the year till now! I would even say this is her best album since Music!
  42. Mar 29, 2012
    There's only one problem in MDNA: It's not a hole new thing. Instead, she did use her talent as nobody can do and did a perfect work with all the trending kinds of music we hear now. And, for me, that's enough. The album sounds GREAT.
  43. Apr 1, 2012
    There are some brilliant songs: Love spent, Beautiful killer, Falling Free. This album is much better than Hard Candy, but it isn't so amazing as Confessions on the dance floor
  44. Apr 3, 2012
    After the lackluster Hard Candy album Madonna is back doing what she does best. dark and dirty dance music. LOVE LOVE LOVE this album! Little monsters and haters can try to bring her down but never will. She's better at 53 than any of the other pop **** in their 20's. Eat It.
  45. Apr 3, 2012
    I don't need to say much the album speaks for itself. but I gotta say, since it was released I can't stop listening to it! MDNA is highly addictive!!! my fav: GANG BANG!!
  46. Apr 6, 2012
    Out of the dozen studio albums she's released, I would easily place this album in the top-5. Oddly, the two singles released so far (Give Me All Your Luvin & Girl Gone Wild) are probably the two least interesting songs on the album. Highlights include Gang Bang, Love Spent, I'm Addicted & Falling Free. With hooks overflowing on each track, this is a fascinating and entertaining listen from start to finish with zero filler material. Highly recommended! Expand
  47. Apr 7, 2012
    Madonna's finest in many years - and her first concept album since Like a Prayer... go figure, both dealt with catholicism and divorce. No current starlet could come up with something this interesting. If you've been through a breakup or divorce - you'll know what I mean. The emotional roller coaster is captured here: from wanting freedom and finally being able to flirt openly 'Girl Gone Wild', to hating your ex-lover 'Gang Bang', 'Love Spent'... to wanting to patch things up and nostalgia for a relationship that once was 'I **** up', 'Best Friend'. Mix this awesome and layered narrative with a few fun Madonna songs that firmly reassert her place on the dancefloor 'Some Girls', 'I'm addicted'.. and you have one stellar album... haters will be haters.. but listen to this gem nest to Rihanna's latest, or Gaga's or Katy Perry.. and you'll see why Madonna is an icon... awesome Expand
  48. Apr 1, 2012
    I love MDNA, much better than Hard Candy.
    Best songs are "Love Spent" "Gang Bang" "Im Addicted" "Masterpiece" "Falling Free" "Im a Sinner" "Turn up the Radio" "I **** Up" and "Beautiful Killer"
    MDNA is a great return of Madonna
  49. Apr 9, 2012
    I love this album. Many songs are great, Love Spent, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, I'm a Sinner, Turn up the Radio, Masterpiece, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer. Nicki Minaj on "I Do not Give A" is fabulous. Great album!
  50. Sep 19, 2012
    To me she can do no wrong. "MDNA" has all the required club stompers and numbers that will rock out in her tour. I am so happy she has included a pair of gorgeous ballads, which looking back have been a hugely popular, if often forgotten, part of Madonna's legacy. Standouts are "I'm Addicted", "Masterpiece", "I'm a Sinner", and "I F**ked Up". "Turn Up The Radio" did not get the airplay it deserves. This album has owned my driving music since its release, and will for a while to come. Expand
  51. Oct 13, 2012
    MDNA is the greatest album ever recorded. If Katy Perry or any other 'it' artist released it, it would be praised for it's brilliance. This album is pure dance. The best songs of her career. Madonna doesn't follow trends she creates them. I'm Addicted, Gang Bang, Falling Free, Love Spent, Beautiful Killer are absolute perfection! My only criticism of the album is the featured artists. Neither MIA or Nicki Minaj bring anything to the songs they feature on, although I Don't Give A which Nicki features on is a cracker of a brilliant track. The singles haven't done this album justice. For me this album has overtaken Ray of Light as the greatest album ever recorded. Expand
  52. Apr 9, 2012
    Full of bass, synthesized to the maximum, dark and personal. MDNA is an irresistible piece of eletropop that keeps you excited during the whole journey. Best tracks: Gang Bang, Love Spent, I'm Addicted, Some Girls, Best Friend and Girl Gone Wild. Don't hesitate skipping: B-Day Song.
  53. Apr 14, 2012
    Very good album, her best since Confessions on a Dance floor and much better than Hard Candy, not as great as Confessions, obviously, but I like it. Madge did it again.
  54. Apr 3, 2012
    Madonna is without doubt the Queen of Pop. But can she still deliver the goods as a relevant artist 30 years from her debut? After hearing this record, the answer is a resounding YES! Trailed by an oddly weak sounding lead single (Give Me All Your Luvin) Madonna brings forth her best on the album itself. Progressive disco anthems such as "Girl Gone Wild" and "Some Girls" assert her reign as the top female pop star. She drops an acid turn on the psychedelia rave funker "I'm Addicted" and seems to have some bad blood scores to settle in what might be her most exciting and shocking music moment to date in "Gang Bang" which has to be heard to be believed. Her recent divorce is addressed in 'I Don't Give A' as well as 'Love Spent' which may be one of the most unique pop creations in recent years. She also brings melancholic lyrics and darkly poignant introspection to the album in the form of ballads "Masterpiece" and "Falling Free" produced by William Orbit, her longtime collaborator from 1997 opus 'Ray Of Light' If you want a pop album to make you dance, smile, cry and exorcise some demons. This is the one for you. It also happens to be her best in over a decade. Expand
  55. Nov 5, 2012
    Lots of touching lyrics Love Spent: You married me if I were poor
    I don't give a f: I diminish myself and swallow my light

    Underneath her heart, various egos are reflected to manifest a intricating feeling of resentment, regret, self-empowerment and joy. It's said that the album was like a girl's confession rather than a middle-aged one. if you explore the deeper layer of the lyrics,
    there is an ups and downs when listening to the whole album. The roller-coaster like sentiment echoes many other divorced women's life. Expand
  56. Apr 9, 2012
    It is so clear that there is an army of Madonna haters that have transcribed and have hit many online reviews to just trash Madonna when they are only writing out of hate and ignorance. MDNA is an amazing album and I am glad that at 53, Madonna can still produce great music. MDNA will sell millions worldwide and will win a lot of accolades, along with a successful tour, maybe the most lucrative tour by an artist ever and that just makes some of you squirm. Squirm **** squirm! Madonna is here to stay and I'm glad!! :) Expand
  57. JR1
    Apr 15, 2012
    Another strong effort from Her Madgesty- improves upon 2008's Hard Candy. It doesn't look like she'll be relinquishing her crown anytime soon. The return of collaborator William Orbit is welcome- as are the live strings used on several of the tracks. Madonna and strings= magic.
  58. May 9, 2012
    Fantástico! Lógicamente tiene mejores y peores canciones, pero ninguna mala. "Love spent", "Gang Bang", "Turn up the radio", "Beautiful Killer", "Masterpiece", "Girl gone wild" "Falling free" las mejores. El resto muy, pero que muy pegadizas, y a destacar el coro final de "I don't give a" ...espectacular.
  59. May 14, 2012
    Ok I really do not believe in the negative reviews. Almost every song had a spark on its own. Madonna did more than making up for the dissapointment in Hard Candy. For my music taste, the music playing in songs matter alot. It was there! The pop queen still made her return in a pleasant manner.
  60. Nov 7, 2012
    Madonna makes history once again. After the terrific success of Celebration and Confessions on a Dance Floor, she continues to surprise us with giggly, dancey, tracks like Girl Gone Wild and Give Me All Your Lovin' and with the amazing dubstep record Gang Bang and also I'm Addicted, the two main highlights of this historical Dance record. Hats Off To You.
  61. Dec 7, 2012
    in my opinion this is Madonna's best album ever, it has great producers, and every song has it own style, it doesn't sound repetitive (like Confessions) i love it ♥
  62. Dec 20, 2012
    The more I listen this album the more I like it. Although I'm not a big fan of non-classical music... I'm a big fan of the "Confessions" album and I can forgive Madonna almost everything after that masterpiece. It's very hard to produce something higher after a short period of time and MDNA goes deeper not higher. My favorite songs are "Falling Free", "Give me all you lovin'", "Gang Bang", "I don't give a" and "Turn up the radio" (I liked it after Moscow concert). "Beautiful killer" is another funny song here. Maybe in America people don't love her but she's so honest and sincere in her self-expression that it's hard not to admire and then... learn to love. IMHO she is programmed by God to push people's buttons and it's good because a perfect person (God wants us to be perfect) doesn't have the "buttons" that can be pushed. The "button " means lack of something (love or light) in ourselves. She pushes lots of buttons an once and it really does God's job in making people do something, to get rid of "button" element in their minds. It's bitter medicine that helps us. IMHO. God save Madge. Expand
  63. Dec 28, 2012
    'There's only one queen, and that's Madonna, **** When Nicki Minaj ends "I Don't Give A" with this phrase, we we all know she's right. Surely, "MDNA" is the most introspective album of her entire career. With lyrics that talk about frustration (Masterpiece, Falling Free, Best Friend, Love Spent, I **** Up), but also with with moments of bad girl (Girl Gone Wild, I Don't Give A, I'm a Sinner) Madonna, even with 54 shows that she can be the Blond Ambition that she always been and always will be. Sorry Gaga, but the queen is back. As she says in "Some Girls", "I do not wanna be like some girls." Game Over, Mother Monster! Expand
  64. Jul 19, 2014
    Some great great songs on this. Highlights being "Gang Bang", "Some Girls", "Love Spent" & "Falling Free", (all coincidentally the William Orbit tracks). There are a couple of lets downs, ("Superstar" & "B-Day Song"), but the rest of the album is so good, I can't bring my score down because of a couple of half-assed fillers. Considering 14 of the 16 songs are decent. I'll break it down:

    Girl Gone Wild- 8/10 (It's Great, but too generic to get top marks. It was made for the charts, and that's bad.)

    Gang Bang- 10/10 (Perfectly crafted, the gunshots, sirens, F1 cars, all perfectly timed. It fits SO well. As one critic called it, "history's first dancefloor murder ballad," and I couldn't agree more.)

    I'm Addicted- 9/10 (Tells it like it is. I do get addicted to this song. I want MORE. But that's why it doesn't get top marks, it's so good and makes me want so much more that I get disappointed at not being able to have it.)

    Turn Up The Radio- 8/10 (Critics loved it, and I can see why. It's summery and has a few really cool flicks when it comes to sound, but it's repetitive and after a few listens you'll probably skip it.)

    Gimme All Your Luvin'- 8/10 (Some really unique ideas, hard to dislike. It's missing something, but I have no idea what that is. The bridge is great also.)

    Some Girls- 10/10 (You need to hear the instrumental [orbitstreamcast - SoundCloud] to really appreciate the perfection of the chords and synths in this song. Unbeatable.)

    Superstar- 5/10 (I like the music. Not the singing. Not the lyrics. It's definitely an acquired taste this one.)

    I Don't Give A- 10/10 (Once again, it's unique done perfectly. You won't find a song like this, but you won't ever need to.)

    I'm A Sinner- 8/10 (This is unique, but it's a bit of a let down when compared to the track before it. Maybe a more strategically placed positioning on the album would do it more justice.)

    Love Spent- 10/10 (You don't know whether to dance or cry. The progressiveness is done so perfectly and so subtly you won't even notice. The lyrics are so well put together, and smart ["Frankly if my name was Benjamin"], you won't be able to hate this, no matter what you normally enjoy.)

    Masterpiece- 10/10 (I hate ballads, but this I like. For me to like a ballad it has to be extremely good, this track deserved a bit more recognition I think, considering it was a promo single. So the public did hear it.)

    Falling Free- 10/10 (Such a nice soothing song. Probably the most underrated of her entire career.)

    Beautiful Killer- 9/10 (Lyrics are just OK, but apart from that, not a fault. Reminiscent of "Die Another Day.")

    I **** Up- 9/10 (A rare song by Madonna. One where SHE is at fault, and not everyone else. That alone makes it good in my book.)

    B-Day Song- 4/10 (Sound like she wrote the lyrics, sang the song, and produced it all inside the one day of her birthday. SO half assed it's almost unlistenable.)

    Best Friend- 10/10 (Beautiful Lyrics. Amazing production. Surprisingly well sung. This one really gets to me, and NOTHING gets to me. This alone makes up for the atrocities of B-Day Song and Superstar.)

    It really is so sad, that it had to end. ;)
  65. Jul 4, 2013
    MDNA is one of the best albums of 2012 every song is different to another and all songs are amazingly catchy this is one of madonna's best the Queen of pop has released another mind blowing dance album
  66. Jul 5, 2013
    One of the best albums i've heard in a long time it has so many amazing songs hard to choose one song thanks to madonna for this amazing album it's one of her best
  67. Nov 6, 2013
    This is very solid Madonna album, including good songs. The best are Falling Free, Masterpiece, Girl Gone Wild, Love Spent and Beautiful Killer. Good mix of energetic dance songs and lovely ballads, with nice and deep lyrics.
  68. Nov 11, 2013
    This is album for fans. I doubt that anyone who is not Queen of Pop fan will fully understand this album.
    MDNA is truly DNA of Madonna, whole album as same as whole MDNA era is full of references to the previous work of Madonna. But it's still sounds fresh, new and exciting. I love the fact that even 30 years into her career she's still able to bring something new to the POP music world,
    and show younger girls (one in particular) how it should be done. Sad thing is that Madonna or her camp did not cared at all about promotion of this album, it's full of great tracks to be single, and they kind of wasted it.
    Even bonus tracks on this album are better than most of new stuff from other girls lately.
    You can like it or not, but she is The Only One Queen of POP and she is not going anywhere.
  69. Nov 13, 2013
    Good lyrics and crazy beats. I need to play it loud, dance and sing, get up and do my thing. The queen of pop will never release a bad album. She's still amazing.
  70. Aug 11, 2014
    MDNA is 100% Madonna's best album. Although this is a less commercially successful album than her others it's a gem. Sadly this album was brushed aside with most critics and fans. Nearly every track I love on this album. My 4 favorite tracks have to be: Gang Bang, Girl Gone Wild, Superstar & I Don't Give A.
  71. May 28, 2014
    Firstly, I found that Hard Candy (2008) received quite harsh feedback. More surprisingly it was M's fans that were her biggest critics. While it may be my least favourite album she has released it does have some high points (such as Miles Away, Give it 2 me & Devil Wouldn't Recognise you)

    In Early 2012 Madonna released her 12th Studio album entitled "MDNA". Some complained about that
    she was trying to remain relevant and said MDNA was among her worst work while others hailed the album as a return to form and have said its her best music since.. Music (2000)

    I found the Electronic beats to be thrilling! Madonna added some much needed emotion to MDNA; anger, love, regret, and sorrow while maintaining her catchy dance beats that she became famous with.

    1. Girl Gone Wild- Great opener with an infectious beat and and catchy hook. Sure the song isn't perfect and it doesn't show Madonna's incredible musical talent in writing and production but it shows the Queen still has what it takes to get people dancing! 9/10

    2. Gang Bang- The darkest and most explicit song on her album! Gang Bang tells a story of an ex-lover wanting revenge with a dark beat, police sirens, gun shots & Madonna screaming the words "Die **** it's also one of the highlights of the album. 10/10

    3. I'm Addicted- This song is an upbeat dance song that channels Daft Punk with their electro-robot sound. Undeniably a great dance song with potential of being a huge club hit. The MDNA chant at the end is incredible!! 8/10

    4. Turn Up the Radio- Hmm.. At first I hated this and thought it was a terrible single to represent the album. I didn't understand why people loved it so much but after a few months it really grew on me and has become one of my favourites from MDNA & is ideal for summer! 7/10

    5. Give Me All Your Luvin'- Okay a terrible choice of lead single from Madonna, infact I would argue its the worst lead she has ever released in her 30+ year career! I do like the song and i think it's catchy and bubbly but it really doesn't represent the album at all and I think it hindered its sucess! I understand that Madonna needs a song to make an impact on the charts and I feel that this was a bad choice. 6/10

    6. Some Girls- Yeah it recievd mixed reviews from the critics and most people I know don't think its great but I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so catchy and the lryics are great. To me it reminds the public how these new stars will NEVER be Madonna. It's sort of a continuation of She's Not Me but with a more electro sound. 9/10

    7. Superstar- catchy, bubbly and fun! The lyics are cliché ( 'Brando on the silver screen, you're my hero in a mythical dream')& the song is cheesy but it's fun and reminds me of her early 80's sounds. 6/10

    8. I Don't Give A.. - Madonna turns from the fun side to a serious b**ch with attitude! & we love it!! The Queen is clearly making a reference to her divorce from Guy Ritchie with the lyrics 'Wake up ex wife, this is your life' & 'Who’s got custody, Lawyers suck it up. Didn’t have a pre-nup' Madonna shows her tough side! 7/10

    9. I'm a sinner- 'I'm a sinner I like it that way!' Madonna exclaims. This is such a fun song which is a crowd pleaser and again shows Madonna's rebellious side with references to her 80's/90's work & her catholic roots. Love the song! 9/10

    10. Love Spent- My favourite from the album! This song is beautiful! The opening with the banjo to the bass beats its amazing! love the lyrics and i love her voice. every version i have heard of this song is amazing! The acoustic & MDNA tour versions are stunning and I wish it could have been a Deluxe track! 10/10

    11. Masterpiece- such a beautiful ballad that M had recorded for her film WE. So happy that she included this song because her voice sounds so beautiful on it & it helps to give MDNA a softer more vulnerable side. 10/10

    12. Falling Free- Another highlight & Another beautiful ballad. Again, I'm happy that she included this because lyrically it's probably the best on the album. With its simple string arrangement the songs is effortlessly brilliant! Madonna hadn't really included a proper ballad on her last 2 albums (Hard Candy & Confessions on a Dance Floor) and they were missed as her ballads are always among her best work!! 10/10

    The Deluxe tracks are average at best, and that's coming from a fan! While some acclaim songs such as I Fu**ed up as one of, if not the best song on MDNA I just don’t agree. I think they are good for fans like myslef who want to get a little extra but not for the general listener.

    Saying that, "Beautiful Killer" is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Track!!! I really wish that it was on the standard version because I love it! The deluxe edition is worth it simply for this track!!

    overall, 9/10
  72. Nov 13, 2013
    One of the ultimate genius artist in the world, Madonna is also a transgressor but a maligned artist, so it's normal MDNA being such a Masterpiece only Madge can deliver, suffer some of the consequences and survive, is the constant fight of good vs evil.
  73. Dec 1, 2013
    One of the Queen's best... and a fine return to the dance floor after the slightly offbeat 'Hard Candy'. I won't give it a perfect 10 because NIcki Minaj features 2x on here.... and that's 2x too much in my personal opinion. That being said... there's a fun range of pop sounds on here thanks to Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi and the always phenomenal William Orbit. 'MDNA' is definitely an intriguing listen! Expand
  74. Sep 29, 2014
    this album is an electronic paradise coming from the queen of pop, the songs are great, i think this album is an amazing comeback, but what a terrible choice of singles... but well... the album is pretty good

Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 34
  2. Negative: 2 out of 34
  1. May 2, 2012
    Madonna's 12th album has a good title and a nice cover, but that's almost as much as you can say in its favour. [Jun 2012, p.77]
  2. Apr 17, 2012
    [The music] is not exactly bad, but has about as much creativity and passion behind it as a spreadsheet.
  3. 70
    No, MDNA can't be hailed as Madge's best ever album, and it may not contain the most thought- provoking lyrics of her career (perhaps an intentional tongue-in-cheek poke at the current state of pop music?), but it is the reigning Queen of Pop's most inspired work since Music, as well as the highly addictive record Madonna celebrants have been craving.