Minutes To Midnight - Linkin Park
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  • Summary: Rick Rubin co-produced the band's third album, which is the result of over a year spent in the studio and represents a move away from their established rap-rock sound.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 15
  2. Negative: 3 out of 15
  1. Most of Minutes is honed, metallic pop with a hip-hop stride and a wake-up kick.
  2. 70
    The music privileges texture over catchiness. [Jun 2007, p.97]
  3. 70
    There's no great leap into maturity... They've kept their salient feature--scorching, adolescent tantrums--unchanged. [Jun 2007, p.109]
  4. Linkin Park's ambitions are nearly palpable, but songs likely conceived as homages end up sounding too close to their sources. [26 May 2007]
  5. These half-arsed stabs at nu-AOR end up pleasing no one, least of all the band itself.
  6. Amid the stabs at growth, every new effect sounds borrowed.
  7. Try as they might to sound different, or even to touch on issues bigger than their own narcissistic garbage, LP still sound like they're stuck back in 00, which is where they should have stayed.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 83 out of 303
  1. CRL
    Sep 12, 2011
    Minutes to Midnight is a bit disjointed, but it showcases a more focused Linkin Park. This was when they realized the restrictions of their genre, and instead of sending out endless repeats of the same album they decided to change their sound into the more-rock, less-rap, more-sing, less-scream, piano-riff and raw guitar shown on M2M. And it's still undeniably them. Shadow of the Day, What I've Done, Hands Held High... in the end I think Minutes to Midnight is the most unique they've ever been. Expand
  2. Jun 21, 2012
    Most of minutes to midnights singles was featured in Transformers, then one was featured in Twilight, I think that Linkin Parks albums
    are great, but the album exclusives are there best works, nevertheless, this album as a whole is very good. Expand
  3. Apr 7, 2014
    After exhausting the nu-metal sound in their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, Linkin Park decided to stray away from the nu-metal sound which actually made them famous. They decided to go for a more mellower approach, minimizing the rap and the turntables which were prominent in their former albums. They went for a more 'alternative rockish' approach.

    I'm glad that Linkin Park's made the decision to change their sound and the fact that they made a solid rock album, but i felt that it lacked that little kick that was their in the albums before it. Some songs were really good while some were weak.

    1. Wake- This is the first track of this album.It is an instrumental piece and a really good one. It gives the listener a hint of the sound in this album.

    2.Given Up- This is the song that is known for Bennington's 18 second scream. I'm a huge fan of this song. It is really aggressive and has some heaviness of the previous albums.

    3.Leave Out All The Rest- Now, this is the first song that actually shows the change in the band's sound. It is soft, catchy and is meant for airplay. Chester's vocals are better than ever. 4/5

    4. Bleed It Out- This is the second single of this album and is the first song on this album that features rap in it. The rap verses are brilliant and the aggressive feel in this song is amazing. 4.5/5

    5. Shadow Of The Day- A U2ish song by Linkin Park. Nothing original about this song. The guitar riffs are good (although they're similar to U2's 'With Or Without You'). Chester's vocals are brilliant yet again. 4/5

    6. What I've Done - The lead single and one of my favourite songs from this album. Extremely catchy and I bet I'll never get bored of this song. 5/5

    7. Hands Held High - The second song in this album that has rap in it. A slightly slowish song and Mike talks about terrorism and stuff like that. I'm not a huge fan of this song and i feel that the 'amen' part at the end of the song wasn't required at all. 2.5/5

    8. No More Sorrow - Another aggressive song. The guitar breakdown in the middle of the song is slightly similar to that of Given Up. In short, it is a good song. 3.5/5

    9. Valentine's Day - Another weak song in this album. The first half of the song's boring even though the last 50 seconds or so make it up for it. A kind of a 'meh' song. 2.5/5

    10. In Between - The worst song on this album. Even though Mike's a good singer, the song's slow and it doesn't have that kick to make it a good song. This is the low point in all of Linkin Park's career up to date. 2/5

    11. In Pieces- A really amazing comeback song by the band. I love Brad's guitar solo at the end of the song. It is a bit surprising as the band is not known for guitar solos. One of the highlights of this album. 5/5

    12. The Little Things Give You Away- A brilliant finish to this album. It is 6 minutes long and is the first progressive rock song composed by the band. It starts out slow but has a really good guitar riff at the end of the song. I love the fact that they did something different on this album and this song proves it. An epic finish to 'Minutes To Midnight'.5/5

    However as compared to their previous albums and their later albums, this is one of Linkin Park's worst albums. Not that it is a bad album; it is a mediocre effort as compared to the band's other releases. I have a few reasons to justify this statement :

    1. After 'What I've Done' the album somewhat shows its mediocre side with songs such as 'In Between', 'Valentine's Day', although the next 2 songs make it up for it.
    2. I didn't like the order in which the songs were positioned. It was like one really aggressive song and then a really soft one. They could've instead placed all the aggressive songs first and then the soft ones or vice versa.

    Even though this album has its strengths and weaknesses, it is a stepping stone for the band's change in sound and for the band's next album 'A Thousand Suns', which is the best album of their career.
  4. Jan 19, 2013
    Only good about this album is that it is different from HT and Meteora. Songs like WHAT I'VE DONE, NO MORE SORROW and GIVEN UP are really amazing but songs like IN BETWEEN and HANDS HELD HIGH really sucks.This album is not a masterpiece or amazing. I am a linkin park fan that's why I liked this album but I cannot love. After first 6 songs the remaining minutes on this album were nightmare (except NMS). Expand
  5. Aug 31, 2010
    I give these guys credit for trying something new. Unfortunately about half of the songs I really could not like despite I tried my best but they all sounds kind of the same. The other half of the songs were solid and awesome. Despite having some disappointment in it I felt that it was worth my money to buy and I am excited about the next album Expand
  6. DME
    Jun 11, 2012
    It's a mixed bag. A few songs, like What I've Done, Bleed It Out, Leave Out All The Rest, and Given Up, are above-average tracks definitely worth listening to. But other songs aren't so great. The biggest flaw in Minutes to Midnight, though, is the introduction of profanity, which really doesn't suit Linkin Park. Expand
  7. Jan 5, 2011
    I cried when I first listened to this album. Not because it's that bad, because it's by Linkin Park. When they released Meteora in 2003, I thought they had stuck to nu metal, unlike bands like Papa Roach. But then this came out... This... Well it's an okay album, just not an album suited for Linkin Park. I rarely (if ever) heard Chester scream in this album, even though that's his greatest talent. A screamer you can actually understand! How often do you get that? Yes, I'm pointing at you Slipknot! And only two songs have rap. TWO!! Poor Mike Shinoda, stuck with his rhythm guitar or whatever. On my list of all the bands I have, LP as nu metal scored #1, while LP as altern rock scored... #29. Maybe that's why I'm so upset at this album. They were my favorite band...

    FYI- I love Slipknot, both as nu and heavy metal. I also still love Papa Roach, despite their switch to hard rock.

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