Sweet Warrior - Richard Thompson

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  1. This is one of the most brilliantly gloomy albums in his long career.
  2. The guy's a six-string hero whose artistic sweep runs from plangent ballads to fiery barnstormers to, well, a heap of engaging styles in between. [1 Jun 2007, p.69]
  3. The tightness of Thompson's compositions grounds the explosive, whimsical meandering of his improvs; Sweet Warrior, and "Guns Are The Tongues" in particular, captures that glory as well as anything else from this century.
  4. 80
    He sounds more like a loner--intense, precise, impervious to fashion--than ever. [Jul 2007, p.102]
  5. 80
    Of course, the main attraction remains his bristling, zigzag guitar licks, which still astound nearly 40 years on. [Jun 2007, p.96]
  6. Characteristically classy tunes that will thrill Thompson's fans, who have been waiting for just such a set of literate and challenging music from a musician who never delivers less.
  7. With nothing particularly unusual to recommend, non-fans will miss out on yet another in a long string of superb collections.
  8. If you’re a lapsed Dickhead, Sweet Warrior would make for a great reintroduction to Richard Thompson. Likewise, should you require only one RT album per decade, this disc may well stand as his best of the 2000s.
  9. Sweet Warrior finds him spinning epic yarns instead of heroic solos.
  10. Running nearly 70 minutes, Sweet Warrior is perhaps too indulgent in the album's flabbier second half. But fans surely are happy to let Richard be Richard.
  11. The [anti-war] track hits so hard, in fact, that it renders much of the other material inconsequential.
  12. The 14 tracks find Thompson in typical tasteful form, playing with understated flash that straddles the trans-Atlantic divide to embrace Celtic soul and rootsy Americana, with bits of jazz and Jamaica ("Bad Monkey," "Francesca") thrown into the mix. [2 Jun 2007]
  13. Even when Mr. Thompson uses his caustic wit for laughs, the songs on “Sweet Warrior” hold a tension and vehemence that make their bitterness linger.
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  1. PhilW
    Oct 25, 2007
    One of the best albums of our generation.
  2. MarkL.
    Sep 26, 2007
    Yet another gem from one of the best songwriter/guitarists of our time! While RT's voice is, admittedly, an acquired taste, this could also be said of several notable artists(i.e., Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits) and after years of listening I actually find his vocalizations quite appealing. While many of the tracks are outstanding, I think the relevance and rawness of "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" make it the song of the year. Full Review »
  3. ChristopherW.
    Sep 25, 2007
    My experience with Richard Thompson has been an incredibly frustrating one. While he writes wonderful songs and has impeccable skills on the guitar, his voice (ugggg!!) has to be one of the most unpleasant and annoying of any modern singer in my memory. (Imagine this...I actually love Dylan!) It's too bad really! If he'd step away from vocals and let a more competent and enjoyable singer take over, I'm sure his albums would be the wonderful pleasures they should be. Very sad! Full Review »