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  • Summary: The second album for the London-based anonymous dubstep artist.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Untrue is complex, stark, tender, blurred and breathtaking. Burial has managed the impossible and improved on his faultless debut.
  2. As addictive as its predecessor, Untrue confirms that Burial possesses not just the keen ear of a Lee Perry or Martin Hannett.
  3. Burial has transcended his dubstep origins, belonging to a Gothic tradition that takes in Massive Attack and even 4AD at their most grandiosely despondent. [Jan 2008, p.53]
  4. Untrue is a devastatingly accurate depiction of urban UK--plugging the listener into the matrix of some godforsaken south London satellite, with its identikit fast food joints, repellent inhabitants and anonymous decaying sprawl.
  5. Needless to say, Untrue shatters any ideas of a sophomore slump.
  6. 80
    The album works as an ambient whole, its fog-bank synths, yearning vocal slivers and stoic basslines filling the room with melancholy.
  7. 60
    Untrue is altogether warmer than its predecessor. [Jan 2008, p.87]

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 37 out of 205
  1. Sep 13, 2011
    This isn't music... it's what I call Audio Art. or Art Music, or.... well. Anyway, what makes this album great is it takes you to a lonely place where nobody's around, thank god. Maybe one other person. It's stormy, it's dark and the underground tunnels are rather tricky to navigate, but you're having the time of your life. Shame the song finishes though, and you're back to your not-so-lucky real life. It's that brilliant amnesia you get listening to these songs making me have to give it a ten. Expand
  2. Oct 6, 2010
    Even though it is classified as dubstep, don't expect any bassy oscillation of what todays dubstep is composed of. This album is a stroke of genius and was and still is a breathe of fresh air. Emotionally pounding tracks like 'In McDonalds' and 'Endorphin' will bring about sensations that are unexplained, tracks like 'Shell of Light' will leave you completely hypnotised. This clever arrangement of distorted sampling really gives every song a soul. I find it musically insulting how some user critics have shunned this album saying it's 'uninspired and boring'. I think its rather them who are uninspired and boring. Expand
  3. Jan 4, 2012
    Repetitive?, guess what, is electronic music. Since the 60s, electronic music has always been repetitive. And that's the best part when you love the beat, the echos and the vocals. You want to listen to that, again and again and a hundred times more. Open your minds, the electronic music is the most varied genre ever, because there are so many artists, each one with it's own style, so many tracks... Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    With fast tempos despite bone-chilling ambiance, Untrue manages to be arguably one of the greatest dubstep albums ever. However, don't expect this one to hit you immediately. When I first listened to this album, I thought it had nice beats, but those seemed to drone a bit too much and I lost interest. Luckily, I gave it a second chance and was left in tears by the emotional intensity of every song of this album; yet I still felt the uncontrollable urge to move to the album's incredible and subtly varied rhythms. It is not often an electronica album can be this physically and emotionally moving. In fact, I cannot think of another example. Expand
  5. May 8, 2014
    The best ambient album of all time. Burial is a hugely unappreciated artist on the electronic scene, and this is his highest quality collection of musical pieces. I look forward to future full-length albums. Expand
  6. Nov 29, 2013
    Given this a listen only a couple of days ago, I must say its an experience like no other. Burial did his thing with sampling and used it like a pro. I hope to hear a follow up to this near-masterpiece. Expand
  7. Jan 17, 2011
    I'm sorry, but this album did nothing but give me headaches; the beats are simply repetitive, and the images that the album tries to conjure are either non-interesting or just down depressing. Expand

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