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  1. Less ambient and more grounded than the preceding tracks, it's the one song on the album you wouldn't want to hear at the party; rather, it's a subtle, evocative slow-burner best saved for the cool air and the long walk home.
  2. There Is Love In You, his first proper album in five years, is smoother still, and to great effect—if this isn’t the best Four Tet record yet, it’s certainly a fresh face for Hebden.
  3. In There is Love in You we see one of the last decade’s most early pioneers reminding us all that he’s still just as important as ever.
  4. If you love the ambiguous crossover between half-step London sounds and crushed and warped 4/4 peddled by the likes of Martyn, Burial or Joy Orbison, then the love in you will find this album.
  5. Overall, There Is Love in You has the spartan precision of Phillip Glass but also, surprisingly, the warmth and vitality of classic Cluster as well.
  6. This is effectively Hebden's Balearic album, and while it may not please everyone with its relatively conventional outlook and lack of experimental tendencies, few will be able to deny it as a thing of beauty.
  7. There Is Love in You comes off largely as an effortless work, content to just gently glow in its own hazy bliss.
  8. 90
    While the songs are still complex and full of countless moving parts, each melody and note plays a specific role, leaving There Is Love with a real clarity of vision.
  9. Kieran Hebden's latest and best opus since "Rounds" is dare I also say his danciest.
  10. There Is Love in You always has just enough going on to pull you back in any time you feel like relegating it to the background. It works best taken whole, rather than broken into individual tracks.
  11. There Is Love in You is expertly sequenced, played, and produced from start to finish. It's the work of a restlessly creative auteur circling back and turning out his most confident, definitive work to date.
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  1. Jun 12, 2011
    Four Tet's poppiest LP yet! The electronica man returns with a very catchy collection of song. pitch shifted vocals, beeps and bleeps, synths and some amazing samples. Considering this is a late review this is a great starting point for people who aren't familiar with Four Tet's work. Highly recommend such tracks as 'Angel Echoes' and 'Circling'. Truly an amazing album. 10/10 Full Review »
  2. PeterM.
    Jan 28, 2010
    This album is a stunning synthesis of Kieran Hebdan's years spent under the tutelage of Steve Reid. It is unapologetic in its strive for movement and rhythm yet does not abuse the listeners sensibilities with an assault of discordant noise. It is a shining example of accessible experimentalist. Full Review »
  3. LukeW.
    Jan 30, 2010
    i like electronic music, but there are stretches here that simply test my patience. i guess repetition and imperceptible shades of forward movement are not my cup of tea. on the other hand, some songs here are really quite beautiful, e.g. Sing, making it all the more frustrating that the rest of the album does not live up to this potential. if you like ricardo villalobos, you'll probably like this. Full Review »