Minutes To Midnight - Linkin Park
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  1. CRL
    Sep 12, 2011
    Minutes to Midnight is a bit disjointed, but it showcases a more focused Linkin Park. This was when they realized the restrictions of their genre, and instead of sending out endless repeats of the same album they decided to change their sound into the more-rock, less-rap, more-sing, less-scream, piano-riff and raw guitar shown on M2M. And it's still undeniably them. Shadow of the Day, What I've Done, Hands Held High... in the end I think Minutes to Midnight is the most unique they've ever been. Expand
  2. Sep 20, 2011
    This album is a change for linkin park but in a great way, the only problem I have with this album is that mike isn't in that much of it. But i'm glad this won't be the band that constantly reuses their material up until the point where everyone's sick of them. Bands change!!!!!!!!!! Wake-9 An intro track that starts off slowly but then changes to hard rock, it represesnts them and the fact that there Sound has changed. Given Up-10 A grunge song with just chestor and man can he scream. Leave out all the Rest-10 A softer song but it relates to some of their past songs like from the inside or somewhere I belong. Bleed it Out-10 Mike finally appears on the album, this is more of a rap rock song. Shadow of the Day-8 A slower but also dark song that has a good message. What I've Done-10 A great song possibly the best one on the album. Hands Held High-4 Has a good message but its the same one as shadow of the day and what ive done. Also this song is just with mike. Its boring and rehashed. No More Sorrow-10 A great hard rock song. Valentines Day-4 This song just doesn't fit the album or even linkin park in general. In Between-1 This song is just terrible it doesn't fit the album or even linkin park in general. In Pieces-8 The past two songs sucked but this one is great. The Little Things Give You Away-7 This song is decent its about katrina. overall 91% out of a hundred 9 out of 10â Expand
  3. Jun 21, 2012
    Most of minutes to midnights singles was featured in Transformers, then one was featured in Twilight, I think that Linkin Parks albums are great, but the album exclusives are there best works, nevertheless, this album as a whole is very good.
  4. Aug 1, 2014
    Minutes To Midnight I listened to this album alot freshman year of college when I skipped my volleyball elective in college to do more productive things. Along with that statement, it is a political record. #Thinking

    Wake (9) There are actually two versions of Wake I believe. I like them both the same even though they have completely different tones within them. I know this from just
    playing alot of Linkin Park on YouTube. It is a great intro to one of my favorite albums by Linkin Park, the main reason being the beginning of the change in sound and the cover of the album.

    Given Up (9) I am giving this song a higher score than I would have a couple of years ago because of my psychiatric issues as well as my suicide attempt that is associated with giving up. This album came out during the Bush II administration and really shows the bands disdain for the administration when it was in power. The sounds are pretty mainstream but the topic of the song is really what makes me like it.

    Leave Out All The Rest (9.25) With this album being much darker than the other Linkin Park albums I feel, with a little touches of emo within it. I really connect with this song because of the lyrics associated with my life and how I want to distance myself from the people I once knew because I just don't think we are the same to put it nicely. It also talks about struggle to a degree and I have struggled alot in a completely different way than most people do I feel.

    Bleed It Out (9) This song has themes of suicide in it I can really connect with. The instrumentals are fine but I like the lyrics better than the instrumentals because of how the record correlates with my life. There are references of scars within the song and I've been trying to decide if I should get a cro$$ that is up or down even though I don't believe in the doG that Christianity preaches.

    Shadow Of The Day (9.25) This song reminds me alot of Leave Out All The Rest and gave me alot of motivation within the darkest point in my life. The whole line of 'the sun will set for you' kind of has come true for me so that is really good. I really like the the guitar solo near the end of the song and really adds a calm to this record.

    What I've Done (9.25) This is one of my favorite songs on the album because I like playing it on the Piano but I always need to practice it or I forget it. I really connect with it because of how I think I have changed alot of factors correlated to politics even though I probably I will never know for sure. The dark overtones this song gives to the listener along with the rest of the album really just adds to a great collection of Linkin Park's material.

    Hands Held High (9.25) This song is another one of my favorites on the album because it promotes a stance of leftism against the GOP before they were called the GOP I think. It's great because it's a melodic rant that really gets Linkin Park's statement across about how they feel about this political group. The religious overtones within the track give it a positive vibe as well. The change of the tune near the end of the song I think really connects with alot of people within our generation.

    No More Sorrow (9.25) This track really picks up the tempo of the previous songs on the album and continues to discuss the issues associated with the right wing political parties within America and how they are part of the problem and not the solution. I could really see a radical leftist punching a senior member of the GOP in the face while this track is playing. That was a joke.

    Valentines Day (9.5) This song is very deep for me because Valentines Day is my least favorite day out of the whole year and I'm not trying to sound like a emo/goth lib because I'm not. I'm Sith. I don't know if it's just because I was always an introvert growing up and I didn't really call myself shy but I never bought into the hollister libtard hug crowd because I always really wanted to stab those people and how females always tried to play me against my frienimies when I was growing up because my frienimies bought into the libtard culture even though I was more intelligent and better looking than all of them before I got chubby on purpose. #JackedAndTan #Libtards #290lbs #NotChubby #1197L

    In Between (8) This song is fine but it just doesn't stand out to me like most of the other songs do on the album. Overall, it is a real conservative piece that has good instrumentals with kind of an electronic chime sound throughout it that I thought was alright.

    In Pieces (8.5) This piece has an interesting tempo because of how the instrumentals change throughout the piece and has kind of like a jazz overtone. The lyrics are a little repetitive but overall it's pretty good because of the guitar in the middle end of the song.

    The Little Things Give You Away (9) This song is also really conservative until later and I am running out of room because of character limits so let me just say the ending of this song is great.
  5. Dec 22, 2013
    Maybe not like the older ones with "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora", but it does not claimt to be and even if many older fans doesn't like it, that means not that this is a bad album. No, it is even an excellent album with many earwigs from the radio ("What I've done" or "Shadows of the Day") and rocky new-metal songs ("Bleed it out", "Given Up" or "No more sorrows"). "Bleed it out" avtually even is one of my favourite songs of all times for a reason. Every song is catchy, good and creative, while there are no misses. Expand

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  1. The California rap-rockers are stymied by their decision to stay roughly within the shrieky boundaries of their genre (albeit with less emphasis on the rap).
  2. Amid the stabs at growth, every new effect sounds borrowed.
  3. As you might imagine, the band’s emo makeover doesn’t always go smoothly.