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  • Summary: After three self-released albums, the country singer releases her first major label debut produced by Shane McAnally and Luke Laird.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 11
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 11
  3. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Each track evokes an emotion, a giggle, a tear or a memory, but always a hunger for what’s next.
  2. 91
    On her confident, melodic major-label debut, Musgraves' vocals are pleasingly agile, but what Same Trailer Different Park continually showcases is her writing prowess.
  3. The finest lyricist to rise up out of conscious country since Miranda Lambert, if not Bobby Pinson himself.
  4. Mar 19, 2013
    Musgraves has a sense of humor, too, and all of these traits add up to make Same Trailer Different Park more than a collection of songs just aiming for the country charts.
  5. Apr 11, 2013
    She sings with an affectless detachment reminiscent of, say, Aimee Mann, and uses it to cut sharply through the lies people tell themselves.
  6. Jun 17, 2013
    Songwriting thus warm and wise can't be as easy as Musgraves makes it sound. [Jul 2013, p.108]
  7. May 14, 2013
    Musgrave just paints a picture of their shared solitude, and she lets us see our absurd selves in the lives of others.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 18
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 18
  3. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. Apr 7, 2013
    Same Trailer Different Park it's the most incredible album of country that I ever hear, Kacey shows a different side of life on rural america, and I love every song. Expand
  2. Jul 12, 2014
    Same Trailer Different Park, the major debut of Kacey Musgraves, aka the new Miranda Lambert or Alisson Krauss, is such a great album. It has everything you could ask for in a country album: deep meaningful strong lyrics, strong vocals, beautiful guitar riffs, crazy production, and everything else. Seriously can't pick the highlights off of this album, I love every single track, but if I had to choose, I'd go for: Merry Go Round, Follow Your Arrow, Stupid and Keep It To Yourself. Listen to it! Hope her sophomore record will be just as breathtaking, unless she can do better (which is kinda hard). Expand
  3. Jan 8, 2014
    Kasey's lyrics make me laugh but more importantly they make me think. Everyone should try reading them without music. They are superb poetry about life today. This is an album that gets better each time I listen to it.
    And I think Trollreign's review should be removed. I don't like rap music. So I don't review rap records because I won't like any of them. His score of 3 just brings down the true score for this excellent work.
  4. Jun 14, 2013
    The songs on this CD are all relatable. Well produced and worth listening to over and over. They are catchy tunes that stick with youu; warring ear wigs abound. "It is what is is; until it ain't any more" and "Still hadn't lost that baby weight/ And that baby's about to graduate". An my favorite line... If you don't save yourself for marriage You're a whore (Pause)-able person. Take a listen; if you love poppy country music you love this CD. Expand
  5. Dec 7, 2013
    Same Trailer Different Park puts higher standard for next country albums most musicians will make. I like the way she brings us back to the classical country music with her special vocals and instrument compositions. Expand
  6. Jul 22, 2013
    Country music has always been a genre I've felt either repulsed, indifferent or somewhat entertained by, but I've never really developed an opinion on it as a whole either way. I happen to browse the new releases page here on a fairly regular basis & noticed that this album got an really high critic score, which most likely means that it's something special compared to other artists in the genre. So I saw that this was available at the library and decided to check it out. And I'm happy to say, as a guy who's only ever heard 1 other country album in his life, that the critical response is very warranted. The thing you'll notice immediately about this album is that everything about it is honest & sincere, and nothing comes off manufactured or dumbed down for the sake of getting pop radio airplay. Even the highest-charting single “Merry Go 'Round” never suffers from that, instead talking about the stagnant & unsatisfying lifestyles in various Southern communities, while also throwing in some clever wordplay in the chorus. Also, something that can really annoy me about country music is how obnoxiously literal, simple-minded & void of any kind of creative language it can be. Here though she manages to write a good mix of both, keeping things straightforward in meaning while rarely spoon-feeding it to you. But on the other side of things, the increased authenticity doesn't detract too much from its accessibility, delivering great poppy hooks in each song, backed by crystal-clear production & organic real instrumentation. Other highlights include the ethereal breakup song “I Miss You”, personal empowerment anthem “Follow Your Arrow” (a definite standout among the trend of every pop star ever doing those, and one that takes an unusually liberal turn for a country artist in a couple specific lines), bluesy stomper “Stupid”, and easily the most rock-influenced song here “Blowin' Smoke”. The album walks a fine line of bringing in multiple moods & styles (within the genre) while still remaining very cohesive throughout. Anything remotely negative I have to say about this album luckily has nothing to do with the music itself but rather it's from a personal standpoint. If I was the target demographic for an album like this I'd be fully ready to give it a 9. But I'm not gonna pretend that I'm some small-town Southern girl with relationship problems & say these songs are relatable when in fact I fit literally no part of that description, and this being in a genre that doesn't exactly specialize in figurative language doesn't help things. But even in those areas I can definitely understand the appeal for certain people, and I at least have to give her credit for honing in so (assumingly) well on that lifestyle. Overall even though I might have to look more into the genre, this is currently my favorite country album, and a very enjoyable & interesting little diversion from my usual musical palette. 81/100 Collapse
  7. May 11, 2013
    As I am not a big fan of country music, my review is to be ignored if you are a country music fan. I listen to most of the things that appear on metacritic, and this one had an exceptionally high score, so I listened to it. It took me to the same mistery world where almost all modern country albums take me: a place that I can't imagine to exist, and if it does, I hope I never get there.

    There were some catchy ones indeed on the list of tracks, but overall it was quite boring, and I don't think that it was so exceptional compared to other albums by young femaly country musicians. I am wondering what makes people give it such a high score, and I played with the thought of listening to it again, but I can't force myself to do that in the foreseeable future.

    With one word: disappointed.

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