Conspiracy of One - The Offspring

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  1. But as opposed to Blink, which powers straight ahead with scatological juvenility, the Offspring bridges punk with change-ups of metal and traditional rock and brings a more sarcastic wit to its observations of male teen angst.
  2. 'Conspiracy of One' continues very much in the vein of its three high energy predecessors. Dexter Holland still sings as if every muscle in his neck were taut, guitarist Noodles cranks out the rivet gun riffs, the band knows a good hook when it latches onto one, and, in the venerable tradition of the Ramones, nearly every one of its fast paced songs sounds pretty much the same.
  3. The Offspring's hit-making machinery is as efficiently well-oiled as ever. [#3, p.106]
  4. The album finds the Orange County band playing to its strengths: furious, compressed bursts of wit and good-humored spleen.
  5. 70
    "Original Prankster" is one hell of a rump-shaker... the rest of Conspiracy buzzes from skate metal to Ozzed-up pop to Chili-peppered funk-punk to Billy Squirey sleaze-core. [Jan 2001, p.113]
  6. There's not much fat here, but there's not much meat and bone, either. If the Offspring, still the most successful of all the latter-day Southern California punkers, once had interest in teasing and amusing its fans, it has largely hidden those qualities this time around.
  7. Despite their retro stylings, this Orange County, California band has served up a sixth album that is better (by leaps and bounds) than the punk-by-numbers that dominated their first two albums, 1989's Offspring and '93's Ignition. Further, Conspiracy has more well-written, hook-laden songs than anything found on their fluke indie hit, '94's fittingly titled Smash, or their too-boring-to-be-a-sell-out 1997 major label debut, Ixnay on the Hombre.
  8. The Offspring's most musically mature collection to date. The arrangements are tight and don't bore, which is sometimes the case with albums that feature similar-sounding songs.
  9. The Offspring are nothing if not reliable. If you're after jangly guitars riffs, chart-thumping production values and shouty choruses, then the Orange County punk outfit are still very much your guys.
  10. The Offspring once again demonstrate this knack for incorporating flavor-of-the-month flourishes into their sound in tongue-in-cheek fashion.... These embellishments aside, the Offspring hone in on the dyed-in-the-wool cheetah-paced punk that is their true bread and butter. [Jan 2001, p.81]
  11. Conspiracy of One? It's fine. Is there anything here as cute as "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)"? No: Like with Ixnay on the Hombre, their follow-up to the megahit Smash, this follow-up to the even more megahit Americana finds them in dance-with-the-girl-what-brung-you mode--more punk, less pop.
  12. The production is lame, and the album as a whole is unconvincing in it's pretences as hi-energy, bouncy and above all youthful punk. And Dexter Holland's vocals simply grate after a while. Die-hard Offspring fans will find nothing which deviates from the original plot, so they won't lose any long-term believers from this offering.
  13. The Offspring are interested in distilled punk-by-numbers, and are hardly interested in--or perhaps incapable of--finding something new to say.
  14. 40
    The record is permeated with an air of bashed-out-before-tea desperation. [Jan 2001, p.106]
  15. Setting aside the abhorrent "Original Prankster," which plumbs new depths of Yankovic appropriation--and throws in a stupid Rob Schneider sample to boot--the bulk of the album indulges The Offspring's preferable loud-fast-shrill side... Conspiracy Of One's crowd-pleasing novelty idiocy doesn't run much deeper than its single, and while that may disappoint those who enjoyed Americana, it makes it The Offspring's most tolerable record in years.
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  1. Oct 27, 2012
    Pretty Good Album. The Tracks Compliment one and other pretty well. Now i thought Original Prankster is the only song i didn't enjoy as much as the others.. I think its ok. But the Rest of the album is Very Good Full Review »
  2. Aug 15, 2010
    Phenomenal CD, my personal favorite by the Offspring (barely beating Americana and Smash, but still). There are a good number of songs on this album I would recommend, those songs being "Original Prankster", "Want You Bad", "Million Miles Away", "Damnit, I Changed Again", "One Fine Day", and the 2nd hidden track, "Videos". These are some of the finest works by The Offspring Full Review »
  3. Andrea
    Aug 4, 2009
    Good record, better than Americana with a some great songs.