Moonwink - Spinto Band
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  • Summary: The latest album for the indie-rock band that began with the name Free Beer.
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  1. Combining vaudeville melodies alongside a quirky pop sensibility lifts the eleven songs here above the merely angular and takes us to a unique space, and probably not somewhere everyone would want to go, but to my ears Moonwink's only real flaw is its brevity.
  2. 76
    There are sometimes a little too many knowing winks in all the escalator chords and wordless chants, but you can't help but wink back. [Fall 2008, p.98]
  3. The second half is noticeably weaker than the first and the constant perkiness will grate if you're in anything other than a blinding mood, but there's plenty here to appreciate and it's perfect iPod fodder. [Sep 2008, p.46]
  4. Against this lack of innovation is the Spinto Band’s effortless charisma and juvenile charm.
  5. Given that this is the Delaware band's seventh album, their exuberance is honourable. Several bursts later, however, and you're reaching for the pacifier. That's not to say that there's craft in the madness.
  6. Their latest record has more instruments and lyrical or melodic turns than hooks to hold onto, but its problem is more like an excess of ideas than a lack of them.
  7. There's a lot to love about the Spinto Band, but it's a fine line the band treads between catchy quirkiness and spastic annoyance.

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