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  1. Ultimately, it's Weezer's deft mixing of immediately hummable rock with lyrics that reveal Cuomo's own melancholy gaze on the pop landscape that makes Raditude a passionate surrender to growing up and a throw-your-arms-up-and-scream ride down the other side of the mid-life roller coaster.
  2. Raditude still feels like the product of Rivers Cuomo, who's no less unnerved by girls than he was before his 15 years of rock stardom.
  3. Instead of trying to divine the line between earnest and ironic, Weezer fans should just sit back and enjoy what works here. And like every Weezer record, plenty does.
  4. Raditude sounds like a high-stakes game of chicken, and the intellectual gamesmanship becomes more satisfying than the music.
  5. His willingness to make fun of his psychosexual damage only makes it more poignant.
  6. Given what we know about Cuomo’s eccentric inner world, it’s hard not to find those dazzlingly perfect melodies kind of hollow.
  7. Raditude seems intent on establishing itself as a now album, sacrificing any sort of cohesive vibe for a pop-friendly disc designed for car stereos to be turned to 11.
  8. Overall, this one's largely forgettable, and plays primarily as a jokey--if not well produced--one-off continuation of The Red Album.
  9. Sonically, the lean disc is more in line with Weezer’s recent work and the overall mood is playful--with plenty of lyrical references to a radder era.
  10. The tunes come think and fast, but their geeky adolescent routine is wearing thin. [Jan 2010, p. 126]
  11. 60
    Weezer's likeabe, insubstantial powerpop has often been infused with somewhat tetchy intimations of latent intellectual heft. On Raditude, this manifests in guest appearances by Amrita Sen and Nishat Khan on the dreadful "Love Is The Answer." Elsewhere, though, Weeaee seem to have ceased to care. [Feb 2010, p.107]
  12. 60
    Old-school Weezer fans won't like it, and neither will blog-rock acolytes. But that's the point. Raditude is the murderous revenge of the middlebrow.
  13. Hooks only go so far, and outside of 'Put Me Back Together' and 'I Don’t Want To Let You Go,' Cuomo doesn’t appear interested in propping them up with human emotions.
  14. The weird aftertaste of Raditude isn't that Cuomo has so surrendered the oddball charm of his band's first two albums, though. It's that his late-career pursuit of mindless, opulent fun is so transparent that it almost taps a deeper vein of interior sadness than anything on "Pinkerton."
  15. Raditude doesn't have that stench of minimal calculation on it; if anything, it's as earnest as the famously confessional Pinkerton, just written by someone whose age doesn't match his POV.
  16. Weezer disappoints again. The rest of the tracks are, for the most part, more throwaway power-pop in the vein of the "Red Album."
  17. Whatever the case, Ratitude is both a clunker and a fitting end to a decade in which Weezer continuously spiralled downward.
  18. The dressing is a little different this time around; a few more jokes, a couple catchy tunes (this is most definitely not the worst Weezer album ever), but once again Weezer are content with churning out sugary pop tunes that go down easy and unimpressively.
  19. Raditude is an album of surface appeal--there’s no heart beating inside these plasticized tunes.
  20. Driving yet jaunty guitars abound and backing chants fill the required spaces, yet it all comes across too much like a sub-par parody of their former selves.
  21. Raditude is not a great album or even an interesting one.
  22. In general, the choruses are forgettable, the guitars are woefully exaggerated, and the quirkiness that made Weezer a band to be cherished now seems forced and stale.
  23. Raditude is thoroughly extraneous. It is Weezer’s worst album.
  24. Raditude is a thematically vacant and sonically uninspired collection of ditties tailor-made for mainstream radio; it consistently fringes on unlistenable.
  25. Raditude is just the latest and fullest articulation of Cuomo's wincingly sad desire to become a mainstream success, [Holiday, 2009, p.79]
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  1. MaryH
    Nov 19, 2009
    I thoroughly enjoy this album. If you're looking for the blue album you won't find it with Raditude. I think people forget that I thoroughly enjoy this album. If you're looking for the blue album you won't find it with Raditude. I think people forget that bands learn and grow with each passing year just people do. So what if it's trying to be a "pop" album? This album exhibits their fantastic musicianship, as well as well thought musical composition. It's what I know, love and expect from a Weezer Album! Full Review »
  2. Mar 22, 2015
    7/10 .................................................................................................................................................
  3. Feb 3, 2015
    Once again, there isn't really an excellent song anywhere on this album, as with the last few Weezer albums starting with Make Believe. TheOnce again, there isn't really an excellent song anywhere on this album, as with the last few Weezer albums starting with Make Believe. The best obviously being If You're Wondering if I Want You To (I Want You To). The lyrics are painfully forced. Every rhyme makes me think of Cuomo sitting at a table and thinking, "What rhymes with 'had'? OF COURSE! 'Sad!'" Like seriously. The lyrics on this and the last few albums sound like mediocre middle school poetry. There are also multiple musical/stylistic faults I found with this album. For instance, the guitar solo starting around the 2-minute mark of In the Mall sounds so similar to the guitar solo of Rush's Tom Sawyer. Search it up. It's ridiculous. (Not to mention the track also has an obnoxiously loud main riff that doesn't remind me of going to the mall ever.) Also, noting that one track, Love Is the Answer is a 'Hindi Version' of a song on Spotify could not be more offensive, and I'm not even Hindi. The last thing this album needed was a racial song title. This album is full of flaws, and it deserves to be criticized. Full Review »