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  • Summary: The St. Louis rapper follows up the massive success of his 2000 debut LP 'Country Grammar' with 19 new tracks cut from the same cloth, including the Neptunes-produced single "Hot In Here." Justin Timberlake guests on one track.
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  1. A winning combo of thick club cuts, hands-in-the-air call-outs, pop ingenuity and a perfect balance of entertainment and realism in his rhymes.
  2. If you like your rap loose and funny, Nelly's the man for you.
  3. Good-natured and breezy enough to make the hostility directed Nelly's way seem churlish.
  4. 60
    Nellyville will be the year's only record with a bigger-than-life number with Justin Timberlake, a capable ballad with Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland, an acute dis of preachy rap veteran KRS-One, and an ode to the hip-hop footwear of choice. [#8, p.120]
  5. In other words, he didn't take any unnecessary risks -- after all, the formula proved successful the first time around -- and that's partly why Nellyville isn't as exciting as it perhaps could be.
  6. It's a cruel world in which a Nelly sells more records than the Blastmaster KRS but what 'Nellyville' makes abundantly clear is that its creator won't be leaving a fraction of his foe's proud mark on hip-hop once the dust settles on the frantic promotion of this record.

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