Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj
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  1. Nov 26, 2010
    This was really disappointing for me. A lot of the lines are really dumb and not nearly as witty as the ones she rapped on other people's songs. Plus she uses the hashtag style WAY TOO MUCH. These pop songs are really mediocre and if it weren't for Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West, this album would be a disaster. Drake and Kanye provide the highest points on the album and they're not even at their best. I'm really hoping that Nicki works with better producers for her next album. She has the talent, but this album doesn't display it at all. Expand
  2. Aug 12, 2011
    I am a longtime hater of the music industry. Niki, do us a favor, and stop rapping, its not your thing! And on that one song, get rid of the ugly ass autotune.
  3. Sep 10, 2011
    Most of the songs are bad auto-tuned and she seems to be an attention seeker/Gaga wannabe. The only good fact about "Pink Friday" is that the songs are really catchy and well-produced.
  4. Aug 23, 2011
    nicki minaj suck's this whole entire album suck's nicki minaj = talentless this album is sooo dumb and unintelligent it made lol soo hard that i broke the cd into twothis album is already in the bargin bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jun 20, 2011
    One of the most awaited albums of 2011 and it did not disappoint. The album is consistent, charming, makes everyone know who Nicki Minaj is. It has attitude and amazing lyrics. She can definitely compete with the likes of Eminem, Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne. The highlights of the album include "Roman's Revenge", "Did It On'em", "Super Bass" and "I'm The Best".
  6. Nov 28, 2010
    I need an Aspirin after hearing this album. So ... annoying. None of the songs sound like they'll do her any favours as they don't really stand out. She has a creative mind, I'll give you that, but puts it to terrible use. Plus, her image looks too much like a rip-off of Lady Gaga's.
  7. Feb 3, 2012
    disappointed album. Only good songs were Did it on em, Romans Revenge & Fly. Nicki could be could if she really put time into her work. She rushed this album and it became a disappointment. Nicki plz let Roman Reloded be better than this
  8. Nov 9, 2012
    It's pure filth; loud degenerate noise from start to finish.
  9. Nov 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Minaj has showed be a rapper with a great strength and talent.
    The first time that I loved the way that she raps with risk was in Kanye's Monster.
    After listening to the whole album and I think this girl certainly has nothing to envy to Missy Elliott (although I still think she is the best female rapper yet) Nicki's album don't surprise me, but i like her personal touch, her madness and her wordplay!
    Her album is too Pop and I think this album is not up to her potential!
    I expect more of her!
  10. Dec 4, 2010
    shorty2klassy4u: Review of Nicki Minaj's Album "Pink Friday": "ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! This is an excellent album. It showcases that female rappers can rap about more than sex, what';s in their pants, money, clothes, and drugs. Nicki Minaj brings substance in her lyrics which was totally unexpected. Listen and look past the obvious and see the depth. 5 STARS!!!" - Clearly listening to a different album because with the exception of the drugs thats EXACTLY what she raps about, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Expand
  11. Nov 29, 2010
    I think it's easy to underestimate this album after all the hype, and while in places it doesn't, this album is a satisfying listen and a satisfactory debut, but while satisfactory, it doesn't reach any deeper than that. Rihanna, Drake, Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield and Kanye West provide some noteworthy cameos, but now the spotlight is on Nicki, and while this record has it faults, it's clearly a step in the right direction. Collapse
  12. Nov 23, 2010
    Minaj excels at wordplay and rhyming. With this debut she also proves she can tell a story and stick to the point (a former sore area for her). The chopped up vocals are innovative and catchy. Her different personalities keep the listener on their toes. Lyrically, she is as impressive as any female rapper (all-time). The instrumentation is never sloppy but rarely exceeds modern hip-hop expectations. That said, it was consistently pleasing enough to be better than the standard. She brings about the best lyricism from all of the featured rap acts (Kanye,, Drake, Eminem). That said, I felt Rihanna's bit on "Fly" was average while Natasha Bedingfield's input in the last track was boring. Singing instead of rapping is a new turn for Nicki, but it never fails--just falls flat sometimes. Overall it is a great debut, with average-to-slightly-above average instrumentation and singing, and many of the best rap verses released all year. Expand
  13. Nov 24, 2010
    ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! This is an excellent album. It showcases that female rappers can rap about more than sex, what';s in their pants, money, clothes, and drugs. Nicki Minaj brings substance in her lyrics which was totally unexpected. Listen and look past the obvious and see the depth. 5 STARS!!!
  14. Feb 16, 2011
    Pink Friday is definitely and distinctively good. From catchy pop tunes "I'm the Best" to R&B "Last Chance", the album is neither hip-hop, pop nor R&B. It showcases Nicki Minaj vocal abilities that can rap and sing at the same times with artistic elements on it. There are few songs that actually bad and I don't have to mention it.
  15. Jan 2, 2011
    An amazing album. Minaj had alot of pressure riding on this album And she honestly pulled through like a champion. Her play on words and her lyrical content truly symbolize the new age of rap. This album is flawless
  16. Jan 4, 2011
    Love Nicki. While her album is great, I do not know how well it would do chart wise. But it is hard to find an artist and album where I can listen to the entire album and not weed out the tracks that won't last (for me), and Pink Friday makes that list. Her album is a bit different from what was heard prior to it's release, but that is not a bad thing. It can stand on it's own and is not a disappointment. Expand
  17. Jan 9, 2011
    An exceedingly beautiful album. With her ingenious puns and wordplay, the Barbie is the the answer to rap counterpart of "Margaret Atwood". Those lessons at Laguardia unequivocally paid off, as Nicki's deliverance is extremely powerful. Her inflection, accentuates her music, and thus giving her music an edge. Songs such as "Did It On Em" is embedded with conceited lines of wittiness,  whereas "Your Love" is a complete shift to sentimentality. With the multiple personas, Nicki is able to punctuate her story to us. She puts an innovative spin on rap, by incorporating different genres and musical influences. This is an revolutionary album, and you must "Check It Out". Expand
  18. Jun 4, 2011
    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday has a few interesting songs so don't just judge her album yet.
    Her voice is uh....lets just say that she has her own style and rhythm.
    In Romans Revenge, she and Eminem both kind of took me by! I'm pretty sure its hard to switch the tone in your voice in a drum beat.
    Super Bass and Moment 4 life: catchy beat, nicely put chorus and with the help of her
    ever-switching voice.
  19. Feb 26, 2012
    Romans Revenge Is The Best Track On This Album. She Should Include More Hip-Hop Influenced Beats And More Rapping On This Album Album, But I Like The Direction She's Going In.
  20. Aug 1, 2012
    **** Nicki, they have to step the **** up when Nas is on the mic so they don't look like the **** they are

    Nicki tried to make moon boots happen...........

    WHAT THE MOTHER****? They mother****ing EXIST you dumb ****
  21. Nov 11, 2012
    Possibly one of the worst albums ever,one of the worst artists ever,and probably the worst songs ever. Nicki Minaj has an iratating voice that does not deserve approval at all.
  22. Mar 24, 2013
    The Best Rap Debut Of All Time! The Best Rap Album Of 2010!
    Every Song Is Special And Unique In It' s Own Way!
  23. AGK
    Oct 8, 2013
    humanity, please do this for me, don't buy this irritating garbage please! it will make huma.. no the world better if you stop listening to this garbage
  24. Nov 12, 2013
    What the hell is this? Absolute rubbish. No creativity or originality upon the lyricism or topics of songs. It seems as if Nicki dipped in lil' kim's lyricism and flow and tried to take it, making as less impressive attempt it shows a distasteful approach upon her album. With the success it has gained, when listening to the album, it seemed obsessive and constantly directed to Lil' Kim. Nicki Minaj is a poor imitation of Lil' Kim and lady gaga, She is overrated and has to focus on her lyric and creativity. She fell short and made a disappointing album. Not impressed one bit. Poor Poor approach to hip hop. Expand
  25. Nov 26, 2010
    Another solid, but disappointing debut album from Young Money. Nicki Minaj does have an incredibly annoying tendency to rhyme the same word with the same word, constantly -- but she does have mildly entertaining tracks that are relaxing and fresh. Her feature tracks are lacking personality; however. And what's a dungeon dragon anyway?
  26. Nov 23, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wow! This album is really awesome. Her rimes and manipulation of rimes are great and sometimes funny. She shows her beautiful voice during the touching ballad called Right Thru Me (completely written by Nicki Minaj). The song Dear Old Nicki is a great honor to the old underground rapper she was. We see her **** side on many times in album (ex. I'm The Best, Did It On 'Em, Check It Out). In general, we can say that Pink Friday is an autobiographical album that talks a lot about the artist in question, which is great. As a whole work, this album is way better than every songs listened separately. That's why my rating is so high. The only thing that I don't like that much on Pink Friday is the Did It On 'Em part of the album. It's a bit weird when I say it, because, alone, this song is good, it's only that it doesn't have it's place on the album. It should have been chosen as a Hidden Track or a Bonus song... Expand
  27. Sep 23, 2011
    Nicki Minaj is at her peak when she was featured on Trey Songz's "Bottoms Up" or Kanye West's "Monster." However, not one song on her album showcases her ferocious rapping as her features once did. In songs like "Your Love", "Super Bass", "Right Thru Me", "Blazin", and "Check It Out", Minaj seems to live in a delusive world where she believes she can sing. Unfortunately, this should be a rap album, not a pop album. The chorus of her solo songs are really weak. In "Blazin'", she repeats "I fly high...I'm blazin'" 8 times per chorus, and the last minute and a half is her repeating these 6 same words over and over again. If she doesn't have the voice to sing, she should do what most other rap stars do: find someone that can or don't even try. Rihanna and Bedingfield already steal the show on the songs they are featured one, and arguably the other rap features upstage her as well. This wasn't the album we were all expecting; she goes more bubblegum pop than she should have. Expand
  28. Dec 5, 2010
    an average for a rap album. way above average for a woman rapper. i'm no sexsist but they dont make the best rappers. a few catchy songs, i particularly enjoyed her collaberations with kanye west, and eminem. summary - just above average
  29. Nov 29, 2010
    The highest praise you can give a CD is that you can and want to listen to it over and over. Nicki Minaj provides such a CD. She doesn't go very hardcore except for like on Roman's Revenge, and she doesn't switch her flow up as much as she does on guest appearances. But still, she provides a unique (and often mellow) view into her own life, what she's about, and the drama she has had to deal with as she has become successful - and that is enough to provide a solid debut album. Expand
  30. Nov 23, 2010
    i am disappointed. too much durcheinander in this album. she raps, sings and raps and doesnt know what to do overall. its an average album. i expected more.
  31. Nov 23, 2010
    Minaj's wordplay is decent, but lyrically, she's still struggling to achieve above mediocre status throughout the album, however, her multiple personae are effective, theatrical, and entertaining. He flow doesn't seem natural and comfortable at times but it's definitely one of her strengths because the delivery is brilliant. The production is as inconsistent as it gets, abysmal some the time, decent most of the time, and rarely brilliant. The content can get repetitive, because it seems like Minaj doesn't have any problems discovering her true self or anything and she's veered toward the most repetitive genre of all: mainstream pop. It's nothing more than a decent first attempt for an album. The best tracks on this album would be "Roman's Revenge" ft. Eminem and "I'm the Best". I'd like to see more of the Nicki from "Monster" and "Bottom's Up" (aka Roman Zalowanski). Expand
  32. Nov 28, 2010
    I've never heard of Nicki Minaj until Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". We all know how that went, right? Her vocal presentation on Monster is spectacular, bringing a a very raw and harsh verse to the track, fitting right in with the other stars and it gives off this vibe that screams that Nicki Minaj has the goods and all she needs to do is deliver. I will admit I am a sucker for synth ridden R&B music and while there aren't a lot of these tracks on this album, the ones that are on there are good enough without being overbearing in my opinion. When she unleashes on "I'm The Best" and "Roman's Revenge" (with Eminem), her talent shines like a supernova and by that part in the album, we're only on the first two tracks and haven't even touched "Blazin'" (with Kanye West) on it, which, in my opinion, capitalizes the most on her vocal ability. Her opening line is quick and stings like a slap in the face. If you're looking for an album full of tracks that sound similar to her cameo on "Monster", there are a few, but that's all. The other tracks are very R&B. It's at least worth a listen. Expand
  33. Nov 25, 2010
    Pink Friday it's a debut album that when you hear it you say: This is a before and an after. Pink Friday is the proof that Nicki Minaj will be the greatest female rapper ever.
  34. Nov 23, 2010
    Nicki stayed consistent with her mixtapes.I liked each and every song on the album.i just think she could have provided a greater number of songs considering the time and amount of songs she releases daily.Her songs were good but Moment 4 life, Save Me,Fly,Blazin, stood out as classics excluding her singles.i think her Intro was great and her songs had much of the same message.She of course did not live up to the hype since shes no Lil Wayne but she came close to iti would give a 10 but 9 due to the small number of songs.However the song quality and content is worth a 10 Expand
  35. Nov 24, 2010
    This album was okay. I like her music style she mix pop dance rnb hip hop rap and electro on this album.I think this is a nice album to get better than what i expected. I thought this album was going be just like her mixtapes. I enjoy all the songs on this album. She really shock me with this album. This album was good compare to what I thought it was going. This album is a chart topper and its on my top 20 list for album of the year Expand
  36. Dec 1, 2010
    A couple of decent tracks with some filler. Nothing stellar, though she does lay down a nasty flow on a freestyle-ish track with Em. Appearances by Kanye, Rihanna, Eminem, Drake, and Will I Am save the album from complete disaster
  37. Nov 30, 2010
    "Pink Friday" is a debut effort which doesn't quite reach the levels of the hype surrounding it's creating artist. It is nonetheless, a strong effort from the underground-to-mainstream rapstress. The album itself fails to create the personality-defying host of personas, rapping ridiculous bars in over-the-top voices style that Minaj has become famous for in her host of features throughout the course of 2009 and '10. Instead she wavers for an opening threat on the surprisingly light sounding "I'm The Best", while tearing apart competition from the past ("Roman's Revenge", "Did It On'em"). The 3 opening tracks imply an almost angry theme. "Right Thru Me", and most of the content onward, reveals a far more feminine, vulnerable side to a usually merciless Minaj. Where this innocence may lead to a more open, personal artist, the lack of Nicki we've come to know and love feels like an abandonment of her true urban nature, and, while there may be sparks of redemption on tracks like "Blazin", the bulk of this album may leave true Hip-Hop fans feeling cold. "Last Chance" deserves a separate mention, as the track is the most perplexing of the 13-Track Standard Set. The song, riddled with guitar riffs, boasts some of Minaj's best quirkiness and flow, and a feature from cited inspiration Natasha Bedingfield, who provides the hook and ad-libs, and, while it is apparent that Minaj is loving the collaboration, it creates a sort of "WTF!?" resolution to an already surprising effort. If the listener has indulged in the Physical Deluxe Edition, they are treated to 3 bonus tracks; "Super Bass", "Blow Ya Mind" and "Muny". "Super Bass", the Ester Dean-assisted banger, contains some of the recent-feature flow of Nicki Minaj, while providing a club-friendly hook, and is easily one of the best tracks of the album. "Blow Ya Mind", an elastic, interchanging song between Industrial Hip-Hop and Guitar and Synth melodies, is an odd track which shows Minaj proving she's "the baddest", while an uncredited singer croons over how fabulous she really is. "Muny", an awfully spelled, Hip-Hop take on the Madonna classic "Material Girl", is another highlight of the CD, providing an almost sing-a-along hook with a clap-a-long latter chorus. The iTunes Deluxe Edition also features "These Girls Fall Like Dominoes", a track that is titled after the chorus line of The Big Pink classic "Dominos", and a song which contains this very section as it's hook, is a J.R. Rotem produced anthem, which supplies a heavy list of celebrities Minaj is happy to mention (from the Kardashians to Grace Jones, M.I.A. to Mariah Carey), and a chorus that people who have never even heard of Minaj will be able to shout along to.

    Overall, "Pink Friday" is a swooning album of spastic, persona changing rap, vocoded singing (and some without), and a CD brimming with a personality that is determined to let her success continue, while playing it safe, straddling the Hip-Hop and Pop genres, while leaning more to the latter.
  38. Dec 2, 2010
    I'm so impressed by this record! I'm not usually a rap fan at all, but this album is virtually flawless! Not a single dud track - I've had this album on continuous repeat since first buying it. Highlights for me are Roman's Revenge, Save Me and Your Love.
  39. Dec 3, 2010
    This album was totally unexpected for me. it is not your typical beat driven hip-hop album, there are different musical beats attach to this album, that makes it almost non hip-hopish, BUT that is exactly what I love about Pink Friday, It is catchy, it is fresh, it is uniquely different! And Nicki Minaj is definitely making her mark as a top female MC, Roman's Revenge, Moment 4 Life, Blazin' and Muny (Deluxe Version) are the moments for me. ENJOY IT! Expand
  40. Dec 15, 2010
    Overall it wasn't a bad album, but I felt like she was lost in what she wanted to be as an artist. The songs with all the vocals bothered me, because that's not what I like her as. Missy Elliott can sing and rap, and it's not a problem, but Nicki Minaj is better as an MC. I felt that she let true fans down with all the singing, and she should have stayed in her lane. I actually her the bonus tracks that were on Itunes and Best Buy, and those tracks should have replaced songs that were on the album. Expand
  41. Dec 20, 2010
    For a debut album the album is nothing short of genius. Although others wont agree on this it is an album i could literally listen to over and over and over again and this is what defines a great great album for me. She managed to get fantastic artists on the album making each colab a stand out track. Yes there is alot of singing on the album but this doesnt bother me in the slightest, to add to that she mega talented when it comes to rapping. Her talent with the beats she got definitely made a positive and great debut album to stand on. Even with this great start im sure she will definitely improve, bright bright future! Expand
  42. Dec 29, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. shorty2klassy4u: This is an excellent album. It showcases that female rappers can rap about more than sex, what';s in their pants, money, clothes, and drugs. Nothing More!! Perfect Feat. and lyrics! Don't expected all of this ! Congratulations for Roman' Revenge Acid Diss! Moment 4 Life Is the Great Point! Expand
  43. Sep 29, 2011
    1st Of All I Love Nicki...I Am Normally Not Picky.. This Time Will Be.
    Her Voice Is Very Different Than Anyone I Have Ever Heard (In A Good Way)
    Most Of The Songs Are Fine, Or Meh But Overall The Best Songs On Pink Friday Are:
    1. Super Bass
    2. Check It Out
    3. Your Love
    4. Romans Revenge
  44. Jan 10, 2012
    It may be a little hard for Missy Elliott to regain the crown for the Queen of Hip-Hop taking into account the current star status of Nicki Minaj. Pink Friday performed extremely well and became one of the most talked about rap albums in a while. Yet, full of A-list appearances (Drake, Eminem, Kanye, Rihanna, and others) and perfectly produced, it disappointed some people. It is just they expected something different. The cover depicting the Trinidadian-born rapper as a Barbie did not come as ironic. Indeed, many of those tracks are of bubblegum nature as the whole LP turns in pop direction way too often. There is nothing wrong with sweet beats: Super Bass is simply excellent and no wonder it became Minajâ Expand
  45. Oct 16, 2011
    A great album, so many different types of song, you have Save me, slow and yet so powerful, then your up beat Romans Revenge, I love this album, and reccomend it to all Minaj fans! Justr oen song is lame which is Here I am
  46. Feb 25, 2012
    Fantastic album. One of the best female rappers of all time. Highlights of this album were "Fly (ft. Rihanna)" and of course, "Super Bass". Recommended for all girls out there.
  47. Jul 23, 2013
    All you haters are just jealous of nicki's talent and money and she doesn't care what any of you haters think, she's not going to stop or change for any1, she will be forever winning in the rap game!
  48. Jan 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So many people over the social media said the album is ''Dissapointing''- ''Stupid'' and ''Horrible''
    Well i really think this album is a rap masterpiece.The greatest rap album i have ever listened in 2 years.
    The first song I'm the Best has a catchy sound + Minaj's voice makes the song thousand times better.
    Roman's Revenge (feat. Eminem) is just brilliant.It is the main song for Nicki's alter ego Roman.Eminem and Nicki did a great job on this song to be f*cking honest.Well i must say Did it On 'em is a little weak for the album but that does not mean it is bad.In fact it is really nice.Right Thru Me is one of the ballad-R&B songs on the album along with Save Me.Those 2 songs show us that Nicki can f*cking sing and rap at the same time.Fly (feat. Rihanna) is more like a pop radio-friendly song to me.Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake) and Check it Out (feat. are really good.I mean these 2 songs are really succesful collabrations.Here I Am has some guitar loops in it but this is what makes the song different.Dear Old Nicki is like the worst song on that album.I think you can all agree on that.It is more like a unreleased , cheap song.Your Love and Last Chance (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) sound similar but they are nice though.Super Bass is a MASTERPIECE.As you can remember the video for the single and the single itself conqured the charts.Blow Ya Mind , Muny , Wave Ya Hand and Catch Me are the bonus tracks.Well Nicki made a good decision with making those songs ''bonus''.

    In conclusion ; this album really slays.It has up-beat catchy rap tunes and strong lines.I love the album and listen to it everyday.
    Well done Nicki.
  49. May 28, 2012
    A Very Good Debut Album For A Rap Artist!
    I Enjoy All Of The Songs, But The Reason I Marked The Album Down From A 9 To A 7 Was Nicki Does Not Need More Than Half The Song On The Album To Feat. Someone!
    Overall A Nice Album!
  50. Sep 1, 2013
    It's very rare do we see female's rapping, but Nicki Minaj hopes to become this generation's Missy Elliot or Lil Kim, with her debut album "Pink Friday" she delivers a collection of songs that seem to be the usual formulas for Rap music, heavy beats, tons of cussing, and in Nicki Minaj's case, a look inside her head. In the end "Pink Friday" won't change your view of Hip-Hop music, but it is an impressive debut from Minaj, as she delivers some standouts and a few fillers. The opening track "I'm the Best" sets you up with what to expect from Minaj, it's love it or hate it, then it follows with a forgettable duet with legendary raper Eminem on the song "Roman's Revenge" the rest of the songs have the same style, plenty of beats, trash talking, and a few ballads that are okay. Her style does work effectively on certain songs like "Did it On'em" and "Moment 4 Life" but some of her songs may leave you bored. Later on she changes her style a little with songs like "Check it Out" and "Super Bass" that will no doubt have you humming the lyrics afterwards, I just wished she would change up the songs more often. The album is also boasted by several guest appearances from Kanye West, Natasha Bedingfield,, and Drake, which provide some solid vocals to each of Minaj's songs. As for Minaj herself she has potential with Good Pipes on songs like "Your Love" and "Save Me" and some Incredible rapping and flow. The album is about thirteen songs long but unfortunately has a weak finale, but the story is interesting and will make you curious about Minaj and her many alter egos. Overall fans of Rap music in general will enjoy "Pink Friday" and we hope to see Minaj improve over the course of her career. Expand
  51. Jan 28, 2013
    There are around 20 songs when you combine all the editions of this debut from Nicki so while some of them are pretty good, the majority fall into the latter. I'm not a massive Hip-Hop fan so it's just OK for me.
  52. Mar 24, 2013
    Nicki Minaj gives us her Grammy-nominated debut album containing hit tracks such as "Super Bass," "Moment 4 Life" and "Fly." Minaj displays true talent as a kick-ass female rapper.
  53. Aug 7, 2013
    Kind of disappointing. I can't really tell which is more disappointing, her rapping attempts, or the other singers or rappers on the album. The songs are catchy, though.
  54. Nov 1, 2013
    Yuck. Aside from Super Bass and Moment 4 Life, this is an album of...... disgustingness to be clean (partly because I'm unsure on metacritic's policy for cursing) We have a song about sh**ing on people, a song about how shes such a bad b*tch and well, thats about it. gross
  55. Nov 12, 2013
    this album was dedicated to Lil' Kim.... Literally more than half the songs were about kim! this is crazy!! the high pitch raps and meaningless flow is just a sad case, her somewhat obsession to be lil' kim is just depressing as she's a cheap knock off and executes it poorly. she should stop trying to be lil' kim and trying have some creativity cos she's straight up garbage atm lol.
  56. Jan 3, 2014
    First of all. Nicki, if you are reading this, then: you ain't the Queen of Hip-Hop, my dear. And you'll never do. Stop calling yourself the "queen" on your songs because it sounds pathetic. Saying that you are the queen of hip-hop is as absurd as saying that Lil' Wayne is the king of hip-hop.

    2 You're an attention
    3 This is a POP album, and its sales were boosted due to Super Bass, a pop, childish and very radio-friendly song.

    ***Talking fast rapping***
  57. Jan 3, 2014
    She's a weak, terrible rapper, the worst female rapper to ever join the female rap movement. Even with the fact that her next album is gonna flop and she's gonna disappear forever, what Nicki Minaj did to the female rap movement is totally terrible and very scary.
  58. Jan 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Best Album Ever, she is the best female Rapper Alive, she got not competition at all, this is why new york times name her the most influential female rapper of all the time. Expand
  59. May 23, 2014
    In Nicki Minaj’s debut release, we see both aggressiveness and a softer side. She is very guarded here, but when she lets us see a glimpse of her true prowess as a rapper, such as in her collaboration with Eminem, Roman’s Revenge. This is also the beginning of here multiple personalities, mainly Roman Zolanski, which would later be expanded on her second release. The features are spot on, with Drake, Kanye and each contributing their distinctive touch to their respective tracks. With few low points and anthemic, motivational attitude, Pink Friday is a solid album. Expand
  60. Oct 23, 2014
    Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper (can even be said as the best of today), Pink Friday was definitely one of the best albums of 2011 and now the queen is coming back in 2014
  61. Apr 27, 2014
    Minaj excels and is at her best when she she rapping hard and aggressive, her wordplay and rhyming always are a highlight of any track. She successfully was able to create a very solid, well put together debut.
  62. Jun 9, 2014
    This album is my all time favorite! This is a classical hip-hop album that's filled with so much diversity and epic flow. I still listen to the full album at least twice a week, even though it's almost 3 years old now. I will never get enough of Nicki. She is THE QUEEN of Hip-Hop & RAP.
  63. Aug 30, 2014
    I love this album so much it's something different coming from a female rapper and we've never heard something like it before (the closest we'd get is Missy) it's a great introduction and it's one of the best debuts from a rapper in this day and age.
  64. Sep 6, 2014
    Não há palavras para descrever essa perfeição de álbum. Nicki Minaj acertou em cheio, e fez um álbum incrível. Sem mais. Ela misturou o Pop com o Rap e Hip-Hop, e essa mistura ficou incrível. Nenhuma faixa é ruim ou "pulável"

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
  1. Sep 19, 2012
    Her split personality makes for an oddly polarised debut. [Feb 2011, p.84]
  2. Aug 2, 2011
    Pink Friday is full of boring....the most confounding thing about Pink Friday is that it lacks style, lacks weirdness, whatever your opinions of how deeply that weirdness goes.
  3. Apr 12, 2011
    Jamaica Queen;s potty-mouth hits rap home run on brutally enjoyable debut. [Feb. 2011, p. 105]