Up! - Shania Twain
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  • Summary: Not wanting to offend any potential listeners, the country superstar finally follows up the hit 'Come On Over' with two versions of her new album (both included in this two-CD set): a red disc of pop versions of her 19 new songs, and a green disc of those same 19 songs performed in a country music style. (A third, blue, disc of those songs performed in a world music style is targeted at international consumers.) Expand
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  1. Playing armchair producer and doing comparison tests is so entertaining, the cumulative package is greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Up! would be a knockout even if it were limited to its one disc of country music.... But the second, relentlessly kinetic pop disc is a revelation.
  3. 80
    Twain's songs are never deep, but they have hooks tattooed on their skin and harmonies that glow like bar lights. [#13, p.88]
  4. 'Up!' is not without its little oddities and delights.
  5. As a vocalist, she remains somewhat faceless.
  6. Stuff with hooks, freakishly frisky and using everything in the producer's cupboard... Up! contains 19 new tunes that play shamelessly to the gallery. [Feb 2003, p.109]
  7. The album is so "been there, done that" that Twain often sounds like she's ripping herself off.

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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    Ótimo álbum, destaque pra versão "Red" adoro essa mistura de country com pop e Shania Twain pioneira no estilo e ela realmente inovou no meio musical com este álbum e o clássico Come On Over Expand

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