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  • Summary: The latest album for the folk singer features a duet with Elvis Costello.

Top Track

If Wishes Were Horses
Why'd I turn on you and say those things I didn't mean 'em Wish you were bringing your love back to me Instead of leavin' But if wishes were horses... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Little Honey finds Williams in celebratory mode, with raucous rock, bluesy testimonies and tongue-in-cheek twang.
  2. With Little Honey, she pays back fans whose faith had waned as her songwriting grew pedantic on recent albums such as "West."
  3. Williams and Elvis Costello get their twang on for the spirited 'Jailhouse Tears,' and a combination of new elements (horns) and powerhouse playing by her touring band Buick 6 bolster the set's emotional heft.
  4. With Little Honey Williams has once again assured her fanbase that she is incapable of releasing an album that is anything less than collection-worthy and wholly listenable.
  5. So while there are a few more missteps here than we’re used to seeing from our beloved Lucinda, for the most part, her music has survived that awful, awful curse of falling in love.
  6. Upon first listen Little Honey is quite jarring for all of its textural and production shifts and dodges, but in time it settles into the listener as a mixed collection of decent songs that pack some punch, but no jaw-dropping wallops.
  7. Q Magazine
    For such a distinctive voice, disappointingly run of the mill. [Nov 2008, p.123]

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