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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Each track evokes an emotion, a giggle, a tear or a memory, but always a hunger for what’s next.
  2. The finest lyricist to rise up out of conscious country since Miranda Lambert, if not Bobby Pinson himself.
  3. 91
    On her confident, melodic major-label debut, Musgraves' vocals are pleasingly agile, but what Same Trailer Different Park continually showcases is her writing prowess.
  4. 90
    Her major label debut, which moves from country waltz to roadhouse blues, from rootsy singer-songwriter narratives to irresistible country pop, follows its own relentless arrow throughout, and the result is one of the most fully-formed, arresting debuts Nashville’s seen in years.
  5. Mar 26, 2013
    A gritty girl dug in, she embraces her Bob Dylan overtones (the harmonica on “My House”), Roy Orbison steel cry and mariachi Eagles-tinge (“I Miss You”) and a tumble of revival slap ’n’ stomp (“Stupid”). This is no conventional pop-country supernova.
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  1. Apr 7, 2013
    Same Trailer Different Park it's the most incredible album of country that I ever hear, Kacey shows a different side of life on rural america, and I love every song. Full Review »
  2. Aug 5, 2013
    Not only a good album, it is country album of the year for me. All songs are well written, well composed and I like every song on album. This Texas girl's next albums gonna be big. I gave 10/10 because we need albums like this when there are many bad albums right now. Full Review »
  3. May 11, 2013
    As I am not a big fan of country music, my review is to be ignored if you are a country music fan. I listen to most of the things that appear on metacritic, and this one had an exceptionally high score, so I listened to it. It took me to the same mistery world where almost all modern country albums take me: a place that I can't imagine to exist, and if it does, I hope I never get there.

    There were some catchy ones indeed on the list of tracks, but overall it was quite boring, and I don't think that it was so exceptional compared to other albums by young femaly country musicians. I am wondering what makes people give it such a high score, and I played with the thought of listening to it again, but I can't force myself to do that in the foreseeable future.

    With one word: disappointed.
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