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For 49 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 53% higher than the average critic
  • 4% same as the average critic
  • 43% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 2 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Music review score: 70
Highest review score: 90 Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
Lowest review score: 20 The Impossible Thrill
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 49
  2. Negative: 2 out of 49
49 music reviews
    • 78 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The lushness of 1992's "Love Deluxe" has given way to an understatement so pronounced it's almost jarring; this LP sounds like it was recorded in zero gravity.
    • 88 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The entire LP takes on a sort of plodding sameness even as the overall sonics soar.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    "Central Reservation" is a decidedly grown-up pleasure and Orton is an artist who succeeds splendidly on her own modest terms.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It's as if there's an optimal number of musical ideas per song, and the album falls apart when the number spikes too high - or dips too low.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    New treats for established fans and a quick overview for the newly curious.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Much of the music's electronic undertow has receded, leaving Laetitia Sadier and Mary Hansen's airy melodies and counter-melodies stranded in gassy lounge-pop compositions that sound merely retro instead of retro-futuristic.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    What once sounded like a compelling dance-pop concept now seems genial, verging on retro.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Oh, there are moments of pure wonder, to be sure, but they're sandwiched between tracks that either retread old ideas or execute less impressive new ones.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    When you string them all together and play them to the bleachers, "Cups" and "Push Upstairs" and "Shudder/King of Snake" sound remarkably interchangeable.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Unfortunately, the melodic acumen Merritt displayed on last year's Magnetic Fields opus, "69 Love Songs," is largely AWOL on "I'm Lonely and I Love It."
    • 73 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    In the year between its European and its and U.S. releases, "Movement" lost four tracks and gained four others, but these dubious "improvements" turned the disc from a decent dance-pop LP to a blatant, though scattered, crossover bid.