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  1. Less ambient and more grounded than the preceding tracks, it's the one song on the album you wouldn't want to hear at the party; rather, it's a subtle, evocative slow-burner best saved for the cool air and the long walk home.
  2. There Is Love In You, his first proper album in five years, is smoother still, and to great effect—if this isn’t the best Four Tet record yet, it’s certainly a fresh face for Hebden.
  3. In There is Love in You we see one of the last decade’s most early pioneers reminding us all that he’s still just as important as ever.
  4. If you love the ambiguous crossover between half-step London sounds and crushed and warped 4/4 peddled by the likes of Martyn, Burial or Joy Orbison, then the love in you will find this album.
  5. Overall, There Is Love in You has the spartan precision of Phillip Glass but also, surprisingly, the warmth and vitality of classic Cluster as well.
  6. This is effectively Hebden's Balearic album, and while it may not please everyone with its relatively conventional outlook and lack of experimental tendencies, few will be able to deny it as a thing of beauty.
  7. There Is Love in You comes off largely as an effortless work, content to just gently glow in its own hazy bliss.
  8. 90
    While the songs are still complex and full of countless moving parts, each melody and note plays a specific role, leaving There Is Love with a real clarity of vision.
  9. Kieran Hebden's latest and best opus since "Rounds" is dare I also say his danciest.
  10. There Is Love in You always has just enough going on to pull you back in any time you feel like relegating it to the background. It works best taken whole, rather than broken into individual tracks.
  11. There Is Love in You is expertly sequenced, played, and produced from start to finish. It's the work of a restlessly creative auteur circling back and turning out his most confident, definitive work to date.
  12. "Rounds" is usually considered Hebden's zenith, but the highly relevant There Is Love In You gives that spellbinding release some very stiff competition. [Winter 2010, p.73]
  13. Kieran Hebden’s first album as Four Tet in almost five years is perhaps his best yet, sealing his reputation for blending jazz, electronica and classical influences into seamless, shimmering soundscapes with an ever-mutating style.
  14. It’s a theme that recurs throughout the record, and, indeed, that defines the Four Tet canon: mesmeric, melody-laden music, with varying degrees of difficulty. There is Love in You should be a fine introductory course.
  15. 80
    Unlike the super-saturated rush of Everything Ecstatic, There Is Love In You radiates a mellow subtlety, the wonderfully named She Just Like To Fight a twinkling pastoral while the luscious groove of Plastic People pushes its most interesting clicks and skitters to the periphery. [Feb 2010, p. 105]
  16. 80
    With the release of this new album, There Is Love In You, he's shown his versatility in dancefloor culture while remaining true to his own soundscapes. The result of this new venture may be the most satisfying Four Tet experience since 2003's release of "Rounds."
  17. The giddy result of years spent twisting and caressing orchestras of samples into a living, breathing organic whole, There Is Love In you brims with a playful sense of wonder, never more so than on centerpiece This Unfolds. [Feb 2010, p. 109]
  18. It is big, but without feeling grandiose. While Everything Ecstatic was bursting at the seams, bright and flashing with cacophony, Hebden doesn't try to dazzle us with any sudden moves this time around. And the album is a joy.
  19. If the term “ambient house” hadn’t already been taken by the Orb in the late 80s, it would be a good way to describe this; we’ll just call it really good stoner dance music instead.
  20. The result is a fifth Four Tet album which has the power to delight someone who has never listened to a Kraftwerk record all the way through, just as much as those who know their Walter from their Wendy Carlos.
  21. Hebden has yet again created a wonderful space where he can rightfully be called sui generis.
  22. There is Love in You renders "Ringer" primer, posits itself as perfect solution to messy experimentation, and while it’s hard to find the divisiveness in that, it’s also hard to be truly moved.
  23. This new release is a work of subtle majesty, sidestepping whatever you might think of as "folktronica" while still keeping everything from running into the red.
  24. Part minimalist dance record, part undulating sound collage, his new album serves as a scrapbook of nearly every idea Hebden has examined and cast aside during his career.
  25. What I find so satisfying with this album, is how Four Tet envisions the lushness of a song, and sonically creates a buoyant, lighthearted blend--a complete album for the lively and lighthearted.
  26. 70
    while he name-checks fiery saxophonist Albert Ayler on "Love Cry," the track's steady, nine-minute crest signals Hebden's return to meticulous melodicism.
  27. There is Love in You, his first solo full-length in half a decade, is rooted in beat music, but perambulates all of those former infatuations in an expected but enjoyable way.
  28. This LP could have injected some creativity back into 4/4, instead it settles for quaintness.
  29. 60
    Ten years ago this hand-stitched tapestry of astral-jazz harp, dusty acoustics, crackling breakbeats, music-box twinkles and twitchy "Intelligent Dance Music" might have seemed bravely genre-bending, but now it's as cosy a pair of favourite slippers. [Feb 2010, p.84]
  30. The result's a bit half-baked, which is disappointing when you know Hebden's capable of far more spirited adventures in sound.
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  1. Jun 12, 2011
    Four Tet's poppiest LP yet! The electronica man returns with a very catchy collection of song. pitch shifted vocals, beeps and bleeps, synths and some amazing samples. Considering this is a late review this is a great starting point for people who aren't familiar with Four Tet's work. Highly recommend such tracks as 'Angel Echoes' and 'Circling'. Truly an amazing album. 10/10 Full Review »
  2. PeterM.
    Jan 28, 2010
    This album is a stunning synthesis of Kieran Hebdan's years spent under the tutelage of Steve Reid. It is unapologetic in its strive for movement and rhythm yet does not abuse the listeners sensibilities with an assault of discordant noise. It is a shining example of accessible experimentalist. Full Review »
  3. LukeW.
    Jan 30, 2010
    i like electronic music, but there are stretches here that simply test my patience. i guess repetition and imperceptible shades of forward movement are not my cup of tea. on the other hand, some songs here are really quite beautiful, e.g. Sing, making it all the more frustrating that the rest of the album does not live up to this potential. if you like ricardo villalobos, you'll probably like this. Full Review »